From This Moment On


Finn POV

"Just leave that one; I'll get it when I come back up." I shift the box in my arms and lean over and lightly kiss Rachel's lips as she sets the box back on the table.

"I love you Mr. Hudson." She grins against my lips.

"I love you to Mrs. Hudson."

"WE GET IT!" Kurt says rolling his eyes from the table. "You're married, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson. Are you afraid one of you is going to forget it with the amount of times you say it in a day?"

I laugh and look up slightly from the kiss, smirking at Kurt. "Stop being so jealous." I peck Rachel's lips once more and head toward the door as Blaine walks in.

"Ok I think we can fit a few more boxes in this trip, but we're gonna have to come back for her clothes."

"How did we manage to get all this stuff in such a short amount of time? I don't remember having all of this when we moved in."

"Yes but then Kurt and Rachel found the mall, remember?"

"How will my wallet ever forget?" I laugh as he holds the door open and I head for the car.

Being married is definitely cooler than I thought it would be. It had been a month since the wedding. I got out of the hospital the next day, the nurses all smirked as we left. Giving their congratulations as Rachel buried her head in my shoulder while Puck pushed our wheelchair down to the car.

The next few weeks were spent looking for a place for Rachel and me to live. We wanted to be close enough for rehearsals for the band and for her to stay with her show. Rachel had started back full time with Phantom of the Opera and her name was making the rounds on a short list of auditions for a role in Wicked. It was like the mother ship had landed when they found out. I still can't hear after all the squealing that was done, and that was just from Kurt.

The band was picking up too. They were heading into the studio in a week to record a full album. I couldn't believe how insane things were right now. But I was happy. I shut the car door and ran back up the stairs toward the apartment.

"Ok how much do we have left?" I announced as I entered the room.

I laughed when I walked in to see Blaine face on the couch and Kurt and Rachel sitting on the remaining boxes talking a mile a minute about how they were going to decorate the new place.

I smile and nudge Blaine's leg. "Dude, let's take the rest of the stuff down."

He looks up at me and groans before pulling himself off the couch and grabbing a box.

"Sorry, I just had to get out of there before the two of them paint our new place pink!" I laugh.

"No worries there, but you should probably worry about the flowers that Kurt wants to paint on your game room wall."

"WHAT? That's my man cave; there will be no flowers there." I argue.

"He thinks it's too dark and depressing in there."

"It's supposed to look like that. He's not going near that room." I finish pushing the boxes into the back and lean against the car. "Can you believe I'm married, cause I really think I'm still in shock or something."

Blaine laughs. "Dude, I remember when we all moved in here. That seems like yesterday, but I knew you guys would be married back then."

"Yeah it's crazy though."

"Just wait til you have kids." He jokes, patting me on the arm and starting to walk back up the stairs.

"Let's not let that sentence be spoken again once we get around those two." I warn. "I'm definitely not ready for that." I laugh.

"That's what you said about marriage." He smirks.

An hour later we are pulling up to our new place, Kurt and Blaine following behind us. We park out front and stare up at the house. It's nothing big, just a small two bedroom house in the suburbs. I reach over and take her hand in mine. "You ready for this?"

She grins at me. "I've been ready for this my whole life."

We climb the steps to our front porch and I quickly put the key in the lock and open the door. "Wait a minute." I say turning and grabbing Rachel by the arm. "I'm doing this right this time." I lean over and lift her up and she squeals.

"What are you doing?"

"I didn't get to do this on our wedding night, but I'm gonna do it now." I carry her across the door step kissing her as we enter the house. "I love you Rachel Hudson." I say against her lips.

I set her down as Blaine and Kurt argue about carrying boxes behind us.

"Well, let's get the car unpacked." I announce.

"And then I can make you guy's dinner." Rachel squeals loudly.

The rest of the day is spent unpacking and setting up the house. More than once I had to stop Kurt from decorating something of mine that did not need that "extra flair" he loved so much.

"I can't believe you won't be living with us anymore." Kurt pouts from across the table.

"Yeah right, you've only been yelling for four years for us to stop screaming through the walls and get our own place." I laugh.

"Ok fine, I won't miss some things, but I'm going to miss having you both around."

"We'll miss you too, but it's only a fifteen minute drive." Rachel says as she takes Kurt's hand and smiles over at me.

"Yeah dude, you know you can't get rid of your big brother." I laugh.

Kurt sighs and then looks at his watch. "Oh God is it that time already?" Reluctantly he and Blaine get up from the table and gather their stuff. "Early call tomorrow Rachel, don't forget."

"Oh trust me, I know. My legs are going to be so tired after all this moving."

"Mine too." He agrees.

Blaine and I look at each other and roll our eyes, knowing that they didn't carry a single box down those three flights of stairs today.

"Well you two, you're on your own now." Blaine said softly as he stood at the front door.

The four of us look at each other. "Group hug." Kurt squeals and I shake my head as he piles us all together.

I look up into their faces. "Four best years of my life." I sigh. "Best family of misfits I've ever been a part of."

Blaine pats me on the back. "You guys will always be my family."

"Ok stop before you make Rachel cry." I laugh as I pull Rachel into my chest.

