Living Arrangements

Summary: Ron and Hermione discover that living with family is not necessarily conducive to romance. Threequel to Hermione's Worst Nightmare

Rated M for a reason! If you're under 18, this isn't for you. You have been warned.

Part 1: Hermione's Worst Nightmare

Part 2: Australian R & R

Part 3: Living Arrangements

These are all Ron and Hermione centered.

Other fics that bridge these stories are General/Harry centered or stand alone fics—including: Loose Ends, and Meet the Press which fall immediately after the Battle of Hogwarts and between Parts 1 and 2. In my mind Love and Lament is now part of their background, but I wrote it after ARR.


Chapter 1: Anticipation

Hermione Granger smiled as her eyes closed and she tilted her head back. Ron knew her sweet spots and he would never let a night together lapse without hitting at least two to drive her wild and send shivers through her body in anticipation of fulfilment. The problem was Ron Weasley was a tease. He had always been in different ways growing up. But now it was sexually, physically excruciating, and damn if the man didn't enjoyed every minute of her writhing and gyrating to his touch. He knew just how long to push her body, to drive her to the excruciating edge of the precipice and pull back on her just enough to drive her crazy with her desire for him. He knew her body like his own, and she knew his. Tomorrow, he was leaving for a two week intensive course on the newest defensive spells, potions, and transfigurations developed by the Ministry to capture dark wizards and send them to Azkaban. Tomorrow, he would leave; but right now with the moonlight glowing off the light covering of snow outside and the green and red lights that lit up Diagon Alley during the festive season adding to the romance of their room together, she had him. She had him exactly where she wanted him which was also exactly where he wanted her. Joining together as one.

Tonight he had chosen the spot on her neck below her right ear. His musky scent filled her nostrils as his lips and tongue worked together to create sensations in her that felt so good they should be illegal she thought. Illegal because she had no coherent thought whatsoever that was not primal when he went there, especially while his hands busied themselves on her breasts. Fingertips played with her nipple, teasing and increasing her appetite before his lips worked their way down to gently kiss and then take her in his mouth commanding a response in her that she was helpless against. She began to claw at him, grabbing him almost viciously. He loved it when she lost herself in the moment and he was the cause. He loved the wild and abandoned Hermione Granger that only he was privy to; she loved the raw and hungry Ron Weasley who was making her come without so much as even touching the apex between her legs—yet.

Ron smirked as he hungrily watched his girlfriend shudder in his arms. She was so beautiful to him and she looked at him with lusty eyes. Just that look could make him hard. There were certain days of her cycle that he knew her body was complete putty in his hands, when fondling her breasts meant not just igniting the fire below, but having a front row seat to watch and enjoy the combustion. The audible gasps of his name along with quenched whimperings enthralled him and spurred on his own desire of her.

He hadn't told her how he had taken the time to actually chart her body workings. It was an assignment he read about in Tonks' Auror Training Books. Well, truth be told, he was really only supposed to be observing a subject closely for a month to determine regular habits, comings and goings, schedule, etc. Ron decided to analyze his girlfriend. He had heard all those rumours about girls and their mood swings, so he thought this might just be the type of thing that could benefit him as well as their relationship. Perhaps it might mean knowing when not to argue too much or things could go wrong. But a side benefit he discovered was he actually noticed a difference in her sexual appetite and interestingly, her responsiveness. On Days 12-14 and 27-28, she was so horny it was unreal. She orgasmed so easily it was mildly embarassing for Ron when she once called him a "Fuck-god". Actually, in the heat of the moment she had those two terms reversed and then jokingly referred to him in the other order, thinking herself very clever and complimentary as the waves of ecstasy had radiated through her body. If she thought he was that skilled, he would quietly take the credit and enjoy the return rewards.

A moment later he lowered himself to her beckoning womanhood and parting her legs he eagerly dove into her folds, his tongue exploring, causing more juices to flow. He latched on to her clitoris, sucking sensuously as she began to quiver again. "Oh, Ron! There! Fuck! There...there...oh,oh!" she gasped. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her eyelids fluttered along with her body. As soon as she descended, he roughly pulled her up, kissing her deeply as he pulled back on her hair. She felt like a rag-doll as she went limp and then his probing tongue demanded and received her renewed arousal. He wasn't finished yet. Easily he turned her body to face the headboard as his hands sought her breasts, pulling her back hard against him, his mouth found her sweet spot under her right ear again as his rock hard erection teased her entrance and she backed into him. They rose and fell together, heart beats racing, skin flushed. She reached behind her to take him in hand, hiccuping his breathing when she began to pump him. "Ron, you're, you're a rock. You're so hard. You need..."

"I really need to be in you. Now!" He grabbed both her hands and moved them up against the wall as she spread her legs and positioned herself for him to enter her from behind. They had been together over two years, but she never tired of the sensation of his cock entering her and filling her up, waiting a moment for her to adjust to his size. It was barely two seconds before he tilted at the right angle to stimulate her clitoris as he began pumping frantically into her, gritting his teeth to hold on long enough for her to orgasm again before he emptied himself into her. Their bodies quaked together as they came down from their high, holding on to one another and breathing hard. He tilted her face to his and kissed her deeply, ready to sleep for the night with her in his arms. "God, I love you."

