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"What would you do if the world ended?"

It was a sober moment in the dark for him and Taichi out in Osaka that particular evening, and strangely enough Yamato hadn't even had a cigarette that night. It was an odd time for them to be out walking in one of Doyama's parks at that point of the day, not because the sun was almost gone but instead because it was still much too early for nighttime fiends such as themselves to be out hunting for adventures in the night. They walked aimlessly side by side, as he listened to what Taichi was asking, and he looked out towards the sun that was still setting behind some trees before he answered his companion.

"What do you mean?"

They weren't that far from the apartment to be honest, but for reason Yamato felt as if they had been out walking in that park for hours. He hadn't spoken much, instead listening intently while Taichi tended to ramble as was usually the case, but even so he was a bit curious as to what exactly was going on in Taichi's head. It wasn't often that his more than friend would ask him something this macabre.

"Say some demon thing came from another dimension through some weird magical portal thing and attacked us. Think about it, a giant groin monster trying to kill us and dominate the world."

The dark was approaching them, though he wasn't sure if it was in a more figurative sense than literal, as they walked passed some trees that Yamato didn't recall seeing the last time that he and Taichi had embarked on this short-term journey. True, it was quite possible that he had been inebriated in some way on the last visit, but he still figured that he would have remembered them at least slightly. He wasn't the biggest fan of people, for the most part with the exception of a select few he found human beings to be more or less irritating or detestable, but he rather liked nature if he had to be honest with himself. Whether it was a tree or some kind of animal, especially if it was some sort of canine, nature was something that always warmed his heart.

He heard the soles of his shoes, black leather dress shoes that he was breaking in so that they wouldn't hurt his feet when he actually needed to wear them, clack against the cobblestone with each step that he and Taichi took. It was rhythmic, stable, it was so like and unlike his own life at the same time. It was a contradictory thought, but one that was true nonetheless. Certain aspects of his life had always been the same going as far back as could remember, even as a boy his life had been connected to both Taichi and Jun, but there were other things about him that had been constantly changing since the day that he was born.

"What the hell is a groin monster?"

All the places where he had lived was an example of something that had never been stable. Whether it was the house that he and Takeru spent their toddler years in before Natsuko had abandoned them, or if it was the Yagami's apartment that they stayed in after Hiroaki was murdered, he didn't have that one certain place that he could call home. Odaiba was close to it, Doyama as well, but there was a certain spark that both lacked that Yamato wasn't quite sure what it was. He glanced over at Taichi who had been seemingly deep in thought, and held back a grin that was caused by the ridiculousness of the current conversation.

"I don't know? Some weird vampire demon shit or something?"

He laughed, always being amused by the odd thoughts that came to Taichi's mind. It was a lot more happy, more desirable, than his own dark thoughts that would often times visit Yamato. When he let his guard down his mind would go to dark places, and although he knew that Taichi himself wasn't immune to shadowy happenings taking place in his brain, it was refreshing to Yamato to know that more often than not that Taichi's mind was a nice place to be.

"Sounds kind of dumb. Too unrealistic."

As they passed a bench that two young women were sitting at in a way that was much to intimate for them to only be friends, Yamato felt Taichi stop at his side. He took a few more steps before he too stopped walking, and turned to look back at Taichi. Yamato looked as his companion was staring up at the twilight sky, and he too joined him in watching the darkening atmosphere.

"How bout if somebody dropped bombs on us then? That's more realistic."

"Somebody already has dropped bombs on us. They're called Americans."

Taichi watched as the light from the sun dimmed a bit more with each moment, and frowned from Yamato's answer. They were in a park at twilight instead of the usual midnight or 2am, a time of the day that was apparently supposed to be magical, and Yamato had no sort of imagination whatsoever.

"Alright, forget about the how then. What would you do if it was the end of the world?"

Yamato said nothing and only watched as the sky grew darker, and wondered if maybe that was symbolic for the difference between himself and his childhood companion. Even though Taichi was a nighttime spirit, having been forced to become that the moment that Jun and Yamato had entered his life, the young man was still a sunny person. For Yamato, sunshine had never been an option, and the dark of the night had always seemed to beckon him.

Staring as the twilight slowly left them out in that park alone, a pair of young and happy lesbians being their only company, Yamato thought back to Taichi's question. Without saying a word, Yamato walked back to Taichi and grabbed his hand. Maybe the apocalypse wouldn't be so bad.

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