Naruto: When Darkness Falls

Chapter 1: Mad Love

"I could tell his mind was becoming warped and twisted… just from our talks. Or was that my mind? And for some reason… I started becoming obsessed with him. A twisted obsession. A Mad Love! Hehehe!"

Arkham Asylum

A woman wearing a white lab walked through the halls of Arkham. Her long blond hair tied in a bun behind her. Her face buried in a clipboard. She flicked a page with a 'hmm'. All while walking on autopilot. Doctors and guards leap out of the way. She continued walking, only faintly noticing that the lights blinked for a few seconds before fixing itself.

Getting lost in her reading, she didn't notice her feet had stopped at a door. 26. She didn't even notice that there wasn't even a guard at the door, nor anyone else in

All that her mind is set to, is the paper in front of her. Flipping the page again, she noticed she reached the end of her paper. Looking up she noticed that she reached her destination. But as she touched the doorknob, a sudden pulse flew out. As if a warning. Like a heartbeat, another flew out. Her mind flashed back to a meeting she had barely 20 minutes ago.

"As you know, Harleen, the Joker is too dangerous." An older man said. His hair completely gray. "Getting inside his head is just too dangerous… not even Batman would risk that…" He whispered the last part. He turned to the nearby desk and nodded towards two clipboards. "I know you wanted to evaluate that… clown… but this…" He picked up the other clipboard. "He's a new inmate… damndest thing too…" He shook his head. Harleen, curious, takes a peek at the paper. "No ID, wearing tattered clothing… even his teeth are fanged. His eyes are…" He shook his head from the nightmarish image. "Batman dropped him off a few days ago. Said he just appeared out of a flash of lightning. Commissioner Gordon just wanted him to stay here for observation."

Harleen looked up from her reading. "Why not just drop him off at the hospital, or a jail cell?"

"While he was unconscious, The Martian Manhunter went inside his mind." Was the old man's reply.

"And…?" Harleen asked after a few moments of nothing being said.

"He was ejected out the mind. A few broken ribs." The old man placed his hands behind his back and shook his head. "In a forced induced coma from the experience."

"What…?" Harleen gasped.

"We are to find out all about this young man." He looked to Harleen. "You have two choices. The clown…" The old man's eyes trailed towards the clipboard in Harleen's hand. "Or the mystery guy." He didn't like giving her these two dangerous inmates as choices, but both Gordon and Batman wanted them two to be evaluated.

Harleen glanced to the clipboard on the desk, then back to the one in her hands. She flicked a few of the pages. A nervous habit, maybe? She closed her eyes. She did want to find out what made Joker tick. What made him like that? Then this new guy. She never even seen, nor heard of before today. What does he look like? Act like? What made him… tick… as well? Her eyes slowly opened.

The door opened with a click. She entered the room and did a quick glance around. Exactly the same as all the other examining rooms. Except for the desk. A man sits there. His feet propped up. He leans back in the chair. Getting closer, she noticed he's wearing a red blindfold. Another look reveled he has long unkempt blond hair. And wearing an orange Arkham issued prison jumpsuit.

She paused as she found herself creeping closer. He's not wearing shackles. She moved her feet to get a tad closer, only for her toes to bump something which made a rattle. Looking down, she saw the shackles. She glanced to the door, but decided against running. She still has a job to do!

Steeling her resolve, she stepped over the shackles and placed both hands on the desk. Including slamming down the clipboard. The man doesn't even make a movement.

"Um, excuse me?" She said after a few moments of silence. The man's head moved. He tilted it left and right until a pop resounded over the room. After a few more pops, he turned his blindfolded eyes to Harleen.

"Hmm? May I help you?" The man simply asked. She could see the corner of his lips twitch upwards.

Shaking her head at the man's humor, she indicated the shackles. "Who took those off?"

The man scratched his head. But as the sleeve on the jumpsuit slid down, she noticed a small red mark on his wrists.

"Ah!" He started to say, but scratched his head with wide smirk showing his teeth. And for the first time, she noticed he did indeed have elongated teeth. "I… um, I don't remember those." If she wasn't so composed, she would've face faulted.

