Voldemort was having a very bad day. The raid he planned for that day had gone very bad. He figured that there was a spy in his ranks, he knew it, and he just didn't know who. He walked into his sons room to ask him something and he same across a war zone. There was paint everywhere, with two people covered in glitter fighting from behind barricades. Voldemort sighed and with a wave of his hand, the glitter, paint and barricades disappeared. He looked at his son who was looking sheepish. "Jason Salazar Riddle, what are you doing?" Voldemort asked.

"Well, I got bored and drake decided it would be fun to prank the death eaters but we couldn't find any, so we decided to have a paint fight instead." replied Jason.

"Right, what about the glitter then?" he asked.

"Well" he paused. "it was a prank played on us by the death eaters." he said in an embarrassed voice