I was bored, so I started writing poems about Ashfur. They are different types of poems and I know they're pretty bad.

A-all of me was torn apart when Squirrelflight left and forgot about me.

S-slicing my throat was the way Hollyleaf killed me maliciously.

H-Hollyleaf's intention was to cover up Squirrelflight's dreadful lies.

F-false accusations were made about my death, when Leafpool found the truth she couldn't believe her eyes.

U-under earth and dirt, was where Hollyleaf ended her run.

R-rubble covered her, in all the rush she forgot to take notice to her brothers' words of caution.

Was that one an okay acrostic one?

I started of a happy apprentice,

I ended up empty and bloodless.

I was cut and I bled,

Because of the words that Squirrel flight said.

Everything was leaking out of me,

The wound in my neck was clean but bloody.

I tried to fight back with all my strength,

But the Holly led me to my death.

Was that one good?

One love,

One life,

One death,

And all those words that could have been said

One betrayal,

One shock,

One bleeding carcass in the river,

I died just like the Hawk.

I don't even know what kind of poem that one was, did you like it?

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