"Right…" She whispered, but then gave an excited smile. Forgetting that the man in front of her is unchained. "First off… call me Dr. Harleen Quinzel." She held out a hand for a handshake, only to notice an eyebrow raised on the man. She forgot about the blindfold. She glanced at the clipboard on the desk. It didn't say anything about a blindfold. But didn't Dr. Charles mention something about eyes… "Can you tell me about the blindfold?"

"Curious little… fox… aren't ya?" The man said with a smirk. He threw his legs off the desk and sat straighter. Harleen backed up an inch. "Guess my eyes freaked out a couple of your… big, brave guards. Hehe…" He noticed the woman getting even more curious. His smirk widened. "Care to have peek… I won't bite." His fangs gave a glint in the rooms light. "Too hard…"

Despite what he said, she creped closer. Curious to the eyes that freaked out the guards and her fellow doctors. She reached forward. Her hand clasped under the blindfold, but as she began to lift, the door is kicked open.

Startled, Harleen leaped back, and found several armed guards aiming their weapons at the man.

"Dr. Quinzel! Are you okay?" One of the guards asked. Harleen nodded as they began to lead the man back to his cell. The man gave Harleen a smirk as he vanished through the doorway. "We just now discovered two guards knocked out in his cell." He shook his head. "Did he do anything?"

"No." She walked to the desk and sat down. The seat is still warm. "We were… just in the middle of a very important session." The guards looked to each other, but didn't press on. Once the door closes and footsteps are heard fading away, Harleen let out a curse. She was so close to seeing under the mask. Oh well… there is always tomorrow. The hell with The Joker… this person is… even more unique…

Harleen picked up a pen, slid a piece of paper in front of her, then began to jot down the notes from the 'session'. She paused in her writing as an aroma hit her nose. Smelled like a mixture of moisture and leaves. She shook her head. Must be a new air freshener the janitor placed in the vents.

Unknown to her, a small Kanji flashed on the wall, before exploding into a red mist. The flash was barely noticeable to Harleen who is focused on her notes. A few minutes later. Another flashes. Followed by another one a few more minutes later. And even more after that.


The next day, Harleen stopped next to her door. This time she spotted a guard nearby. That caused her to frown for some reason. But as she touched the doorknob, a smirk overrode her frown. She paused, not knowing why she smirked, nor knowing why she's… so excited.

Ignoring the guard raising a brow at her demeanor, she gave the knob a twist and pushed the door open. Her smirk widened as she spotted the Prisoner behind her desk again. In the same position he was in yesterday. But this time, the man has removed the top half of his jumpsuit, revealing a black muscle shirt underneath. As her feet began moving closer, she noticed a tattoo on his right arm. A 9 with two red eyes surrounding it. Her smirk stayed frozen on her face, even though she could feel the two red eyes staring at her. As if it's trying to reach into her soul. But for the life of her, she can't understand why she had the sudden urge to keep smiling.

Her feet came to a stop at the desk. She idly noticed she brushed one of her ponytails. And she didn't notice when she sat down in a chair. She stared at the man before her, analyzing him. The urge to smile kept gnawing at her like an insect.

The man opened an eye. He glanced at the smiling woman. A hidden smirk forming. His feet pushed off the desk. He leaned forward and locked his hands together.

"And what can I help you with today…" The man began in a professional manner which surprised her. "…Dr. Quinzel?"

She frowned at the fact he still had on the blindfold… and are those his shackles on the floor again?

She shook her head. "I believe that's my line."

"Your smile…" The man said changed the subject. "…it really compliments your eyes."

She gave a twitch, which caused the man give a fanged smile.

"Thank you…" She could feel small goose bumps forming up her legs. Passing it off as the air condition throwing out cool air. Whose idea was it to put a vent under her desk? She opened her mouth to speak, but a giggle is heard. She glanced at the person behind her desk. Can't be him… the giggle was feminine… was it her?

"Everything alright there, doc?" The man asked. His chin resting on his interlaced fingers. "You seem… happy."

She herself did not understand it. A happy swell began bubbling up inside her this morning. Like a virus, she could feel it spread through her system.

"Alright. Let's start things off." She said, ignoring her last thought and starting the session, and forgetting that she doesn't have a notebook in her hands. "What is… your name?"

