It was 9:00 AM on Valentine's day, but the spirit of Valentine's Day didn't seem to have much effect inside the Marvel vs Capcom 3 mansion, which is actually a thing that exists. Most occupants of the Marvel and Capcom rosters simply had much more important things to worry about than a holiday about "love" and "romance."

On her way back from the sauna to her room, Morrigan Aensland couldn't help but notice everyone being as miserable and super-serious as any other day. In one of the lounges, Chris Redfield, gripping a TV remote so hard it looked like it was about to explode, and Albert Wesker looked like they were about to tear each other apart. The brainwashed Jill Valentine was by Wesker's side, staring blankly and expressionlessly at Chris.

Sighing at the tense situation on such a "special" day, Morrigan made it back to her room, still holding the black box of chocolates she bought outside the mansion (from a old nearby chocolatier, who looked like he was about to feint at the sight of a terrifying demoness floating into his shop.) Thankfully, she had some time, since no matches were scheduled on Valentine's Day.

As soon as she made it in, Morrigan gently tossed the box of chocolates on her well-made bed, and made to her desk. Sitting on her finest chair, which looked more like a demonic throne, she pulled out a sheet of paper and a violet ball-point pen. She then took some time to think about exactly what she was going to write, before muttering to herself in frustration.

"Bah! Why am I writing this! How could I possibly like someone like her... but I always feel so warm and happy whenever I see her. I think I'm in love... hah, the succubus princess in love, who would've seen this coming..."

The demoness didn't bother with her usual "seductive" act. She wanted to speak from the heart, to the woman she loved. So without further ado, she began to write:

To my love,

When I first met you, I thought you were a fool. But that has changed so much. Now, when I see you, I see someone who is joyful, kind, beautiful, and a truly great woman. No matter what may happen, when I see you, I forget all of my troubles and feel overjoyed. You fill my dark, demonic heart with warmth and light.

As much as I'd thought I would never say this: I love you. And I want to be with you. So please, when you have finished reading this letter, come see me. I would love to take you out sometime, so I can spend time with you.

Happy Valentine's day,


Morrigan smiled warmly. Merely thinking of her was enough to brighten her day. Satisfied with her message, she grabbed the letter and the black box of chocolates and exited her room. The demoness then made her way to the mail room, where every occupant of the mansion had their own box for mailing purposes. Once there, she placed both of them in one of the boxes, where they lay next to, oddly enough, a ball of yarn. Closing the door behind her, she nearly bumped into the dark interdimensional lord Dormammu, who looked to be on his way to the lounge.

"Watch yourself, woman!" Dormammu yelled angrily.

"My my, such big talk for such a cute little demon." Morrigan was back to her succubus act.

"What? I could crush you between my fingertips, little girl!"

"Ooh, I'd just love to see you try, sweetie-"

"Hello, everyone!"

Suddenly, a very high-pitched voice could be heard nearby. Morrigan and Domammu both turned to Morrigan's left, where they could see the blue haired cat woman, Felicia. As always, the cheerful girl just looked happy to be here with everyone else, most likely unaware that the two demons in front of her were about to fight. She was just too busy singing and dancing with everyone she saw.

"Hey! Your head's on fire!"

"Yes, you've already told me before you ingrate!" The flame-headed dark lord responded.

"Anyways, hi, Miss Morrigan! Wanna dance with me?"


"Um, Miss Morrigan?"

Suddenly, Morrigan was looking down towards the floor, holding her left arm with her right hand. Barely visible was the fact that her cheeks looked like they were on fire, like Dormammu's head. With a loud "Hmph" Dormammu shook his fiery head, and continued on his way to the lounge. Morrigan was now alone with Felicia.

"Miss Morrigan, why does your face look like Miss Viper's hair?" Felicia continued.

"U-um, I hear you h-have some mail, s-sweetie." Morrigan, sweat visible on her brow, barely managed to respond.

"Mail for me? YAY!" The singing and dancing catgirl dashed on all fours into the mail room. Morrigan could hear Felicia yell with innocent curiosity and excitement from inside.

"Ooh, a box of chocolates! Although who gets chocolates in a black box? And, ooh, a letter for me! I wonder what it says!"

Yeah, I have a thing for weird pairings. The demonic succubus Morrigan, and the ditsy, cheerful catgirl Felicia =)

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