Shinigami-cat: This is the end… I OWN NOTHING!


The fire raged on for two days before it was extinguished. After that the police started their investigation into what caused the fire. From their findings an accelerator was used, most likely petrol or gasoline. The fire most likely started underground and spread through the tunnels and into the surrounding area.

While investigating the cause of the fire several things were found. For one all the missing children had been found. Their bones were hidden in a room deep underground in an extension to the Vargas mausoleum. All the children were accounted for, including the more recent missing bodies of Alfred F Jones, Lovino Vargas, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and Francis Bonnefoy. It is still unknown as to why the bodies were put there in the first place.

But there were two unusual findings.

Firstly there was another room connected to the bone room. This room led to a large room that had an underground lake. This lake fed into the main lake. Firstly there was a series of bones that filled the bottom of the lake. Upon further examination these bones belonged to people who had first settled in the Town of Fever Lake some several hundred years ago. It was found that there was a river that passed right by the so called bottomless pit of the Vargas torture chamber.

It was concluded that the bodies of the people that went missing during the earlier years. The body of Romulus Vargas was also found. His body was caught on a rock and left to fester.

The second unusual and probably the saddest of finds was the body of a boy who was burnt to death in the fire. His skin was charred black all over, the plastic of his shoes had melted and his face was completely unrecognisable. After looking through the evidence it was decided that this was the place where the fire started. It was also decided that the body that was found was probably the person who had started the fire. He was later identified as Arthur Kirkland.

The Town itself was not to be rebuilt. The government has decided to let the bushlands take it back. To swallow it back up. It seems as though the Town of Fever Lake and the surrounding bushlands will forever hold their secret. No one outside the town will ever know what truly happened… It will simply vanish like it was all but a twisted dream… a dream within a dream.

The end