of blonds and brunets
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Sawada Tsunayoshi just had one of the worst days of his life. For one, he managed to score himself a very frightening detention session with the head of the Disciplinary Committee, Hibari Kyouya.

Hibari proclaimed that the detention Tsuna got was actually due to his mindless running around in the hallways without changing out of his outdoor shoes and squealing like a girl. It seemed more like Hibari was just bending the truth.

For one, he might have yelled, but he definitely didn't scream, let alone squeal. Hibari was definitely exaggerating at least a little bit. All that happened this morning was that Tsuna overslept a little and to escape the wrath of the scariest guy on campus, he had rushed to Namimori High School.

Even though he made it on time before the bell, he broke a few of the other rules while he was at it and still got in trouble.

Thinking about this, a depressed Tsuna tugged at the sleeves of his sweater to cover his bare arms. He now had several new wounds and bruises on his body – adding to the large amount of healing wounds and scars that he had already acquired – since he met with the famous delinquents during lunch break when he went to the vending machine behind the school building.

Not only that, the bullies also succeeded in extorting all his lunch pocket money from him and when he returned to class, he found out that the lunch box he spent two hours to prepare this morning, was gone. Even the container was missing.

So while his stomach was protesting by rumbling loudly, Tsuna forcefully dragged his tired body through the Namimori streets under the sweltering summer heat until he finally reached that familiar looking house he spent the last seventeen years of his life in.

"I'm home," Tsuna announced when he stepped pass the doorway and kicked off his shoes, intending to go straight up to his room. He was so tired that he felt like he could fall asleep right where he was standing. He didn't think that there would ever be something that he hated more than school.

On a side note, there was only one thing that he looked forward to everyday despite all the bullying and criticism he was receiving from almost every single person in school.

He had a bit of a crush.

However, it was not the school idol Sasagawa Kyoko that his friends predicted. He wanted to give others this impression and who was a better choice than the school idol?

Besides, it was a common rumor that Kyoko had a really scary older brother who insisted for all of his sister's suitors fight against him one on one in boxing. Needless to say, many of them ended up in the hospital with severe life threatening injuries. Despite his terrible situation, Tsuna still enjoyed the act of living.

There was just no way that he could ever admit to anyone that the person that he liked was actually a guy, much less his senior in school, Vongola Giotto.

He couldn't even imagine what his friends would say to him if they found out that he liked guys. And yes, he had accepted the fact that he is in fact, gay, even though he was still far from being proud of it.

Besides, there was no possible way that Giotto liked him back. The brunet wasn't even sure if Giotto knew of his existence. If there were two words to describe the blond, Tsuna was sure that it would be 'perfectly straight'. And exactly like what he just said, there was no way someone like Giotto would ever like someone as imperfect, stupid and clumsy as him.

This was just purely a one-sided love.

"Tsu-kun, you're finally home! Come over here." Tsuna's mother, Sawada Nana, gestured to the empty seat opposite her at the dining table. "Before I leave tomorrow, I would like to make sure you take good care of the house for the next three months."

"What do you mean? Three months? Are you going somewhere?"

Nana blinked twice in confusion before breaking out in a nervous laugh when she recalled that she hadn't mentioned anything about her plans to Tsuna yet.

"Eh? Don't tell me that I haven't told you all about it yet? I met Iemitsu three months ago and both of us fell in love. A few weeks ago, he finally proposed to me and we decided to get married. The wedding is tomorrow and both of us planned to go on a honeymoon straight after the ceremony, we even bought the tickets and made all the necessary arrangements already."

Tsuna gaped at his mother's enthusiasm. He really failed to understand his mother during such times, how could she forget to tell him something so important? He had never even heard of his mother saying the name 'Iemitsu' once before today.

Moreover, if she met that guy called Iemitsu three months ago, and he proposed a few weeks ago, then it meant that they were only dating for a few months. Tsuna certainly didn't think that it was enough time for two people to truly understand each other, let alone get married.

"Iemitsu has a son too! He said that his son is attending the same school as you. See how well fate is working out? And, his name is..." Nana rubbed her temples gingerly as she tried desperately to recall the name of her Iemitsu's son.

Tsuna sighed inwardly. He was totally not shocked to hear that the Iemitsu guy was actually married once before. Or that he actually had a son that was the almost his age. Or studying in the same school as him. There were many possible candidates that could fulfill all these conditions.

