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Eight years had passed since I had been taken from my father and mother and my home planet of Earth. I remember the early days of being in the care of my Uncle Raditz, he was harsh as a teacher and mentor but I had learned much from him, easily surpassing his power and controlling my own within two years. Meeting Prince Vegeta changed my outlook. A Saiyajin with so much pride in himself, the confidence that he was the best fighter in the universe... there was much to look up to in him.

While in the early years of my training, Uncle Raditz told me that in order to succeed I had to become stronger, and so I had a rival. Or he set me up with one, another Saiyajin named Turuffi. She was about the same age as myself though she had already destroyed two planets by the time she turned six. I had been behind her for a long time, up until Uncle Raditz did something utterly moronic and needing to be disposed of. It was a tough choice but the planet we were sent to, only one of us would have been able to escape and only my pod remained intact. I was not going to sacrifice myself to save him. I was superior; he needed to learn his place.

Killing him was not in the agenda of going to U-89232 but it was necessary. Prince Vegeta even congratulated me on my efforts there. After I recovered from battle that is. Four Saiyajin left wasn't bad and we could deal with it. Even if I was not full, I was not treated any less. I could only assume that my strength and battle prowess had earned me respect amongst my fellows and the rest of Freeza's men.

Turuffi as well, had become more than just a rival. One of the only people I could truly trust, a best friend. Though even still I could not let my guard down for anyone, even someone that I fought along side with in battle. Even a best friend could turn their back on you the moment that you turned around. It happened with Galeon... poor bastard, hole blasted through his chest... traitorous scum.

"So this is where you were born?" The sound of Turuffi's voice broke my thoughts and I looked at her briefly before turning back to gaze upon the greenery of the planet.

"Not that I remember anything about it." I told her, jumping down from the cliff we stood and down to the furthest point of the ground.

"Our orders are to gain your father, alive and on our side or dead. The planet shouldn't be too hard to take over..." I heard her starting to press buttons on the scouter- "hmph... the power levels are pitiful..."

"I'll deal with my father." I told her. "Once we have a clear answer from him, we'll obliterate the life here and send word that the planet is ready for sale." Pressing the scouter on myself I sought out readings of high levels. To the Northeast there seemed to be one about 3,700. Not bad but not near us. "I think I found him... I'll send word for you, keep the pods under watch in case something were to happen."

She nodded and leaned against the rocky wall, lifting her head to the sky. "Remember I'm here to observe more than anything... Prince Vegeta wants you to take care of this planet on your own."

And the reminder that you can never drop your guard even amongst those considered friends. I nodded, letting my energy lift me from the ground; the gravity on Earth was so light that it made it very easy to maneuver around in the sky. It did not take too long for my scouter to pick up the high power-level again in the Northeast; it had to be my father. I started that way; it wouldn't take me that long to get there, maybe an hour.