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,Chapter 0ne'

" I'm tired! I don't want to live like this anymore…" Tsuna screamed into his mind as he ran away from his house. He was just getting beaten or being humiliated in front of people. And if he stayed there any longer, he'll just waste his life. He doesn't want that. He wanted to do many things too. But his parents won't allow it. Only his twin brother. Because he was smart and almost perfect. In fact he admired him. But at the same time, hated and envy him. Because he's getting all the attention. He too as well, wants some attention too.

As time passed, his ran turned to walking. He didn't know where to go. He has nowhere to go. Nobody wants to be with him. Because according to the people he knew, he was a failure as a human.

When he reached the park, he settled on the park bench. And when morning came, he'll just continue walking. He'll go anywhere just to get out of that house. He doesn't even feel any hunger anymore. Maybe because he's used to it. Who cares anyway?

Another day came. He was currently staying on an abandoned lot near a cliff. Below the cliff is the ocean. Tsuna smiled. It was a perfect place. A paradise for a person like him. Tsuna laid on the soft grass. He felt safe here. Plus, no one can even see him here. No one goes here anyway.

After a while he fell asleep.

Giotto walked over to his favorite place again. He felt peace whenever he was there. He always thought no one knew this place. Until he saw a boy sleeping peacefully on the soft grass. The boy has brown hair. He's hairstyle was just like him as well. The boy looked adorably cute when sleeping. Giotto blushed as he thought over it. His heart as well started to beat so fast. He took a deep breath and let it out. He sat beside the boy and waited for him to wake up.

Tsuna slowly opened his eyes. He slowly sat down and stretched his body.

"So you're awake? " tsuna flinched as he heard a voice. He merely looked over it and turned around. Making his back face the stranger.

"H-hey.." giotto started but Tsuna didn't looked over him. Instead he just buried his head over his knees.

"My name is Giotto. Please, don't turn your back on me. I'm not going to hurt you. " Giotto said.

But still, Tsuna didn't move. " Leave me alone." He said.

" Why should I ?"Giotto retorted. He didn't think that this guy has bad mouth. But something inside of him was saying that it wasn't his true nature.

"Because I hate you." Tsuna answered, still not looking. Giotto sighed. "We just met. You don't have to be like that.." Giotto said and walked over Tsuna. "I'll stay with you." Tsuna buried his head even more to his knees. That wasn't true. Nobody likes him Everybody despises him. He's sure that this guy won't be able to last as well. Seeing how pathetic he was. " Go and disappear.." He mumbled to himself. But Giotto heard it loud and clear. Giotto closed his eyes. "No." His answer. Giotto took Tsuna's hand and stood up and then started to walk. Allowing Tsuna to be dragged.

"H-hey!" Tsuna shouted as he tried to get free from Giotto's tight grip. Giotto stopped. " What's your name? " He suddenly asked and leaned over Tsuna's face. Tsuna blushed at that. He didn't know why. But maybe because this was the first time that a handsome person talked to him. He had to admit that.

" Tsuna.."

"Don't you have any family name?" Giotto asked when Tsuna didn't even bother giving his surname.

Tsuna flinched. He remembered them again. " I hate them… " He answered.

"Hate what..?" He asked.

Tsuna looked away. Giotto tried to find the answer himself. "..my family…" TSuna suddenly said making Giotto's thought halt.

Giotto flinched at the answer. Hate them? Why? Did they do something to Tsuna that made him hate them?

"Why? " Giotto asked curiously. Tsuna looked down. " They hate me as well. That's why… I decided to stay away from them and isolate myself here. It's not like someone would look for me. No one really cared. " Tsuna stated. Tears began to well up to Tsuna's eyes and he wiped them away. " Even you won't be able to last when you stayed with me. So just go away and leave me alone."Tsuna said. He felt hurt when saying it. The tears just continued to flow out as he tried to wipe it away. Giotto looked over at Tsuna and helped the boy wipe his tears. Tsuna looked at him in confusion. "Look, I'm not like your parents or the people you knew. I won't leave you. I'll stay with you. I don't care about your past. I'll just cling on the future. Because past is the past and it's not like we can do something to change it. " Giotto explained as he assured Tsuna.

Tsuna, when he heard it, cried again. This was the first person in his life that talked to him and assured him. He was happy.

Giotto hugged Tsuna when he started crying again. Somehow, he knew why this boy is acting like that awhile ago. "Ssshhh.. Don't cry.." Giotto comforted. Tsuna wiped his tears and smiled adorably at Giotto." Thank you Giotto-san.."

Giotto blushed when he saw how cute Tsuna was. He thought that he'll only look cute when sleeping.

" You're welcome."

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