This was originally on Screamin' Lord Byron's account, but he wanted to write his own prequel story and we thought it would be better if this one was on my account. Reviews are very much appreciated :)

Commander Samuel T. Pascoe made sacrifices to win battles that could otherwise not be won; he always gave his all to the fight at hand. He made a few mistakes in his lifetime. Such as the time when he lost seven ships to a Covenant Flagship and two cruisers. All the ships did was stall the Covenant forces for a few seconds. That battle was over quickly. Another one was the fight for the planet Paris IV. There was that one call that cost him almost the whole fleet. When he was the Commanding officer of the U.N.S.C. Vladimir, he fired a MAC slug that almost hit Admiral Mirad's ship about 2.5 km ahead. Luckily, the actions of Admiral Mirad, who as most would say, 'Screeched to a halt', the slug missed the Admirals ship and went right through a Covenant Assault Carrier. There was no harm done, but Pascoe was demoted to the rank of Captain, because of bad judgement. Although he thought that this was lucky as his punishment could have been much more severe.

After this, he helped win some of the more major battles, commanding a weapons station for Archer missiles. He eventually got re-promoted to his former rank of Commander, and was sent to Reach in 2551 to find a surprise waiting for him; A new ship and a crew. The ship was a Frigate named Deathrod. It earned its name during construction, when the MAC cannon was being placed, one of the holster's hydraulic systems was under-pressurized. The monster cannon slipped, detaching itself from the holster, it swung around and killed about a quarter of the men working on the rest of the ship. With the cannon's long cylindrical shape, the name Deathrod suited well.

He, his ship and crew won many battles since. He had grown more intelligent and wiser in the battlefield; this had a great improvement on his service record. He developed greatly in confidence and skill, all within the space of three years.


Year 2554

The U.N.S.C. Frigate, Deathrod, was cut down to little power, by a Covenant Super Carrier. The Carrier, along with eight cruisers, three Corvettes and about five dozen Seraph fighters took out almost their entire fleet. The Deathrod, with the Destroyers Armageddon, commanded by First Lieutenant Carl Hall and its sister ship the Demonstrator, commanded by Admiral Marcus Harvey, were the only ones left.

The three surviving ships were lucky to endure such an attack. The brutality of the Covenant's attack seemed to be unnecessary, as there wasn't anything past the fleet for them to be interested in. The fleet was 'guarding' empty space.

They came to two conclusions. The first was that the Covenant ships were on the run from something; the second was that they knew something was out there, and they wanted it. They decided to act upon their second conclusion.

They decided to put all of their resources in the two stronger ships out of the three; these were the Deathrod and the Armageddon. Both of their reactors were close to the same at 93% and 95% and climbing. Both had a lot of grunt and firepower left in them and more hull integrity. With these two ships, they would follow the Covenant forces to find out just what was so damned important.