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Arthur's family moves to a new town. It's an isolated little place in the middle of Australia. He meet's lots of new kids around his age and everything seems perfect… But looks are deceiving… His new friends start acting strange when a town festival takes place. A dark secret, a rumour and a deadly disease… will Arthur and his friends make it out alive?

This story mainly follows Arthur and his experiences in the town but it has other little stories here and there.


Swearing, rape, murder, suicide and all that jazz

The psycho children of Fever Lake


"Alfred we should go back." Said the blond. "It's dangerous."

Alfred turned around and laughed. "Do you really believe those rumours Mattie? They're just rumours. The grown up made them up to keep us away from the bush."

Matthew shook his head. "No they don't. It's all true. Haven't you heard about the disappearances?" He asked. "It's out there Alfred. It's going to get us. It's going to eat us!"

Alfred rolled his eyes and pretended to walk like a dog. "Look out Mattie!" He said. "I'm the werewolf of Fever Lake! I'm going to bite off your head and drink your blood!" He ran over to Matthew, tackled him to the ground and pretended to bite him. Matthew pushed Alfred off him.

"Don't joke around Alfred." Snapped Matthew. He got to his feet and dusted the red dirt off his pants. "We have to get back now, before someone notices that we're gone."

Alfred jumped up and laughed. "They're too busy with the carnival. Besides I wanna know if the rumours are true!"

"And you just had to drag me along?"

"Yep, because the hero always needs a side kick!" Claimed Alfred. In all honest Alfred was scared but would never admit it.

"I'm not your side kick Alfred." Snapped Matthew. Alfred just laughed at him and continued to walk down the dirt path.

"We're almost there Mattie!" He said. "We're almost there!"

Matthew had no choice but to follow but to follow Alfred. He knew it was a bad idea. Everything about this was a bad idea. They had always been taught never to go into the bush lands that surrounded the town, never swim in Fever Lake and always follow the signs. Those were the basic rules but Alfred had to push the boundaries. He had to see how far he could get before he got in deep shit. Not even the self-proclaimed Bad Touch Trio had done something this stupid.

Soon they came to a lake. It was a beautiful crystal blue that reflected the full moon on its shimmering surface. It was beautiful and peaceful. But looks can be deceiving. This was Fever Lake. This was the one place they really shouldn't be. Alfred was over the moon while Matthew was just shivering all over. "We really should go back Alfred… please…"

Alfred laughed. "If you want to go back you can but I'm staying." Alfred picked up a stone and skipped it across the water's surface. "I wanna know if it'll really happen."

"You realize if it's true you'll die right?" Asked Matthew.

Alfred frowned. "Fine if you're that scared we'll go back to the carnival thing." And with that they headed back to town. It was really quiet until they heard a sudden howl. Matthew jumped about ten feet into the air. While Alfred just laughed nervously. "Just a dingo Mattie." He said. "Lots of dingos around here… just a bunch of dingos."

The continued to walk again, this time a little faster. Suddenly a tree branch snapped and Alfred broke into a sprint. "IT'S A GHOST!" He screamed as he ran. "A GHOST!"

Matthew did his best to keep up with his brother but he was way faster than him. He tripped on a branch and came crashing down. His glasses skidded across the ground and Matthew swore. "Maple." He… swore? "Just my luck." He got on his hands and knees to search for his missing specs. He groped the ground for a bit until he found them. He put them on and got to his feet with the help of sign that happened to be there. Luck him.

Matthew glanced at the sign. There were weeds growing all over it. Matthew pulled back the weeds and uncovered what was written. But as soon as he saw it his blood turned to ice.

All trespassers will be eaten

Matthew's mind was racing. "I shouldn't be here." He whispered to himself. "Damn you Alfred." He quickly began to run away but he felt like he was being watched.

He finally stopped to catch his breath. That's when it all went to hell. Something grabbed him and pushed him to the ground. His glasses went flying again and Matthew's vision went fuzzy. There was something heavy on his chest and whatever it was, it was alive. Matthew could just make out it's hunched over shape and gapping mouth. 'IT'S THE WEREWOLF!' Matthew screamed in his mind. 'THE WEREWOLF OF FEVER LAKE!' The beast howled before tearing into the blond beneath him.

Matthew's screams of terror rang out into the night. No one came looking for him that night.