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I couldn't completely understand what had happened. For a second, everything was just right and perfect. And the next second, the baby faded from my sight along with Adrian. What had happened was a mystery to all, an unexplainable mystery. The hospital staff could not explain what had happened, why the baby was missing. All they could say was they would try their hardest to get my baby back, words only said to avoid a lawsuit no doubt.

Once the hospital staff was sure I wouldn't jump out the window, a conclusion they came up with due to my extreme hysteria, they left me alone in the desolate room. All I could do was stare out the window in serene desperation; I had to be calm or else the nurses would try to stuff me with tranquilizers and all sorts of useless medications. Despite my protests, a nurse injected me with medicine that made me drowsy.

My eyes closed without me wanting them to. As I was forced to sleep, I wondered what had happened to my baby and where the hell had Adrian gone.

A day and some hours later, I was finally let out of the hospital. Denise and Richard were there to pick me up from the hospital. On the car ride home, I noticed there was definitely something weird happening between Denise and Richard. The sun was shining incandescently outside but inside the car it was as if there was no light, as if a big dark cloud obscured all light.

I felt like the silence was choking me; I finally broke the quietness.

"Denise, Richard, I know you two can't be worse off than I am right now. If you are, please tell me what has you two all gloomy?"

They both ignored me and they acted as if they hadn't been ready to explode in tears seconds earlier.

Richard looked at me through the rearview mirror, smiling at me.

"Sydney, would you like anything to eat? I know how they starve new mothers at the hospital and I am sure you are famished."

I thought about food and immediately wanted to gag. "I am not hungry."

"What about some of that foreign food you like—what is it? I forget the name. You used to love them when you were still pregnant."

The food lifted up my spirits but the "P" word really took them down again.

"I don't want anything," I repeated.

Richard sighed; it sounded so sad and depressing I wanted to jump out of the car to breathe in fresh air, not strong doses of sadness.

Denise put her hand on Richard's shoulder and turned back to look at me. "Sweetheart, is there anything we can do for you, anything you want, besides the obvious?"

I shook my head. I knew without a doubt that Denise and Richard had heard what had happened to me at the hospital. I also knew they were doing their absolute best to help me out.

"I don't think anything will help me now." I closed my eyes briefly, stopping the attack of tears from coming. If I wanted to survive this, I had to be strong. "Do you guys have any idea where Adrian could be?"

Denise seemed confused and concerned. "Sweetheart, I thought he was with you?"

Richard slowed for a red light. "He ran off after Keith and Andrea once he realized what was happening. I haven't seen him after that. I've no clue where he went."

I squeezed my eyes shut. Great. Just freaking great. Another thing Andrea and Keith managed to rob from me.

"Sydney, darling, would you like to go home or would you like to join us in our home?"

I hugged myself. "I want to go wherever Mira is."

Now it was Denise's turn to release one of those agonizing sighs.

I put my hand to my forehead and instantly knew what had happened. "Andrea took her baby?"

"She did," Richard replied.

For the first time in the longest time, I reached for the cross I always carried. I also sent out a silent prayer to my God and prayed for the safety of Mira, her baby, Adrian, and my baby.

"Richard, can you take me to my place?"

Denise immediately objected. "No, Sydney. No. You can't be alone right now. Stay with us. We can protect you."

"Denise, I want to go home."

"Sydney, it is too dangerous to be alone. Keith and Andrea are too into their witch hunt. They won't stop until they catch the wicked witch of the west, which is you. We can't make it easy for them. They already took something valuable from you. Don't let them take something equally as valuable—your life."

"Denise, I am going home, even if I have to walk home." I leaned forward in my seat and took Denise's hand. "I understand that you're worried about me, but Dimitri and Rose are still at the house. They can protect me. They actually have trained to protect people from things more harmful than Andrea and Keith. I'll be safe with them." I glanced over at Richard. "Richard, please take me home."

Denise and Richard complained a bit but ultimately I was dropped off at my home.

Before I reached the door, a hand reached out and grabbed my own. I would have been scared for my life by the touch had I not know how it was. But I knew who was touching me. The soft skin and long fingers could not compare to anyone else's in the world. Pretty soon, I was completely wrapped up in those arms I loved to be in, snuggling into the arms that held all the comfort in the world.

"I am sorry," Adrian whispered.

I titled my head slightly so it rested on top of his shoulder. "You did enough."

"Nothing but pass out while I was trying to chase them."

"They took Mira's baby too. How the hell did they do this?"

"I don't know." Adrian rubbed my back, comforting me. "They're really good at being evil, though."

I pulled away, giving him a humorless smile. "Let's go talk to Rose and Dimitri. They've dealt with more dangerous people. They'll know what to do."

Adrian opened the door for me and we walked in.

I dropped all my bags and looked at Rose and Dimitri.

"You're gonna have to teach me how to kill."

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