Author's Note: The story starts at the end of Ron and Hermione's fifth year, in may to be exact. And although I try to stay true to the books or more specific the characters, is this obviously an AU story.

The Flawless Plan

1. The Plan

"I don't think we should do this," Harry said appalled.

He, Fred, George and Ginny were sitting in the common room in the best chairs by the fire. Fred and George had just presented Harry one of their new developed products along with a brilliant idea contributed by Ginny. The problem was; Harry wasn't convinced it would work and therefore terrified of the outcome.

"But Harry, it's a flawless plan. Ron and Hermione swallow the potion, they'll start snogging and when the effect wears off, they realise that they belong together," said George enthusiastically.

"But – "

"Really Harry, we're doing them a favour," Fred interjected. "According to you, those two are just too stupid to figure it out for themselves. So we'll help them a little bit."

"I never said that, I just think they might have feelings for each other, the way they act, but are to scared or oblivious to do something about it," corrected Harry indignantly.

"Although, I personally can't imagine anyone as intelligent as Hermione falling for a prat like Ron; it could at least be worth a try," Ginny tried to persuade him.

Harry frowned at her. "Still, I don't think we should interfere with their relationship, it's their business," he pointed out.

"You are the one, who always complains about their bickering, and now Fred and George found a way to probably end this." Ginny added vigorously. "You should be happy about it."

"Well, you don't know this. What if something goes wrong and they hate each other and us for the rest of their life?" That idea alone terrified Harry more than anything else.

"They won't, look Harry, George and I tested the potion ourselves. It's not working like a love potion, if that's what you're concerned about." Fred assured him. "It doesn't create feelings, it just increase them a bit."

"Yeah, there was this pretty girl, down the village I had a soft spot for," said George expounded somewhat dreamily. "After I swallowed the potion I was longing to ask her out. That's all. I didn't fall madly in love with her or something. I had complete control about my actions all the time."

"We think the potion will get Ron and Hermione just so far, that they don't want to keep their feelings to themselves anymore; and give them just enough confidence to finally tell each other," Fred explained. "Which means that if they aren't in love; or not ready to talk about it, nothing will happen, because it's still their own decision."

"You see Harry, there can't go anything wrong," Ginny smiled convincingly. "We'll simply give them a nudge in the right direction."

"But what if only one of them is ready to admit his or her feelings? Harry asked, thinking that Hermione might be more easily willing to do that and he was worried about Ron's reaction in such a case.

George shrugged. "Assuming they both have feelings for the other of course; it should be enough if only one of them makes the first move. I guess the other one would follow suit shortly after, with a little push from the potion that is."

Seeing that they were rather loosing Harry instead of convincing him, Ginny quickly came up with another idea. "If anything does go wrong, we just tell them we slipped them, or depending on the situation, just one of them, a love potion. Accidentally of course! That way they probably would be mad with us for a while, but at least there might still be a chance that Ron and Hermione wouldn't be angry with each other."

Harry contemplated the idea for a moment. Fred's reassurance and Ginny's idea helped a bit to calm him down, but it won't let the uneasy feeling go completely.

"Well, I still don't like the idea and I'm not going to help you in any way, but maybe it could be a chance for them," he reluctantly gave in.

"Great, we'll do it tonight on the party then." Fred exclaimed in delight. "Now we just have to come up with a plan, how to slip them the potion."

"We could spike some butterbeer" George suggested. The others agreed and they began to talk about the best way to make them drink it.

Only Harry didn't join in the planning, he was still pondering if it was the right thing to do. What if something went wrong nevertheless; and he of all people let it happen?

But on the other side, Ron and Hermione's bickering had become so annoying lately, something had to happen soon, or their friendship was in danger to break apart anyway.

With that and similar thoughts, Harry tried to appease himself, but unfortunately, he didn't succeed completely.

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