"My name…?" The man's eyes seemed to glaze over. Before he shook his head.

Isn't he dreamy? A voice said with a heavenly sigh.

Harleen's eyes widen as the voice sounded like… her.

'What…?' She asked herself. 'Did I… just think that.?'

She is knocked out of her thoughts as the man began to speak.

"My name… I have been called a lot of things…" A fanged smile began to spread on his face. "Demon… murderer… monster… the embodiment of hatred… the list goes on." He brought up a finger and tapped his fang. She could hear and feel the sound enter her head. Hypnotic. "But if your looking for the name the only woman to love me gave me… it's Naruto…"

As he said that name, she could see images enter her mind. Most are fuzzy and foggy, but she could make out a red haired woman, who smiled at her, before everything vanishes. The voice gave a giggle again.

Such a sad, sad soul… filled with hollowness and hatred… The voice said with a sigh, before it turned chipper. If only we could help him! Hehehe!

A pressure is felt on her brain. As if something is trying to bust out of it. It continued to get even more intense, until she was forced to grab at her head.

She gasped as the pressure suddenly stopped. The man at her desk continued to smile.

"W-where… are you from?" She asked once she was sure the pain wasn't coming back. But she could still feel the smile on her face. "Your home?"

"Home? Been awhile since I've used that word. But let's just say… far… far away." Naruto answered simply, just as the door is opened and the guards came in. Harleen blinked, has an hour gone by already.


It continued like that for a few more days. With Harleen asking a few questions and Naruto answered them quickly. And the voice in Harleen's head kept getting more louder… and she often found herself giggling a lot and for no reason.

Harleen entered the ladies room of Arkham. She looked around the bathroom. The janitors kept it pretty clean. She only has 5 minutes before having another session with Naruto.

"Naruto…?" She mumbled. Lately she's been having strange dreams. They're all fuzzy. But most of the time she could see Naruto as clear as day. She even saw a nine tailed creature towering over Gotham. And the giggling, for some reason, it's beginning to feel natural. She shook her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes bloodshot. Her complexion pale as a ghost. She noticed her lips trying to twitch upwards. Ignoring it, she bent down and turned on the water. She stuck her hand into it and let the warm cool water massage her. Waiting a few seconds, she splashed her face. But froze as a giggle is heard. She closed her eyes, afraid to look back up at her reflection. But, she did look back up. And had to hold in a gasp.

The reflection of her is standing there with her hand covering her face. But the weird part, is the large creature standing behind her. Watching her. The same creature as her dream. She backed away until her back hit a bathroom stall. She could hear herself giggle. Or is it her reflection? Her hands begun to shake and tremble. Her knees became weak. But as she fell to her knees, an arm catches her.

"Wha-" She followed the arm, only to see the person her mind has been on this entire time. "Naruto…?"

"You know…" He back away once she managed to stand. "You just need to learn to embrace…" He nodded to the mirror. Once she turned, she noticed her image is gone, but the creature is still there. "… the darkness."

Once he said that, everything became wavy and within a blink of an eye, she found herself standing at the sink. Water still massaging her hands, and she's staring at the mirror with wide eyes.

She gasped and backed away. Another one of those visions. She closed her eyes tight. And with a deep breath, she quickly turned and walked away from the bathroom. Completely unaware that her reflection stayed there for a few seconds before vanishing. Nor noticing a small crack appear on the mirror.

Harleen blinked as she entered the examination room. Naruto is leaning against the wall. Blindfold still on. Shackles on the floor again. For some reason, when in his presence, her mind feels at peace. Like the war in her mind is having a temporary truce. But a piece of her mind still feels like it's missing. Which is the cause of her headaches, she surmised. She came out of her thoughts as she reached her desk. But instead of sitting, she picked up her clipboard and sat on top of the desk. Her legs hanging off it. A moment of peace, she mind as well take advantage of it.

"How do you feel, doc?" Naruto asked. His blindfolded eyes on her.

"I feel fine. Great actually!" Harleen lied, and she had a feeling Naruto knew as well. She glanced back to the clipboard. On it is a list of questions Gordon wanted her to ask this certain patient. "Ready to start?" Why does she feel so chipper? Is it him? She shook her head, time for work!

