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The sunlight shone through the bedroom window waking Al from his peaceful sleep. Looking at his side a smile crossed his face as he saw Trixie still asleep with her arm over his chest. She is so beautiful when she's sleeping, he thought to himself.

Slowly he moved her arm without waking her so that he could get out of bed. He padded to the bathroom which was through a door in the corner of the wide room. Once he had finished he went back into the bedroom to join Trixie back in the warm bed.

He climbed quietly back into the bed lying next to her, and he closed his eyes as he dozed off for a little longer. A little while longer he was woken by a soft sleepy voice. "Al are you awake?"

Opening his eyes he saw Trixie staring at him as she laid on her side. "I am now." He chuckled smiling at her.

"Sorry for waking you."

"It's fine Trixie, don't worry I needed to be up now anyway."

She sat up in the bed pulling her knees to her, placing her arms around them as her face filled with concern.

"Trixie what is the matter?" He asked softly, as he stroked her cheek gently.

"Its just… with what happened last night between us, I only wonder where it leaves us now," She said sadly. She had a little niggling feeling that last night was just a one off and that things between them would go back to normal which she didn't want.

"Trixie look at me," He demanded, as he moved her face up to look at him with her brown eyes. "I love you and that will never change, I don't want you to work as a prostitute any longer as I can't bare to see you with any other man."

"So what are you saying?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow with curiousity.

"I am saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you, the bond between us is too strong and I can't deny my feelings any longer. The only question now is will you have me?" He asked, searching her eyes for the answer he desperately needed.

"Al Swearengen I love you with all my heart. I will have you, you're the only person I want." She pulled him to her as she crushed her lips onto his giving him his answer. He smiled into the kiss as he deepened it laying her back down onto the bed. He couldn't help wanting her once more; she brought something out in him that he couldn't prevent.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door as Dan entered the room.

"Al…Mr Bullock is downstairs wanting to speak to…" He trailed off as he saw Al with Trixie, they both stopped what they were doing as Trixie sat up pulling the covers hiding her body on the bed while Al quickly strode over to Dan.

"What have I told you about waiting till I answer?" He asked in a cold voice.

"Sorry Al I just thought…" He trailed off once more as Al cut him off.

"Well don't do it again and you can tell that prick I'm busy today he'll have to see me tomorrow."

"Ok Al." Dan replied as he hurried out of the door closing it behind him.

Al turned back to Trixie who had a smirk upon her face. "As much as I find you sexy when you're angry, you should give him a break he sees you as a father. You forget he was the one who carried you up the stairs when you had your heart attack."

"Oh," He paused. "I didn't know that," He joined his lover back on the bed, sitting next to her.

"Well just go easy on him from now on… ok?"

"Ok," He replied defeated with a frown. His face changed quickly as a devilish smile took the frowns place. "Now where were we?"

With that they continued where they had left off before they had been interrupted. The love that they had for one another would last forever.

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