Well, here we go again… Another fan fiction to write. The idea for this fan fic came to me from InuKagReader here on Fan fiction. We developed this plot together and she was my beta reader of sorts. Enough talking, let's get it on!

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"If we can't be happy, maybe we shouldn't be together."

"Are you breaking up with me?"

"I guess so. I'm sorry."

Kagome wiped her teary eye as her favorite TV couple, Clare and KC, broke up. The young woman was currently sitting on her couch in her pink tank top and long pajama pants.

"Why?" she asked the screen. She swallowed a hiccup and snuggled closer to her pillow.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Kagome whirled around immediately at the sound of a voice. The sight of an angry and slightly confused Inuyasha was standing in the doorway of her living room. He turned his glare to her and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Watching…TV?" she asked with a nervous laugh.

"Wench, you were supposed to be back yesterday. You're lucky I didn't come back here to drag you back. Get your crap. We're leaving," he said.

"But…" she objected to Inuyasha's back. He gave her a look over his shoulder and stopped in his traps. Whatever Kagome was going to say instantly died on her tongue. "Um, I'll be ready in five minutes."


Kagome sighed as she dragged her feet on the grass. With her head hung low, she sighed loudly again. She peeked up through her bangs to see Inuyasha's back walking away from her with her overly packed yellow backpack on it. Kagome tried sighing again, but was cut off by an annoyed growl.

"What the hell's your problem, Wench?" Inuyasha yelled and turned to her. Kagome stopped immediately and twiddled her thumbs while she shifted from foot to foot.

"Nothing at all, Inuyasha. Do you know what day it is?" Kagome asked and clasped her hands behind her back with a smile.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he asked, annoyed. The smile fell off Kagome's face at once and she exhaled loudly.

"Never mind, Inuyasha. Let's just go," she said and passed by the confused hanyou. Inuyasha scratched his head as he watched Kagome pass him by. 'What the hell's her problem?'


Shippou looked around Keade's hut and hugged his puffy tail closer to his body. Ever since Kagome had come back, it had been very tense and quiet in the hut. Kagome barely spoke, and Inuyasha ignored everyone. Shippou looked to Kilala in question. The kitten mewed and twitched her tail.

"So, how was your time at home, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked.

"Fine. Just fine," she replied and continued to stab a rice grain in her bowl and picture a certain hanyou's face on it.

"How was yesterday?" Miroku tried. Kagome didn't respond, but chose to stab the rice grain even harder. Inuyasha looked up with an annoyed look and glared as Kagome repeatedly stabbed her bowl.

"Oi, wench. You're gonna crack the bowl," Inuyasha remarked snidely.

Kagome threw down the chopsticks and the bowl in her hands and glared at him in response. Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kilala, and Keade all froze and shrunk back away from the two. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at Kagome and she glared back. The two continued with their unspoken conversation, both waiting for the other to back down. Kagome narrowed her eyes at him. Inuyasha raised his eyebrow once again. Sango and Miroku looked between them in awe.

"This is one of those "silent conversations" you and Kagome-sama speak about?" Miroku whispered.

"Yeah. Nothing to do but wait till they're done," Sango replied.

Kagome and Inuyasha continued to glare at each other, both's anger increasing by the second, before Kagome sat him.

"He didn't even say anything and he got sat," Shippou said.

"It's not what he said Shippou. It's what he wanted to say," Miroku said and sipped his tea.


Shippou sat on Kagome's lap that night by the warm fire. She was currently reading him a book about the different holidays and events of her time. The fox kit would get overly excited every time she mentioned Christmas or Santa Claus.

"Can you read it again Kagome?" Shippou asked and bounced on the Miko's lap. Kagome smiled softly at the kit and nodded yes.

"Okay. Let's start with New Year's Day," Kagome suggested.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome chatted with the kit animatedly about her time's traditions. 'Lucky brat.' Kagome was really like a mother to the brat. It reminded him of his own mother at times…

"Are you gonna be a good boy and eat your rice, too?" Izayoi asked her son as me pouted behind his food. Inuyasha shook his head wildly in the negative.

"It's sticky an' nasty. I don't wan' it," Inuyasha replied.

"It's not nasty. It's yummy. And sticky is fun, right?" Izayoi asked and took a small bite of his rice. Inuyasha's jaw dropped and he began to pout heavily.

"That's mine. Give it back!" Inuyasha whined. Izayoi laughed and picked up the bowl.

"It's mine now, sweetie! I'm going to eat it all cause I'm a rice demon!" Izayoi said and ran away slowly with the rice. Inuyasha hopped down from his chair and ran after his mother. He laughed along with her as he tried to snatch away the bowl of rice.

"What's your favorite holiday Kagome?" Shippou asked. Inuyasha looked up at once and locked eyes with the Miko. Her eyes quickly stared daggers at him and the hanyou felt the hair rise on the back of his neck.

"I like all holidays Shippou. But, a really nice one is Valentines Day."

'Valentines Day?' Inuyasha thought to himself.

