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Opening my eyes slightly, I could see the surrounding greenery in blurs and had to close them tightly before opening them up again. I was sitting down next to one of the space pods, I could hear fighting a few feet or so away from me and wearily looked into the direction. Turuffi was looking trashed, armor broken in more places and it seemed that bald guy Kuririn followed us. Really, I would have thought the fight would have been over by now. How long was I out for anyway?

A blast came towards her and she dodged, however it was very close to where our pods were and startled me enough to make me fall onto my sore side. Moving to sit back up, I leaned against the pod. How embarrassing that both of us would get this way, we should have been enough to take not only my father but also that annoying bald guy. A second blast headed towards me, Turuffi had barely dodged that one and it was-my father? But he was in the same bad shape as me? How did he... he didn't look so rough anymore, what was going on?

The shot of energy that he emitted had grazed Turuffi's arm and came staggering back, hitting her pod. The debris flew towards me and I quickly put up an arm defensively to block them, I could feel blood slowly coming out of small wounds from metal shards. Great, it was starting to look like a deja vu of Raditz's fate... We were friends but if it came down to escape, I was getting off here on my own with or without Turuffi.

Looking at my own pod, I started to crawl towards it, if I could get to it... I could escape. I didn't know what my father had done to get back to strength but I knew that if I didn't get out I was done for. My hand barely touched the entrance to the pod before it too exploded, sending me a few feet backwards with my arms over my face. Shit! Now I couldn't escape. Turuffi was on the ground now, probably dead, I wouldn't doubt it. Struggling, I stood from the ground, holding my bleeding arm.

"Gohan... please stop this." I heard my father's hurried voice say to me. He looked as though he did not want to continue and, while I did not have the energy to, I could not necessarily stop what had already begun. I had to think of something and then like the blast to my pod it hit me.

"I concede..." for now... I thought to myself, I would recover and then find out the secret to how he was able to recover so rapidly. It could prove useful in the fight against him later. I saw him smile before he started to walk towards me.