Possibly apparent, but this is an adaptation of the IGN song Resistance 3: The Brownest Game Ever? You know, with the colour palette. Anyway, adapted it to an in-universe POV, but somehow turned sattire into GrimDark. But hey...it's Resistance we're talking about.

Shades of Brown

We've found our Haven,

My family and me.

Part of a group,

This family of three.


The town's a wound,

A scab on the land.

This may be Haven,

But it's a village of damned.


It's the brownest land,

That we've ever seen.

Autumn leaves reflect,

Faint sunlight beams.


The days grow colder,

The sunlight fades.

Some feel this town,

Is a future mass grave.


The Chimera stand tall,

This world is theirs.

The greater their triumph,

The more we despair.


Some still fight for freedom,

Wave the red, white and blue.

But such is our status,

There should be brown on it too.


I don't share my stories,

Of what I have seen.

No Chimeran growls,

Or human screams.


Some cling on to hope,

Some remain bitter.

But we know our species,

Has gone down the shitter.


The wind is a faint breeze,

Blows over dead land.

We wait to be struck down,

By Chimeran hands.