Besides, if you view this situation from another perspective, it could also mean that Iemitsu had many things that were common with his mother. And that might be a good thing because people are in need of common things so they would be able to connect to each other.

Not that he knew much about love, bonding with your other half and other silly little love notions like that. Tsuna never really believed in silly things like that before and it felt weird that unlike him – his mother was totally into love, horoscopes, destiny, and whatnot.

"Tsu-kun? What are you thinking about?" Nana mentioned offhandedly while folding the dull pink apron and setting it aside. "You know, you have to go upstairs and change out of your school uniform right now. Papa and Nii-san will be arriving soon!"

Tsuna felt his eye twitch at his mother's intimate way of addressing Iemitsu and his son. He hadn't even met the guy yet, but his mother was already so happy. Did she even realize she had forgotten about her one and only son when it came to such a big decision like this?

Still, they would be married by tomorrow.

But even after being told, Tsuna still found it hard to believe that he had to call someone Father overnight. His father abandoned them when Tsuna was four. There was no one for him to call that name by anymore.

"Ah, they arrived!" Nana clapped her palms to her cheeks when she heard the doorbell ring and quickly rushed to the mirror, making sure that she looked decent enough, before opening the front door with a large, friendly grin. Tsuna grimaced. "Iemitsu! Giotto-kun!"

He perked up at the mention of the familiar name and blinked in surprise. There was only one person by that name in his school and it had to be... but it just can't be, right? It wasn't possible.

As if oblivious to the dark atmosphere around Tsuna, the blond stepped into the house and greeted the Sawada family. "Good evening, Nana-san. I'm very happy to be here today, and I'll living here from now on. Please take good care of me, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna felt his eyebrows twitch and his face turned a slight shade of red as a voice inside his mind shouted that this was a chance for Tsuna to grow closer to Giotto. Only there was no way for that to ever come true – good things never ever happen to him – and the brunet failed to understand why this shoujo manga situation was appearing in real life.

Not that he especially liked any of those lovey-dovey stories. Or read so many of them that he was able to recite their contents backwards in a single breath. He just accidentally picked one up at the store, and flipped through it once. He couldn't even recall what the title was anymore.


Nana laughed nervously as she fingered the hem of her skirt, oblivious to Tsuna's discomfort at the close proximity with the strangers. "I guess I forgot to tell you this earlier too but I suggested that the four of us should stay together after the wedding but as you know, this house has been left to us by Grandpa and we can't sell it off so Iemitsu sold his apartment instead. Therefore, Giotto-kun would be staying here with you."

"HIEEE? A-Alone?" Tsuna gaped.

His mother and Iemitsu would be gone by tomorrow night, straight after the wedding ceremony, and he would be living all alone with his crush. Now, he would be able to see Giotto not only in school but at home as well. And this might actually be the first time for him to speak to Giotto – the wheels turned inside of Tsuna's head as he resisted a cry of joy.

Tsuna glanced over at his mother, who was smiling pleasantly at Iemitsu. She seemed to be so blissful that it made Tsuna envious for a short moment. Would the day when Giotto smile at him ever arrive?

"Make sure that you treat Giotto well and take care of him properly, Tsu-kun."

The brunet flashed one of his brightest smiles back towards his mother without much thought. He had no idea how his mother could expect him to act normal around Giotto? It was impossible.

But then again, she didn't know of his true feelings since he himself had never mentioned anything about Giotto before. Not even once. He couldn't really blame her for being so naïve, it was in her nature to do so. But for once, Tsuna might actually get something positive out of this.


'This is the worst scenario ever possible,' Tsuna groaned mentally as he stared at the scene before him. The two blonds were sitting beside each other rather uncomfortably on the small couch – one of them was busy reading a 671 page long book whereas the other was busy talking animatedly with his mother.

The brunet himself was sitting on the cold marble floor, staring up at Nana who was laughing cheerily as she held out a plate of fruit to Iemitsu. He accepted it with a large goofy grin.

His mother hadn't even offered him so much as half slice of apple yet.

"I took the whole month planning, but I've finally decided! Giotto-kun will be staying in the room opposite of Tsu-kun's bedroom. I have cleared out that room earlier today and you can unpack as soon as you settle in. Tsu-kun will show you to the room later," Nana smiled in a way that reflected her ditsy character perfectly.

