So, I haven't updated in about a month, and I decided to come back to you guys with this after hearing about a children's book called King and King, which involves two princes falling in love with each other. Anyways, something I've been busy with is actually going back through this and editing chapters since when reading it again, man, was it cringe worthy to me. I've edited and updated the first ten chapters of this story, you can tell because the disclaimers were replaced by quotes of the day, and I plan to do it with the rest as well. I have yet to decide whether to update this story every five or ten chapters that I edit, but the updating will be slow for the while that I'm going through this process. The good news though is that I'm already 1/5 of the way done.

Anyways, this chapter and the next are a pair.

Quote of the day:

"If I'm King, where's my power? Can I form a government? Can I levy a tax, declare a war? No! And yet I am the seat of all authority. Why? Because the nation believes that when I speak, I speak for them. But I can't speak."

- King George VI, The King's Speech

The breeze felt comfortably cool as he and Taichi walked together through the streets of Osaka, with their usual destination of everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

It was odd but not unheard of that they decided to go somewhere out in the middle of the day instead of embarking on their midnight adventures like they usually did, the two of them often finding an odd sense of closeness under the moon and the usually starless sky. This was nice too though, Yamato thought, as he stretched and yawned, elbows up and hands behind his head as he strolled nonchalantly with Taichi ever at his side. Out of the corner of his eyes he peered over at the young man that was walking beside him, and for a moment Yamato allowed himself a wispy thought that perhaps the two of them could stay like this forever.

He knew that it wasn't true though, that as great and powerful as it was, that all love ended tragically. If it wasn't circumstance that broke two people apart, then it was two souls who over time drifted apart from each other. That in particular though was something that Yamato had his doubts about that shake the strong bond he and Taichi had developed together over the years, but he still frowned nonetheless as he watched Taichi also yawn as they continued to stroll, the long shadow of the Reaper being something that no one could ever escape from.

"So what do you want to do?" Taichi yawned once more, the two of them leaving their apartment that morning without a clue as to what their day in the city would pertain.

In turn, Yamato also yawned, taking a moment to shrug as well. "Something we haven't done before? That'll be fun I think."

Snorting, Taichi just shook his head, easily figuring out that Yamato was just copping out. "How fun! What a so definitive idea!"

Snorting right back, Yamato stopped where he was and let his hands drop to his sides. There were people walking up and about in Osaka like there usually were, but the two of them weren't in the way enough that it would be bothersome to anyone for him to immediately stop walking to cross his arms in annoyance. "Hey, if you have any ideas I'm totally open to them. Just lay one on me."

Taichi smirked, seeing how hot bothered he had been able to make Yamato, and Yamato narrowed his eyes at Yagami, refusing to let the man get to him any further. He stood there with arms crossed, under the warm Osaka sun and with the calming Japanese breeze still being their companion for the day. His face softened as let his arms drop to his sides again. It was much too nice a day to let himself be angry about anything.

"I do have one idea, actually." Taichi said after some silence, smiling at Yamato as the two of them then began to start walking again. "Only if you actually want to do it though."

Yamato quirked an eyebrow, unsure of what Taichi was about to suggest, taking the following moment to smile at a young woman who was walking just passed them, her eyes twinkling as they rested on Taichi and himself. He knew that the two of them were handsome, were men that if they wanted to could become the bane of many boyfriends who felt insecure about letting their significant others out into the world to explore it. He had heard it once be described from a young prostitute named Anna back in Odaiba's red light district that he had once called home, that he and Taichi were princes of a fairy tale that she had only ever seen be played out in her mind. It was something that caused him to frown, Yamato wondering if the girl that was even younger than his brother turned to fairy stories and fantasies often, perhaps most likely when she would get on her back and let strangers do things to her for money.

He remembered how she had described it, her bright and tragically hopeful eyes drifting to watch Takeru every now and then for a reason that Yamato didn't have to voice to know, and it was always a story that remained vivid in his mind. It was a tale that began when a wealthy prince of a strong kingdom ran away one day due to the pressure put on him by his parents to find himself a princess to one day marry and make his queen. As the young prince ran through the streets and the rain he threw off all his gold and the pomp robes and clothing that marked him as royalty, and the prince ran and ran until he slipped in the rain, lying there until he was found an hour later by two street rats. The two street rats helped the prince, not knowing who he was, and as the prince and the rats befriended one another, over the next few years the two rats—brothers, became close to his heart. It wouldn't be until one day when the older rat was arrested for stealing some food for the three of them to eat that the prince then returned to his family's palace, showing up to demand that the older rat be set free again. His family rejoiced when they saw him, and so did he when he saw the rat be freed, and he then brought the two street urchins to live with him at the palace. The story ended years later when the prince and the older rat smiled at one another as they then bowed before all the subjects of the kingdom, ruling together as King and King.

"What do you have in mind?" he remembered to ask after a moment, Yamato being lost in his thoughts just then.

Taichi said nothing, instead just running at that moment, intending to surprise Yamato with what waited for them at the end of their destination.