"Fire away, doc." Naruto asked, never leaving his position from the wall.

"Alright. Have you ever…" She paused. Why does Gordon want her to ask that. She frowned. A part of her wants to just rip up this piece of paper. "…killed any one?"

Silence. She looked up. Wondering what is going through his head. But then she noticed a smirk. A smirk that even made her want to smirk, despite the next words that came out of his mouth.

"Of course. I lived in a kill or be killed world." If it was possible, his smirk got even wider. Fangs poking out making him look like a vampire. She paused. Could he be…? "You get used to it?"

She still had the feeling to smirk, and a bubble in her throat. Which she came to know as a giggle threatening to erupt. She had to stop herself from asking if he was a vampire. The giggle finally erupt, and she let it.

"Any… previous relationships?" She asked, feeling another bubble in her throat. She was also curious about the answer.

Naruto rubbed his chin as he thought about it. But after a while, he just gave her his fanged smirk. "Betrayal is a bitch." Was all he said.

Instead of writing anything, her hand gained a mind of it's on and made up answers. For killing? No. A relationship? A lover that died.

She looked down the list until she spotted an interesting question.

"Family?" She noticed his smirk did slip off his face and broke into a frown.

"Once. When I was just a child you could say." He said simply.

And with her mind clear, for how long it may be, she remembered he did mention: "The only woman to ever love me." That was when she asked him for his name. His mother?

Before she could ask any more questions, her patient opened his mouth.

"Tell me, doc." Naruto asked, a smirk crawling back up his face. "Had any bad dreams lately?"

She froze. How did he know? "How…?"

"Your eyes." He replied, indicating her bloodshot eyes. But he did notice life was in them, and that's good. Didn't want to break her, now do we? "Want to know how to get rid of them."

She froze again. Her dreams have been increasing, so much so that it's even happening when she's awake. The only solace is… her patient. The only patient she has or needs. Her headaches still bothered her, but like she said before, there must be a piece missing from her mind. Some kind of fragment.

"How?" She finally asked.

"Simple." He told her with a smile. "Don't fight them."

"But…" She began.

"Trust me…" He pushed off the wall, and approached her. He gave her a pat on the head before taking her chair. He propped his feet up on the desk, careful not too disturb the papers or Harleen's rear. "Now… can I ask you some questions?"

Harleen took a moment to process that. No one has wanted to hear about her, she's never been on a date, because people found her too bubbly and a workaholic.

"Okay…" Was her answer as she slowly hopped off the desk and took a seat in the patients chair.

"First things first…" He reached up and slowly undid his blindfold. As he slung it to the side, her eyes widen. His eyes. Reminiscent of a felines eyes with a slit. A red glow seems to be emanating from them. She found them mesmerizing. Even when he appeared in her dreams, the blindfold was always present. She nearly gasped when one eye became blue. Like an vast ocean. She wondered how he did it, but seeing a red and blue eye is kind of… sexy in a way. "Now… what is your favorite color?"

"Wha-?" She mumbled, but then thought about it. "Um… it's… Purple."

"Mine is orange. But Purple is… unique…" He red eye began to swirl. Small purple splotches appeared, until his eye became purple. He smirked, as she stuttered.

"H-how…? Who… what are… you?" Harleen mumbled. She was far from creeped out. Even more fascinated with him than before. She could feel her heart race. Her mind reaching out to him.

"Just someone…" The room began to swirl. She gasped as they now stand atop of a building. Looking down, she could spot everything burning. "That can make your dreams come true." His eyes turned red. And she could only stare at them, despite the roaring in the background. Naruto lowered his hand to her. And as she reached towards it…

She suddenly shot up. Her bed a mess, and her mind even a bigger, jumbled mess. She glanced around through her deep heaves. Clothes piled on the floor. The images that keep coming to her. What do they mean? And why does it seem… that they want her to join them? And what of that creature? Just looking at it felt like it's trying to lure her in. Into what? Darkness, perhaps?

She threw her feet over the bed. Heart still beating like she just ran a marathon. She glanced to the window behind her, the moonlight is the only light source. She gave a dry chuckle at the bat symbol in the sky. She gave a sigh as she turned back around. She sniffed. The stench of sweat heavy in the air. And she could feel the stickiness under her clothes. Time she had a bath. She got up and moved towards the bathroom. All the while her thoughts are on the session from earlier.

