Michael Cunningham wrote a book called A Home at the End of the World, which was also later made into a movie. That inspired the current slice of life that you're about to read, but my story and Mr. Cunningham's are pretty much completely different. This is an AU story, and I hope that you'll enjoy.

Quote of the day:

I shrugged again, and smiled. "This is my life," I said. "It doesn't seem like the wrong one."

-Bobby Morrow, A Home at the End of the World

Flicking the butt of his cigarette, Yamato watched as the tiny light from the flame of what was left of said cigarette fell stories down the balcony of the Yagami's apartment. It was a sight that didn't last very long, like so many of the other things that were in his life, and when he saw the flame die out and the cigarette butt disappear into the darkness that was Japan at two in the morning, he found himself smiling, seeing that what he just watched somehow fit perfectly with the rest of his life. Feeling in his pocket for a pack of cigarettes that he had bought just an hour before, Yamato cursed, knowing that he only had two left.

"You shouldn't smoke so much, you know?" came a familiar voice from the darkness behind him.

He didn't look at who had spoken since he already knew that it was Taichi, and without saying a word Yamato continued to stare out into that dark Odaiba sky, listening as the glass door behind him was shut. In his usual way he gave no response, or any indication that he had heard Taichi at all, and just kept leaning on the balcony ledge, waiting until the brunet was by his side.

"Can't sleep?" Yamato asked, pulling out his two remaining cigarettes, one for himself and one for the young man now beside him. As he lit his own cigarette, Yamato once again tasted that sweet nostalgic tobacco as the smoke began to rush all throughout his body, himself at the same time wishing that he had had the foresight to buy more than one pack. Waiting for a moment, he smiled as Taichi leaned into him so that he could light his own cigarette with the flame from Yamato's. It was a closeness that both of them had always been fond of.

"It's hard to sleep when my little sister is getting fucked down the hall."

Yamato took a drag of his cigarette. "She snuck into mine and Takeru's room again?"

"Yeah," Taichi breathed out, as he tried unsuccessfully to blow rings of smoke, for no particular reason whatsoever.

Another drag.

"Then I guess that means that I have to bunk with you tonight? Takeru's greedy, he won't be done with your sister anytime soon."

It was a good enough excuse as any, Yamato being just as greedy when it came to him and Taichi doing the same sort of things. He smirked, as did Taichi, both knowing the eventuality of what would happen later that night.

"How do my parents not know that they're having sex? They're not exactly discreet about it," Taichi grumbled, more than just a bit annoyed about the whole situation.

For some reason, even though Yamato knew that he should have been sympathizing with Taichi, he couldn't help but laugh. When he and Takeru had moved in with the Yagamis three years ago after Hiroaki had been murdered and when the rest of the Ishidas refused to take the two of them on the grounds that they claimed that Natsuko had been having an affair before she had run off on her family all those years ago before Hiroaki's death, he never would have thought that his little brother would repay the kindness of the Yagamis by going at it with their one and only daughter.

"Yuuko-sama isn't as naive as you think she is," Yamato replied after a moment, eyes still remaining on the sky, "and if you didn't know, she's had talks with the two of them about being safe, but Susumu-sama has no clue because he doesn't want to have a clue. It' s best we keep it that way."

The flames from their cigarettes were starting to die down.

"They're too young for sex," Taichi muttered, still not being completely okay with the way his baby sister was living her life.

"We were too young for sex," Yamato countered, as his fingers twiddled his cigarette.

"We couldn't get pregnant."

"They're sixteen, and sixteen isn't as young as we think it is, Taichi."

Sighing, Taichi looked out into the night of the sky that Yamato had been so content to stare at in silence before he had joined him. He wasn't sure if it was just his imagination or not, but for some odd reason that Taichi couldn't exactly place, the moon seemed rather bright to him, despite it not even being full that night. Perhaps it was that past-midnight Japan air that had always been mystical to him, or perhaps it was Yamato whom Taichi had always felt had an odd sense of magic always about him, but the moon was extra beautiful to him that night. It was almost as if the moon wanted him to stay there forever, something that Taichi wanted to give in to, especially if that meant that Yamato stayed there as well.

"I leave tomorrow," Taichi said quietly, being responded to with a moment of silence before he heard Yamato speak again.

"Do you have to?"

Taichi took a puff of the cigarette Yamato had given him. It was a sour thought, knowing that that would be Yamato's last gift to him for a while at the least. "You know I can't stay here, and you can't stay either."

Yamato ran a hand through his blonde hair, noting that his other hand held a cigarette that was running dangerously close to reaching the end of it's life.

"I can't leave Takeru."

Taichi watched as Yamato gave the fire of his cigarette life again by smoking a bit more of it.

"He has Hikari, and Daisuke-kun always seems to find his way around here too."

Releasing the smoke, Yamato watched as Taichi mimicked his actions.

"He needs me.

Blowing smoke into the night, Taichi watched in awe as it almost made the stars seem to dance in the darkness; like magic. It was almost as magical as Yamato and that mystical Japan air that always brightened up the moon.

"I need you."

Yamato said nothing as he just stared out into the night again. After hearing some rustling, making no indication that he had heard anything at all, Yamato knew that Taichi had gone back inside the apartment. He tossed his unfinished cigarette off the balcony, letting the night of Japan consume it's flame with darkness. The moment fit perfectly with the rest of his life.

This was the first chapter I did a rewrite for, and I'm much more happy with the outcome. Thanks for reading.