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I could feel the warm sunlight falling across my face but I didn't open my eyes, not yet, I wanted to enjoy this brief moment of peace before everything went to hell. The night before was a complete blur, I could only remember short bursts of what had happened and even that was horrifying.

Blood was first, always blood, the rusty crimson staining my hands scarlet, turning the City into a lunatic's version of play land. I could feel the bile rising in my throat and I cracked my head on a piece of wall as I sat up to empty the contents of my stomach on the already filthy sidewalk.

Everything felt sore; my throat felt as though I'd swallowed rusty nails and threw up them back up, I couldn't see my hand in front my face, a typical day for me. Of course I could recall every detail of the argument with Praxis and my darker half, I say darker because I myself wasn't pure, I was like the City in that I was covered in the blood of the innocent. Sometimes I could even hear their screams in my sleep but it always turned out to be me screaming, whether out of fear or pain I never knew.

'Well as promised, the City stands, if only you had the guts to burn it to the ground with all the pathetic fools that live here.'

"Just shut up, you had your fun, now leave me alone for a few hours," I growled getting to my feet; I forced myself to remain upright despite the wave of nausea that threatened to bring me crashing down. He didn't respond and considering everything I'd been through, I was grateful for it, the last thing I needed was his rasping voice in my head while I tried to get my bearings. Already the nausea was passing and I could make out the familiar streets, I knew this City like the back of my hand now, too long of having to crawl around in its gutters like a hunted rat.

The street I was on was deserted, in the Slums that was amazing, usually you could find at least one person crouched by the feeble fires or making their way home after a long night. Of all the places in this City, the Slums was the one I preferred above all others, it was a place I could hide. In the months it had taken to bring down the Baron, this was the easiest place to disappear, while the guards searched the streets, I could easily break into a house and stay there until it was safe. In a way, it was my home, Sand Over was long dead, overrun by monsters, and even if I could get back to the time when it was whole once more, it could never again truly be my home.

Sand Over was a place of magic, of innocence, the home of so many cherished childhood memories, it was whole and safe, it shouldn't have had to face the Metal Heads on its own, it seemed as though everywhere I went I fucked up beyond recognition. As it turned out, I hadn't even belonged there in the first place; I had come from this hellish city of sorrow, pain and death. In retrospect, this was my fault to, if I had stayed here as a child, I wouldn't have been able to open the gate for the Metal Heads to destroy the past and this world would be free of them. So much was my fault and I'd been ignorant of it my whole life, why had my mind blanked those first years? Was it some sort of self preservation? I wouldn't be able to handle the truth so I just forgot about it all it save my sanity, just look how great that turned out.

'Oh well done eco freak, now why don't you do us all a favor and go jump in a lake of Dark Eco, save us from the monster you carry.'

I ignored the red headed KG Commander as I made my way out of the alley, I needed to get out of here as quickly as possible, I didn't need to check to know a heap of bodies lay behind me. I could smell death on my hands; a fresh kill and the new guard would be here just as soon as someone happened upon the corpses, in a place like this that would be within minutes. The Commander kept pace with me as I forced myself not to lash out at him, it would only egg him on and that was the last thing I needed this early in the morning. The after effects of the change were closest to being hung over, the only difference was with a hang over you got drunk of your own violation, with me? The transformations came whenever my other side wanted some fun, or even just when he was bored, ain't life wonderful?

'But wait, that wouldn't kill you would it? Hmm, maybe we should just lock you up again and throw away the key!'

"Why wouldn't you shut the hell up Errol? You're DEAD, so leave me the fuck alone!" I snarled taking the time to swipe at the man I so hated but I couldn't hurt the dead, if only I could.

'Aw, poor dark eco freak, am I bothering you? Do you want me to go away?'

I didn't even dignify that insult with an answer, all I cared about was getting home to my apartment in the Port, I didn't want to see anyone, maybe I could sleep for a few hours too. Yes, an actual bed to lie on, not a pile of filthy rags, not the cold ground or even a bar chair, a real bed. A shower was in order as well, my hands were caked with the rust of old blood and God only knew what else I was covered in, a vivid supply of images appeared almost making me vomit again. I clenched my jaw to the point of pain as the deep growling laughter echoed through my skull.

'Animals shouldn't be allowed in the house you know.'

I continued along the street, all these delusions, was I truly mad then? Should I be locked up in a padded cell somewhere or maybe I should be put down like a rabid dog, I knew which most people would choose. What would my so called friends say if they knew about my late night schizophrenia, my chats with the dead and my other side? Well, Daxter's reaction would be simple, he wouldn't give a shit, he would just joke around until he felt better about it. Keira wasn't hard either, she would be thoroughly repulsed; she wouldn't want to be in the same room as me anymore, not that she stayed in the same room with me now anyways. Samos, had he ever cared for me, would he now or would he just brush it off like he did so many other things in life? Torn, well he wouldn't give a damn so long as I was able to fight without killing myself or too many of his men.

The early sunlight fell across the dusty street, already I could see a trail of blood leading to where I'd just come from, would anyone really think I was innocent any more? I was this close to being kicked out of the City, maybe I should just leave with Sig, become a Wastelander.

'Is that how you're going to deal with this problem? You're just going to run away?'

"Do you have a better solution? It's your fault in the first place, if you could just control yourself, I wouldn't be in this mess!" I reminded him ducking in doorway as a trio of Guards marched past.

'See, you can't even manage to keep that monster in check, what good are you to anyone?'

'Wait, so now you're arguing with this prick again? You really are one pitiful fool ain't yuh.'

"Shut up! Both of you just leave me alone!" I yelled slamming my fist into the concrete doorframe, I could feel the bones fracture but even as the pain registered with my brain, eco was healing it. I slumped to the ground; everything was so confusing, was I mad or were these things real? I couldn't- I didn't…understand.

'You will never get rid of us, we are a part of who you are, a part of you very mind.'

"That's not true. You are dead Errol, dead," I hissed, I could recall very clearly his zoomer crashing into the barrels of eco; no one save a channeler could have survived it. Even if he was a channeler and Praxis had saved him, where was he now? Injuries like that would take a long time to heal, not to mention constant care and a doctor skilled in eco properties.

'And what of me Jak? Am I dead, a mere figment of your imagination? Sadly no, I am a part of you. The darker half, the half that harbors all your hate and resentment for these people and this City, I'm here to stay. You can't separate yourself from me Jak, your soul is stained and I am that stain.'

"Maybe that's true, maybe it's not, all I ask is that you leave me in peace for a few measly hours," I whispered struggling to my feet once more, already the City's alarms were cutting through the morning's silence. Neither of the voices in my head responded to my question as I hobbled along the streets until I finally came to a familiar apartment.

'You can have this day, but know this; you won't always be this lucky tamer.'

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