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Sometimes, he just liked to watch.

He watched her breathe – in, out. Over and over and over; assuring him with every rise and fall of her chest that yes, she was still alive. Her sleep seemed so steady compared to what little he could manage during the day. And she never seemed to move, either – she always laid still, like she was dead, even though he knew she wasn't. He would wonder if she dreamed or not – did she have dreams? Nightmares? He assumed that her sleep as dreamless as his used to be.

He dreamed, on the rare occasion he slipped into a deep enough sleep for dreams. And some of them were quite nice. But the rest of them were nightmares beyond anything he could ever fathom. Another reason not to even try to sleep anymore.

No one knew that he was watching. Well, scratch that – Allison might. But that's because she spent even more time watching Vanya than he did. Klaus was too busy fucking up his liver, Luther was back on the fucking moon, 0.5 had lost his fucking mind a long time ago, and Abhijat knew better than to keep too close of an eye on him.

But right now, it was was just him . . . and her.

There were times when he would almost stay until she was awake, just to see her eyes open. He wanted to see them – just once. But her coal-black eyes reminded him of what a mockery this person was of his Vanya. She was a stranger wearing his sister's skin. His Vanya had died on the day the White Violin had been born.

And it had been his fault. All. His. Fault.

But that didn't stop him from watching her sleep. While she was asleep, he could pretend she was the person she used to be. He could pretend that nothing had even changed – that he and his brother had never gone back to stop the Kennedy assassination, that Vanya had never turned into a monster, that Hargreeves had never died, and they were all united in mutual hatred of the man who had adopted them.

But no. It did happen. And there was nothing he could do. It's not like he could go back and reverse time to stop everything from happening. He just had to keep going. Keep living.

But he would always make time to watch her sleep.

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