Points Of View

One eventful morning in Camelot, told from several different view points.



That's just brilliant, Arthur. I follow you to every boring meeting, every impossible quest, every ridiculous hunt, just to ensure that you don't get killed before your time and what do you do? You get yourself into trouble on the one and only morning in months that I'm not by your side to save you. Prat!

So now what, Arthur? I mean, what's the point of this glorious destiny we share if you're going to get yourself killed by a stray weapon during training? Clotpole! How do you expect me to save you now?

And you call me an idiot.


Next Time - Uther: The King sees Arthur use magic in self defence. Is this confirmation of the King's madness or is it all a matter of perspective?

This teaser is a drabble but the remaining six chapters will be of 'normal' length.

A/N Have written a repeated chapter from one different pov twice before, but have been wanting to take the idea a step further for some time now. It really is wonderful to be writing again. Look's like my chocolate plot bunny has finally come out of his three month long sulk.

Note for my regular readers.

'Sensing magic' is on hold but definitely NOT abandoned. I promise that it WILL be continued.

'King Arthur's Ward'. I have started to republish the early chapters with corrections, additions and a few small changes. Do let me know what you think if you've read the original.