Tsuna tried his best to prevent himself from rolling his eyes sarcastically. There was only one other spare bedroom in the house and that was the room that Nana assigned to Giotto.

Was there really much thought spent behind the issue?

Giotto looked up from his book and thanked Nana briefly before going back to ignoring the other inhabitants in the room. Tsuna felt a chill go up his back from being ignored by not only his crush but also his own mother.

"Hey Giotto, how many times must I tell you that you must treat the people around you nicer? They are important, you know. You should smile more and not always put on that sour expression," Iemitsu reprimanded Giotto and tried to snatch away the book.

"It doesn't matter," Giotto snapped as he flipped over another page, his eyes scanning through the page quickly before his fingers moved to flip onto yet another page. "I don't like pretending to be happy when I'm actually not. The sheer thought of doing so irks me."

Iemitsu glared darkly at his son. "How many times have I told you that you shouldn't say things like that? Can't you be a little more outgoing and sociable? Try to make friends or something."

Giotto returned the look his father was giving him. "There's no need for me to do so," he insisted. "Unlike in books, life contains many uninteresting characters who puts on facades all day long. And it's tiring to be around them. Just like you, Father."

"Um..." Nana fidgeted nervously as she felt the amount of negative energy being emitted from both Iemitsu and Giotto, and wondered if the parent and child were actually on bad terms.

She suspected that a fight might break out if she didn't separate them soon. She knew that she had to do something to give them a period of time to cool down.

"Tsu-kun, it's pretty late already. If you don't mind, can you please show Giotto to his room?"

Hearing his mother's instructions, Tsuna immediately stood up. He had been waiting for his mother to say that one sentence for ages. Not that he did not want to spend any more time together with his new family members, but it was eleven at night already and he still had to attend his mother's wedding tomorrow. Now was the perfect chance for him to catch up on all the insufficient sleep he acquired throughout the week.

Of course, he was not going to complete his mathematics assignment mainly because he was already sleepy and he knew that he would get all the answers wrong anyway, or so he told himself. There was no need for him to waste any effort. Simple, and sweet.

Giotto made his way over to the bottom of the staircase where the luggage was at and grabbed his bag while waiting for the brunet to walk over before following him up the stairs.

"Giotto-san, the room that Mom was referring to is over there," Tsuna pointed at the first room on the left. The brunet then turned to go into his own room, hand pausing on the doorknob for a short moment. "And my room is right opposite yours, so if you need anything you know where to find me."

"I see," Giotto muttered and moved to his room and stalked into the – his – room. "You can go to sleep now. I can handle the unpacking all by myself. And just call me Giotto. After all, we are going to be brothers soon."

Tsuna looked away, his face turning a little red from Giotto's intense stare. Truthfully, he never knew much about Giotto, seeing as he never really spoken to the blond before and Giotto always seemed to have this air around him that didn't allow others to approach him easily.


Tsuna wondered whether that was really the right word to describe the blond. If he had to make a choice, he would say that it was 'unapproachable' instead.

That single word alone wrapped up all the death glares the blond gave his classmates and fan-girls, as well as that dark aura he always emitted.

Giotto paused at the door frame, taking a moment to study the new room that would be his from this moment onwards. The baby blue curtains and bed sheets, the small table at a corner of the room – an extremely normal room, arranged exactly like how his old room was.

To actually be able to make this place resemble that lone room in that rundown apartment so much, it seemed like where Sawada Nana placed her thoughtfulness was not into choosing the room, but into decorating it. Giotto pushed his luggage into a corner of the room and turned to meet a pair of wide caramel eyes.

"Good night, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna gasped and quickly replied with the first logical thing that came into his mind. "You too, Giotto."


Author's notes: And just when I thought that I was slowly leaving the KHR G27 fandom and moving on, this idea appeared. I've returned back to this fandom once again! Thank you to myself for being too bored and reading nothing but BL for the past three days. Oh well, I shouldn't complain so much since I decided to write it anyway. (finds out that she is still very much in love with G27)

I'm not sure how much time and effort I can put into this, with all my other ongoing fanfiction and upcoming entrance examinations that I need to study hard for. Also, I want to write longer chapters than my previous fanfiction so that also means that the time I need to use to type out each chapter will increase ;D