"Which one is that?" Shippou asked.

"It's the traditional day for sending a romantic card or gift, especially anonymously, to somebody you love on February 14," Kagome repeated. Inuyasha ducked his head when she said that. Love was a sensitive topic for the hanyou…

"I'd send one to you Kagome!" Shippou announced. Inuyasha scoffed silently. 'Kiss up'

"Aw, thank you Shippou. You'd be a wonderful Valentine," Kagome complimented and buried her face in the fox kit's ginger hair. Shippou snickered at Inuyasha from across the camp. The hanyou growled to himself and muttered about annoying brats.


Inuyasha stalked ahead of the group at a brisk pace. Kagome was still ignoring him and it irked him to no end. The whole time, Shippou kept making snide comments about him and harassing him to no end. The brat was taking advantage of Kagome's irritation towards him. To add insult to injury, the hanyou couldn't remark or hit back.

"What did you say, Inuyasha?" Shippou yelled. The hanyou froze in his tracks in front of the group and continued grumbling to himself. He could feel Kagome's glare on his back. The hanyou knew it was coming. 'Two choices- run or ignore. If I run, … what the hell am I thinking? I ain't running from Kagome! It's Kagome! Keh!'

Inuyasha sent his middle behind him and didn't look back. He could hear Sango and Miroku's questions and Shippou's as well.

"Inuyasha, sit! Where did you learn that! No more TV for you!" Kagome yelled yards away. The hanyou couldn't keep the grin off his face as he laid in his crater. At least she was talking to him again…


Later in the evening, Inuyasha laid in his tree branch above the campsite with his eyes closed. His face was tense with his eyebrows scrunched and his mouth in a frown. In short, he was the poster boy for unhappiness.

Shippou sat on the other side of the camp, next to Kagome. He sucked on his lollipop happily as he rocked back and forth on his rear. The fox kit looked up at his surrogate mother and smiled at her. Unfortunately, her attention was focused on one of her textbooks. "Kagome, can we play hide and seek?"

"Not now, Shippou. I'm busy," she mumbled without looking at him. Shippou pouted in an effort to get her to changed her mind, but she only flipped her page. Feeling dejected, Shippou turned away from her. He looked to Kilala for a playmate, but the cat was dozing on her master's lap. Shippou looked to Kagome's bag and wondered if she brought him some new crayons to color with. Just that second, Inuyasha shifted in his tree and captured Shippou's attention. A sly and slightly evil grin grew on the kit's face.

Inuyasha could feel sleep threatening to over take him. With a belly full of Ramen and the warm camp fire below, it was battle he was destined to lose. He let the sounds of Kagome's breathing and her scribbling on that book of hers lull him to sleep. His left ear twitched once.

"Fox fire!"

The hanyou was awakened with a start as he fell, not so gracefully, out of his tree. Landing flat on his back and the large roots of the tree below was painful in his own opinion. He rolled over slowly with his right hand pressed firmly onto his back. He could hear everyone, Kagome especially, yelling their concerns for him. He lifted his head and spotted Shippou sniggering in front of him before Kagome kneeled in his line of vision.

"Inuyasha, are you okay?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha sat up and growled.

"Shippou, you little shit! Wait 'till I get you!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Sorry, Inuyasha! I thought I saw something above you. I was just trying to help," Shippou said and added a small sniffle at the end. Kagome left the hanyou's side at once and went to cuddle the boy.

"Aw, Inuyasha. It was just an accident. Give him a break. He only wanted to help."

"Help, my ass. That lame ass excuse won't save you runt. You only fooled Kagome cause she's so-" the hanyou started but stopped when Kagome turned her glare to him. She was daring him to finish his statement. His mouth was still open, too. Once again, right before Inuyasha did something stupid he had a small internal battle.

Say what you have to say man!

No! Just shut up and let it go!

Say it!

Get out of there! Don't do it!

If you don't say it who will? Think of it as you doing mankind a favor by saying it…

He's got a point there…

"…stupid…" he finished. As predicted, Kagome sat the half demon and returned to her studies. Everyone else figured that if he was good enough to insult Kagome, he was fine.


Once again, the next day started off with Kagome ignoring Inuyasha and Shippou teasing the hanyou. Sango and Miroku kept to each other, though.

"It can't be good for Inuyasha you know. Being teased so mercilessly," Sango started.

"Do you really think he takes what Shippou says to heart?" Miroku questioned.

"Maybe. But, not just by Shippou. There's Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Jaken, Naraku, Kagura. Huh, mostly everyone he doesn't get along with."

"Of course. I spoke to Kagome once about things like this in her time. She say people can develop psychotic problems from it.* She says it messes with the way people think. Eventually after hearing the same thing over and over, you start to believe it."

"How sad," Sango commented. Kilala mewed next to her in agreement, although the kitten had no idea what was said.


I think it's very funny how Miroku made that slight mistake in word choice. Not, "psychotic" problems Miroku, "Psychological" problems. ^.^