She asked about prior relationships. But his answer…? Why would anyone betray him? Then he asked about her. Wanting to know about her! A first. Her heart kept beating just thinking about it. She's never been in love, is this what it feels like? Rapid heartbeat. Face flushed and hot. Sweaty. Mind constantly on that person. She froze as her hand touched the doorknob. But… isn't it wrong for a doctor to fall for a patient? Even if said patient is just a guest being monitored?

Who says he's a patient…? She gasped. There it is again. The voice. After trying to figure out what it truly is… she discovered it. It's conveying her thoughts. The thoughts she always squashed deep down into the recess of her mind. But how are they coming out…? Is she loosing it? You must know who you are… before you can loose it, hehehe. But is loosing it… so bad?

She turned the knob on the shower own. The sound of the water hitting the tub was a very luring sound. She quickly stripped down, and with one look in the mirror, she stepped into the steaming water.

As the water ran down her body, she glanced down at her breasts. An image of Naruto appeared with a perverted smirk on his face, and she noticed he wasn't wearing a blindfold. His red eyes shining with perverted mirth, she noticed they turned purple as… she had to hold back a gasp as he grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze. He looked up at her as his head went lower. She gasped again, but gave a sigh of disappointment as he vanished. With her heart beating fast, she stared at the small hand mirror hanging on the wall of the shower.

"What is happening to me?" She asked her reflection, but what she didn't expect was for her own reflection to move and giggle.

"A better question is…" The bubbly version of her said. "…Who are you? What do You truly want?"

"What?" Harleen tried to back a way, but slipped on the slick tub. Her back hit the hard tub. She could feel something warm running down her back. Looking down, she notice the water turning red. She looked back up at the reflection. This was different than what happened in the ladies room at Arkham. "Who are you?"

"Aw! Forgot me already?" The reflection replied with a fake pout. "I have been trying to talk to you! I am the part of you that has been waiting for a very long time to be released." A crack began forming on the small mirror. "I am you in every aspect. I know your desires, wishes and wants!" She stood up, ignoring the pain in her back. She almost slipped again, but managed to grip the handle on the wall. And image of Naruto appeared on the little mirror.

"I can't be falling in love… can I?" She did remember saying that. It was before she went to another session, and she stopped in the ladies room. She began talking to her own reflection.

"Have you ever been in love?" Harleen remembered Naruto asking that earlier that day. She completely froze when he asked that. As if someone dumped ice water on her. And her answer? "I'm… not sure…"

A giggle escaped her own throat as she heard that. Another crack formed on the mirror. Her vision seemed to twist and turn like a maze. Her breath caught in her throat, despite her twisting vision, a scene appeared before her clearer than any image she has ever seen.

Naruto stood atop a building. She could make out smoke and flames behind him. Even smell something burning. Looking up, she noticed the bat symbol on the clouds, only there is a crack in the middle of the symbol. Naruto gave a smirk at her, he lowered his hand for her to take it. She reached towards it.

"Merge with me… embrace the darkness… and we shall become one!" Her own voice echoed throughout the room. And before she could stop herself, she touched the little mirror.

A warm sensation began to flow through her. Comforting her. The glass suddenly shattered into a million pieces, her eyes widened.

Hours later, amidst the darkened apartment. The only light visible is a small beam of moonlight, revealing the state of the apartment. Glass lay scattered on the floor amidst a pile of clothing. The walls are covered in writing. Written in lipstick.

"Hehehe!" Was the only thing heard. The feminine giggle echoing off the walls.


The next day…

Naruto entered the examination room. His hands and feet are both shackled. Even though Batman and Gordon only wanted to keep him here for observation, which is weird to send him to Arkham for that. Nearly snapped a few guards neck and they shackled you. What would happen if he ripped a guards arm off and beat a few other guards to death with it? He gave a smirk at that.

He looked around the room. And notice the doctors chair was facing the wall. He could see blonde hair poking out.

He smirked. Which got wider as a giggle is heard.

To Be Continued...

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