One of the Trojan encampments

In the aftermath of a botched reconnaissance

Late 12th century BC

In a tangle of sheets, Sasuke came to.

His head rung sharply. He groaned, willing away the soreness that pervaded every inch of his body. Even the gentle morning light strained his senses.

"Rise, Achaean."

The voice was sweet, yet utterly peremptory. Sasuke obliged, if only to seek the source of the command. Battling the will of his body, he kept his torso upright, scanning his immediate surroundings.

He was in a hut. All manner of mattresses were carefully laid about. There were a platter of grapes in one corner; in another, an assortment of objects he'd only ever seen in his women's quarters.

Finally, his gaze rested upon a petite, pink-haired woman. Her green eyes eyed him coolly.

Despite the coolness of that gaze, Sasuke found himself warming considerably.

"I did not expect you to be so careless, Fugakides. Attempting to get into Troy through the East," the woman said drily, bending over. "The terrain does not take kindly to ignorant foreigners."

Her words, however insulting, did not matter so much as her actions.

She was putting on greaves, Sasuke realized. Her skirted breastplate was fastened to a mannequin just by her.

Tools of war.

Suddenly, Sasuke's mind cleared. The only women who dared to join men in war were the Amazons. And only recently had the Amazon queen Tsunade sought to ally with the Trojans.

The enemy.

"How do you know me, Amazon?" Sasuke hissed.

Still strapping on her greaves, the Amazon flashed him a smirk. "So unashamedly you wear the Uchiha symbol upon your breastplate. And emblazoned with the quality that only royalty merits." Finished, she rose to approach the mannequin. "King Fugaku remains back at Hellas, awaiting Greek victory. The elder of the Fugakidae is rumored to be entirely against the war, holed up in his hut with his most loyal companion, Shisui, and, to your army's expense, the Akatsuki."

At this, she pulled her breastplate off the mannequin. "Finally, since you could not possibly be the decrepit Lord Marshal of the Greek army, it stands to reason that you are the impudent Sasuke Fugakides."

Biting down the flicker of hatred that coursed through him at the mention of Madara, Sasuke chose to ignore her insolence. Of course, such indulgence was not brought about by the tantalizing curves of her body. But by the Powers below, the tales did not err in claiming the Amazons had beauty to match their strength.

Left without defense, Sasuke substituted with greater offense: "You hold hostage one of the opposing army's most valuable generals, yet make no move to threaten him?"

The woman laughed – her whole face lighting up in ways Sasuke wished he did not appreciate - as she looped her arms through her armor. "They said your mother had dipped you in the River Styx, leaving you more god than man. But only a man would behave so brutishly while so weak." Her breastplate fastened, she gestured at his heavily bandaged state.

"And only a woman would have hesitated to kill me as I lay vulnerable," Sasuke growled back. Desire be damned! Had he not been so weakened, for all her beauty the termagant would be talking to him with his sword through her chest.

The Amazon smiled at his abjection. "I would not give you the satisfaction of an easy death, Uchiha. "

In one fluid movement, she reached for her helmet among the piles of pillows and set it atop her head. "I expect you to be gone by the time I return. The next time I catch you snooping around Troy," Her smile was easy, but her eyes were cool and calculating. "I shall not be so kind."

Gracefully, she advanced towards the exit. Sasuke called out, "Your name, Amazon."

She did not pause or turn. A pithy "Sakura." was all she gave him as she stepped out of her hut.


Sasuke froze.

Sakura, princess of the Amazons, protégé of Queen Tsunade, Trojan general.

He had to get back to his troops.


"Aphrodite, you cannot hurt her."

"Hush, Apollo. I know human hearts. I simply seek to buy Troy more time…"

Background of the Original War

The Trojan War is a result of the Trojan prince Paris's taking away of King Menelaus of Sparta's wife, Helen. Enraged, Menalaus seeks help from his brother, Agamemnon, who is, essentially, the King of Kings, with all the kings of Greece submitting to him. Agamemnon has been eyeing Troy for some time now, and his brother's failed marriage is the perfect scapegoat for his intentions to conquer the kingdom. It is to this war such names as Achilles, Hector, Patroclus, Paris, Odysseus, Phoenix, Ajax and Penthesilea owe their glory.

Naturally, the Naruto!Trojan War deviates from the original war in ways that will be hopefully be unveiled over time. ;)


-ides - The suffix means "son of". Achilles is Peleus's son, and is thus sometimes referred to as Peleides.

-idae - The plural form of -ides. The sons of Atreus, Menalus and Agamemnon, are often referred to collectively as Atreidai or Atreidae. Similarly, the sons of Heracles (Hercules) are referred to as Heraclidae or Heracleidae.

Achaean - Greek.

Akatsuki - Itachi's troops, of course including our favorite Akatsuki members. Patterned after Achilles' Myrmidons. Achilles also (initially) abstains from the war and along with him his second-in-command Patroclus and the rest of the Myrmidons.

Amazons - a tribe or nation of all-female warriors. Penthesilea, their queen at the time of the Trojan war, sided with Troy. Her beauty moved even the battle-hardened Achilles.

greaves - shin guards


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