"I love you too, but I'm not done with you."

It took him a moment to register what she was doing, but she had pushed him back against the pillows, grabbed her wand and cleaned them up, before she grabbed on to his dick again, pumping him hard in seconds. "I know your body too, Sweetheart. When you're THAT hard, you're not done with just one performance."

"Well, only a fool would argue with that logic. Oh! Merlin!" Her mouth descended on him and she moved on him over and over again, sucking and pumping him. Her tongue darted out to tickle his head and spread the pre-cum over him and herself. As he watched in fascination she took him in whole so quick and so hard. Three dissensions and he would be done. She smiled as she felt him tense up. Tonight she kept her mouth over him as he objectified himself in her again. There was nothing to clean up though as she made sure he saw her evening meal of him. He moaned in ecstasy, searching for her hand and gripping it as he came again. "Holy fuck, Hermione! That was hot!"

No sooner did he get the words out then she was lying on top of him lengthwise and kissing him, almost sucking him off orally. She demanded his tongue inside her mouth and she got what she wanted as she held his face in her hands, her fingers slowly sinking deeper into his hair as she finished him in every way, leaving him gasping for breath. She relished taking control as much as he did.

She rolled off him and snuggled under his arm, laying her head on his chest. "That was...just a little something to keep you warm at night for the next two weeks without me," she said a little breathlessly and spent.

"Merlin!" he panted. "I need to go away more often," he said as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, kissing the top of her head.

A sudden banging on the wall behind them startled them out of their after-glow, as George yelled. "Are you two done now, so I can finally get some sleep? Muffling charm, people! MUF-FUL-ING CHARM!"

Both froze and then Hermione buried her face in his chest in embarrassment. "Oh, Ron!"

His hands pulled her closer to comfort her. He laughed lightly though he was a bit squeamish about the incident himself. "Sorry, mate!" he yelled at the wall. Then he turned his attention back to his girlfriend. "It's okay. He would think we were doing it anyway, even if he didn't hear us." The placation sounded weak in his ears. He didn't think it would fly with Hermione and within a moment she swatted him.

"Oh, that's such a guy thing to say! I'm not some bimbo you hooked up with in a bar like George does!" she said angrily.

"Whoa. Hermione, I know that. And you know very well that he knows that too. He doesn't think, he wouldn't think of you, -er us, that way. We aren't a random fuck here." Although, for such an observant girl, she hadn't acknowledged that George had stopped that particular behaviour about six months ago after meeting up with Angelina Johnson again.

"Oh, don't say it like that!" She grabbed a pillow and rolled to her side of the bed and ducked her head under it. She was on her knees, her butt in the air.

Normally, a position like that would just scream out to be slapped, but right now was not the time for it, he judged by her distress. "Well, that's what I mean. We aren't just hooking up, I love you; you love me. He knows that."

"I can't believe you forgot the charm, again."

"You're kidding, right? This was YOUR seduction tonight, honey. You jumped me when I walked in the room."

She sat bolt up, immediately, an angry look in her eye. "Sooo, what? You can't think with two heads at once, Ronald! Why do I always have to stop and remember the potion, or the charm?"

"Excuse me?" Day 28, day 28, day 28. She gets annoyed quicker right before her period. "What are we ACTUALLY arguing about?" Because really, he thought, the fact that he couldn't think with both heads at once should not come as a shock to her.

She opened her mouth to retort and then shut it and took a nervous, deep breath. "I think we need our own place. We can afford it now. We've both saved up some money. I've been working for a year, and you—for two and a half. Do you want to move in together? Get our own place?" The next step—the words weren't said, but her meaning was plain for him to see.

She knew he was sensitive to their financial status and that was what held him back. He had always been embarrassed by the hand-me-down robes or textbooks he often had over the years. Sometimes in class he would turn pink from humiliation when his textbook pages didn't match up with the newest edition that other classmates were using, or he didn't have a certain potion that was in the newest book. When they discussed having a future together during the night of nightmares, he had said when he was ready, he knew he would ask her to marry him. She understood he meant having something to offer her besides love. The issue had come up again in Australia during their special dinner date. Only once she had assuaged his concerns about money, did he relax about his choice to help George out at the store and get him get focussed again instead of becoming an Auror right away. He did not want to truly begin a life together only one step from being poor.

To that end, Ron was very careful with his money. He splurged on a new set of clothes for work at the store, and the sapphire pendant he bought for her first birthday since becoming a couple which she now wore with sentimental pride. But aside from those, he had been he had been prudent in his purchases. Hermione had gone back to school and finished seventh year at Hogwarts. He visited every other Saturday, on his days off. But he worked most days with George in London at Weasley Wizard Wheezes and saved for his future but still had a good time. He had joined a recreational quidditch league which played Monday and Wednesday nights to keep fit and have a little fun and succeeded in getting George to join up too. He usually went out afterwards with the guys for a drink, but had budgeted for those nights and never overdoing by leaving his wallet at home and only bringing the allotted amount. He made his lunch everyday instead of going to a restaurant unless one of the guys from school dropped by on occasion. He had even come up with two ideas for products which he helped George create and banked the rewards. He had lived that first summer of 1998 back at the Burrow technically, Apparating to and from the store. But he often found himself staying in town due to necessity. George would often find Ron sleeping on the couch after a floo message was received at the Burrow that it might be best if George were to leave a particular establishment after a night of partying.

