Chapter 1: Arrival

Haruno Sakura sighed and tucked a fallen strand of pink hair back behind her ear as she gave one final look over the empty room. Unsettled dust drifted slowly in the morning's light that was slowly beginning to warm the house. It was strange seeing her room so bare. All that was left were a few old childhood items: a twin bed and a couple of furniture pieces that were too big to bring along with her. Graduating from high school about two months ago, she was ready to begin her life as a college student and, much to her mother's dismay, start her journey into living an independent life of her own. She was nervous about leaving this town she had grown to love, but excited about all the new possibilities of her future.

Most of her items were packed and already sent off to the student apartment she was going to be living at with her best friend Yamanaka Ino. They had quite a struggle with their friendship in middle and early high school over a boy they both had a crush on named Uchiha Sasuke. In the end, he never chose either of them, which was probably for the better. After finally letting him go, she tried her best to move on with her heart. It had been a few years since then, but she finally felt the longing ache from her chest lift slowly over time. If anything, she liked to think that Sasuke, and the few short lived relationships that she had in high school, were just learning experiences to what she would like to find in a future relationship.

Looking back on it now, she realized how silly it was to almost lose her friendship over a guy. At least college would be sort of like a fresh start for her and Ino's friendship in a way. She hoped to make the best of it.

"Sakura, the cab is here for you honey!" her mother yelled from the stairs below.

Sakura snapped out of her thoughts.

"Coming!" she called back.

She wasn't sure when she'd be back home again. Taking in one final look over her room, she made her way downstairs with a few bags in hand. At the end of the staircase her mother gave her a quick hug.

"I'm very proud of you," her mother said with a soft smile. She almost looked like she was about to cry.

"Don't get all weepy, mother. I'm going to be fine!" Sakura said with a frown.

"I know," she replied with a sigh. "For heaven's sake, call me when you get there. Are you sure you have everything? It's still raining a lot lately; you have your umbrella with you? Did you pack enough underwear and socks?"

"Mom!" Sakura's eyebrow began to twitch. "I've got everything, so don't worry. I'm eighteen now, you know. Don't worry so much!"

With another quick hug, she made her way outside the front door. After having her bags placed into the trunk of the cab, she turned to give a quick wave goodbye.

'Finally!' she thought to herself as she got into the car. After giving directions to the train station that was about thirty minutes away, she pulled out her cell phone. Using the touch screen to quickly find Ino's number, she sent a text saying she was on her way. It would be about a six hour trip in total. Hopefully she wouldn't go too crazy from boredom. She wasn't sure how she'd manage without her phone to entertain her.

A couple of train rides later she was finally in Tokyo. She had visited the city a few times growing up, usually to check out the shopping districts, but still felt overwhelmed with how many people there were. It really gave you a perspective of just how small you are in a big world.

Dragging her suitcases out from the cab, she paid the driver and made her way up the steps of her new apartment building. They really lucked out; their apartment was on the first floor, though hopefully their neighbors upstairs don't stomp around like elephants. It will be worth not having to climb stairs after a tiring day of walking across the large campus.

Unlocking the door, she pulled her baggage inside and placed them above the ledge before the genkan entryway. Discarding her shoes, she walked into the living room finding it dark and quiet. After turning on a lamp, she stretched her arms and took in a long inhale. It smelled like fresh paint. Sakura glanced around the room for a moment. It didn't look like Ino had arrived yet.

The apartment that they got was a pretty decent size. It was a bit expensive, but had all the necessities and privacy they needed. There were two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room with a small balcony that was accessible from it. Looking around the main room, it had already been furnished with a nice small couch, lamps, and a TV set. In the kitchen area there was a double burner stove, small sink, and a refrigerator. It was nice moving into a place that had basic furniture. Just was a small perk for leasing with the university apartments.

After a moment she went to check out both bedrooms; there wasn't much of a difference. Sakura randomly decided to take the one she was standing in now. After taking her bags into the room, she laid down on the single bed. Closing her eyes, she relaxed.

-knock knock knock-

Sakura's eyes shot open in surprise, forgetting for a moment where she was. Her eyelids felt heavy. Did she fall asleep? Noticing the orange light bathing the side of the wall as shadows of trees danced across her room, she realized the sun was setting.

"Sakuraaa… Wakey, wakey!"

Sakura sat up on her elbows to see Ino standing in the doorway.

"Eh-heh, I guess I fell asleep…" Sakura said sheepishly.

Ino smiled. "When I got here you didn't wake up from all the noise I made, so I let you sleep. You looked really tired. So I went ahead and got settled in. Hope you don't mind I didn't wake you until now. I just finished making some quick instant soups for us."

"Ah, thanks Ino, you didn't have to do that."

"It's no problem!"

Ino left her room making her way to the kitchen. Sakura suddenly remembered she didn't let her mother know she made it okay.

'I'm guessing she called 5 billion times already,' she thought to herself dully while sighing aloud.

Sliding off the bed, she opened her purse she left by her bags and took out her phone.

'8 Missed Calls.'

She didn't want to hear her mother's nagging if she called her back right now, so she sent a text saying that had fallen asleep and that she was alright. Turning off her phone, she left it at that.

Making her way to the kitchen, Ino handed her a bowl of ramen and a pair of chopsticks.

"Is it sad that every time I see ramen I think of Naruto?" Sakura sighed.

Ino chuckled. "Well, unfortunately it's cheap food for starving new college students like us. How's he been anyway? I haven't seen him since graduation."

Over the years, Sakura had become good friends with Uzumaki Naruto in high school. He'd always seemed to look out for her and was a decent guy all around, though sometimes a bit too loud and impulsive, but he always meant well. They went out on a few dates together, much to his persistence, but overall Sakura decided they were better off as friends.

"Well, he's coming to the same college as us actually."

Ino sputtered the ramen that was in her mouth.

"I didn't think he could even get IN college," she mumbled, remembering all too well how much he slacked off in classes and the pranks he did in middle school giving everyone grief. It wasn't until about sophomore year of high school did he actually start to put in some effort in actually paying attention in class and doing homework.

"Athletic scholarship," Sakura simply replied with a small smile.

"I wonder who all else came to Tokyo, too?" Ino asked as she slurped the rest of her noodles.

"Not sure, though I know a few people I was friends with went to school overseas. I'm a bit jealous of them…but I don't know how I'd fare being so far away. I feel so lost here as it is."

"It's so expensive going to school overseas, too," Ino added.

"Speaking of expensive, I really need to get a job ASAP," Sakura said worriedly.

"Whatever job you find, don't work too much. So many college men. So little time," Ino said with a devious smirk.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "That's really the farthest thing on my mind right now."

"Sakura, all work and no play will make you a very grumpy girl. College isn't just about studying!"


"Don't worry, I'll help you."


"You can thank me later."

Sakura groaned. She hadn't even started classes yet and she was starting to get a bad feeling already.

After they finished eating, they decided to decorate the apartment for the rest of the evening. As she settled into her bed later that night when they finished, she stared at the ceiling above her noticing how different it was compared to her old room. She very much felt like a stranger here visiting. It was hard to wrap her mind around that this was her new life now.

'Classes will start week,' she thought.

Nervousness slightly bubbled in her stomach, but she also felt excited. What new things would await her next week?


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