"I'll see you at practice tomorrow." I say giving Blaine a high five.

"See you guys later." They turn and wave as they head down the walk in front of the house and Rachel and I stand out on the porch and wave until their car turns the corner.

"Well, looks like I finally got you all to myself." I say looking down at her.

"You sure do." She giggles as we walk back into the house and fall down on the couch.

We both look around at all the boxes piled in every corner of the house. "This is crazy; I don't even know what is in half these boxes." I laugh.

"I know! I don't even want to look at another box."

"Let's just pretend they aren't there." I laugh as she leans over and kisses my forehead.

"I'm going to change my clothes, I'll be right back."

I grin and smack her on the butt, almost too tired to even do that and she groans and drags herself to the bedroom in search of her clothes.

I pull myself off the couch, looking through the boxes that are stacked in front of the television. Who puts boxes in front of a television? I pick up the boxes and start moving them out of the way. Stacking them along the wall. I grin and grab a couple other boxes and arrange them in the corner.

"What are you doing?" Rachel says, startling me. I quickly spin around and face her.

"Uh nothing?" I say looking at the ground.

"Are you building a fort?"

"No….." I look up at her with her arms crossed in front of her chest. "Maybe."

"What am I supposed to do with you?"

"You wanna come in my fort." I grin.

She rolls her eyes and then bites down on her lip. "Yes." She says quietly.

I grin as she walks over to the side of the boxes and I pull her up over the box and into the middle of my creation. She smiles up at me. "So it's kind of cool."

"It's awesome right?" I grab her hand and pull her down into the middle of the box formation. "This is the main room…." I look around the boxes. "Ok it's the only room."

She throws her head back laughing loudly. "I love you Finn."

"Then why are you laughing at me." I say scrunching up my nose at her.

"Because you are the most adorable man in the world."

"Oh yeah? Get over here." I say grabbing her by the waist and pulling her into my lap. "You're amazing you know that?"

"I'm pretty sure that's you."

"Fine then we are both amazing people." I smirk. She leans down, lightly kissing my lips.

I tighten my grip around her waist, kissing her back as I feel her hands wrap around my neck.

"I thought you were tired." I grin.

"And miss my first night in our new home with my husband…never."

I pull her down against my mouth, kissing her hard, my tongue pressing against her lips as her tongue meets mine. I groan against her lips as my hands reach for the hem of her shirt and pull it up and off her body. I attach my lips to her neck. "How did I get so lucky?" I groan.

"It was always you." She breathes out as I feel her hands tugging on my shirt. Our lips separate long enough for the shirt to be discarded as I quickly pull on my belt and I feel her hands frantically unbuttoning my pants.

"Someone's in a hurry." I smirk.

"I want you now Finn." She says staring at me with lust filled eyes.

"Yes Ma'am." I grin as she tugs at her pajama bottoms. I laugh as I grab her by the neck and pull her mouth against mine hard, pushing against our boxed wall as boxes fall off the top and crash to the ground. She lies back on the ground, our mouths never losing contact as I quickly slide between her legs, bringing myself to her entrance and pushing hard against her as she groans out loudly as I fully push inside of her.

"Oh God Finn, yes." She says loudly, her mouth attacking mine as her hips buck up to meet my thrusts.

I feel like I can't get enough of her and her mouth is all over me as she breathlessly moans my name over and over again. "Fuck Rach." I say grinning against her mouth.

She pushes my chest upward and off of her as she knocks me off balance and into one of the boxes, causing it to crash to the ground as she falls against me on the floor, attaching her lips to my neck and climbing over me and impaling herself onto my cock. "Fuck babe!" I groan.

I've never seen Rachel so intense as she brings herself off my dick and slams back against me, her hands reaching down to finger her own clit. "Oh God baby, I'm gonna cum." She moans out as she pulls off and then slams back down onto my cock causing me to grunt and grab at her hips to steady her and pull her hard against me causing the feeling to wash over me as she screams loudly and I feel her tighten, milking my cock as we ride out the orgasm together.

She collapses against my chest, her breath heavy. "What was that?" I laugh.

"Are you complaining?" She says looking up at me.

"Hell no, just uh, caught me off guard."

"I just really love having a husband." She smiles.

I wrap my arms around her, pulling her against my chest. "I really love being your husband."

I look back at the pile of boxes all over the floor. "You'd better hope none of those boxes had any of Kurt's decorations for the house in them, cuz I swear we broke shit."

She giggles against my chest. "Don't even care right now. This was the best fort ever."

I laugh loudly before looking down at her seriously. "Rach? Do you think we'll be like this forever?"

"Like what? Happy?"

"Just….content. Comfortable and yeah…happy."

"I think together we can be anything we want to be." She grins.

I tangle my hands in her hair and smile at her.

"Now, Mr. Hudson, I think it's time we christen the bedroom." She says sitting up suddenly.

I look at her confused.

"It's a good thing Finn." I smile up at her because I know she knows me better than anyone in the world.

"Well in that case, let's christen every room in the house."

She raises her eyebrow at me, "That's the plan my husband."

"God I have the best wife ever."

She drags me off toward the bedroom by the hand, looking back at me. "And don't you ever forget that!"

The End

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