George and Fred had actually bought the unit where Weasley Wizard Wheezes was situated in Diagon Alley, not merely renting it. The apartment above had two bedrooms, a small kitchen, bath, and sitting room, and a separate entrance. Fred and George had their wills made and should anything happen they had named each other the beneficiary, unless either had married in which case their half would go to their wives. So George was now the sole owner of the premises and it wasn't until he was comfortable dealing with Fred's stuff that he offered Ron the room to stay in and rent. Their mother finally came over and cleaned out Fred's clothes, donating much to charity when George refused to wear any of it. Ron did not have the same build so it made no sense for Ron to keep them. Besides, Ron thought, he couldn't wear his brother's clothes either. Moving into his room would be hard enough and was a gradual process for Ron who tended to stay in the sitting room until certain nights when it became a little too inconvenient if George had company.

Since Ron spent most of his summer there anyway, George finally offered him Fred's room. Ron would move in in September of 1998 and the two Weasley brothers would live there together, sharing expenses. Having girlfriends move in was another issue. No live-ins was how George felt at the time. Hermione was at Hogwarts so there was no concern there, but had either had a girlfriend move in the dynamics would change and Ron was not keen on upsetting a good deal that he knew he had there. He loved living in the city and in the liveliest section of the magical market place. It was fun, exciting at times with all the energy of the alley re-newing itself after the closures of the previous two years. But even he had his limits and sometimes missed the peace and tranquility of the country. He was actually ready for a move and be able to spend more time with Hermione. He also saw the writing on the wall. George was falling hard for Angelina Johnson, their former quidditch captain. It was just a matter of time, he thought. Everything was pointing to a change in living arrangements for him.

After Hermione graduated in the spring of 1999, she had continued to live with her parents while she took some training courses at the ministry. But weekends, she was a permanent fixture at the Diagon Alley store and apartment. She even helped out when they needed an extra hand on occasion. That was a year and a half ago. They had been quietly working towards more, a life truly together, and Ron had finally begun work as an Auror six months ealier. The question was when exactly that more would take place.

Ron looked at her in earnest, his expression softening immediately. He could see the wanting in her eyes in the moonlight, as well as the concern he might actually turn her down. He could be too proud at times, and he knew it. "Well..." he smiled happily, almost dreamily as he thought of waking up next to her every morning instead of just weekends and the occasional sleep over during the week. "I think that's a great idea. I think we've got enough between us now to be secure. Furniture will take a good chunk out you know, that's why I've been waiting a bit longer, but..."

"Ron? Really?" She squealed in happiness as she smothered him with light kisses as her arms assailed him and knocked him over.


"MUFFLING CHARM!" came the voice from next door.

"Yes! Yes!" Ron laughed. He reached up and caressed her cheek softly, oblivious to the yell. "Yes. I think it's time too." He brushed her lips with a sweet kiss. "Shall we get some sleep?"

Hermione stared at him, blushing pink with happiness at the prospect of a new stage in their life together. She snuggled under his arm and sighed contentedly. "I can't wait."

He smiled again and kissed the top of head. He had to admit to himself that he was a little disappointed. Two weeks. Damn, he missed being the first to make the move by two weeks. Okay, Weasley, so much for that Christmas Eve surprise.


A/N: Female mood swings and sexual appetites...I used to work in a doctor's office. This idea stemmed from a waiting room discussion between female patients comparing how they had discovered they reacted during specific days of their cycle. One said, during days 12-14, ovulation, that her breasts hurt so much, her boyfriend couldn't touch her at all. The other woman said she was the exact opposite, so horny and orgasmic it was unreal. I decided to give Hermione that experience. Sounded a lot more fun to me! Another woman was mood sensitive before the onset of her cycle, so that was incorporated too for a little fun because we know they have to argue a little bit. It's their foreplay! Keep in mind what day of her cycle it will be on Christmas Eve when Ron returns. Hmmm... (BTW, I know Xmas Eve is a Sunday in the year 2000—need a little licence here.)

George...don't despair. Ron and Hermione's relationship here is reactionary to Ron's "gate-keeper" mentality towards his family, in this case George. JKR said Ron worked at the shop for two years before Harry came to recruit him to become an Auror. So I'm trying to keep with that "cannon" (interview).

DHP2—have now seen it 5 times. Am progressively more disappointed with Ron and Hermione's kiss. Not Rupert and Emma's fault—they did a great job overcoming the natural awkwardness of the situation. But...what the **** was the director of photography and editor thinking by positioning the camera to show only the back of Rupert's head and then use a pull away shot. Seriously? After all the hype for it?