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Seth's Pov

I didn't really want to go, I mean all I'll be doing is showing up doing a few songs and then leaving, sure its good for gaining fans and all, but why couldn't it have been in a bigger place, with less bush, why did it have to be Forks for crying out loud,

Couldn't it have been in a place bigger like Seattle, now that would have been better to have a concert in, but no my manager had to agree to do it in a small town named Forks, and besides who names a town like Forks, I mean seriously, what were they doing when deciding to give this town a name, what were they having dinner, and looked at a fork that looked like this town or something,

I mean serious, man what's the next town going to be called Knife or Spoon, I mean seriously, man people these days just come up with the most weirdest names, I'm surprised though that no one has named a place after someone's name, I know theres lands named after people, but I was talking more of states or countries, that kind of stuff,

Anyway back to the issue at hand, right now I'm driving down the road, and it is surrounded by trees, well I hope I don't get lost, otherwise I'll never find my way out, better buy a map or something, well anyway, I was driving along and it starts to sprinkle a bit, well that's ok I mean its only a light sprinkle I mean no harm done,

Yeah well my car thought otherwise, first I have a look at the petrol, and see that it is almost empty, and I have no fucken clue when the next station is, I mean that could be ages away for all I know, and by the looks of things I'm guessing this is a quiet town, I mean the last car I saw was like miles ago, and that was somewhere back at that town that I'm guessing was Port Angeles, I think that's the name, I don't know all I know is that my car is going to run out of gas, and I don't know where the next station is, and now my car decides to run out of battery as well,

Well this is just fucking great, one I'm not happy with this concert thingy, two I have no petrol, and three my fucking battery is going to be dying, I mean seriously can it get any worse,

Well apparently it can, cause now the sky decides to fricken rain heavier, great just fucking great, and I don't see any cars driving by any time soon, so great now I'm going to freeze in here, and no ones going to know what happened to me, and I haven't even gone through my Will yet, well I couldn't anyway, but still I would of liked to have gotten it done so I know who I'm giving my stuff too,

I swear next time I see my manager I am so going to fucking fire him, yeah so he was hot, and he has tried to crack on to me, but I was in no hell going to date my manager, I mean sure I'm a bit of a slut and all, but hey at least I agree to it and admit it, but when it comes to my career I am all business, and that means no sleeping around with my manager, even if he was hot, and has abs of steel, and his eyes are an electric blue, and his smile just warms my heart…..shit stupid manager, I shouldn't be thinking of him like that ,

His the reason I'm fricken here and stuck on the side of the road, so I don't care that he is fucking hot, and I want to fuck his ass, or get fucked by him, I am so not going there with him, yeah I know he wants me and all, but no my career is more important,

Well anyway, I thinking I'm going to be dying soon, so I better start on my will at least,

So I start looking through my car trying to find a piece of paper to write on, and then I fucking remember that I have my cell phone, oh my god, I can not fucking believe that I forgot that I had my fucking phone and forgot it, stupid memory, I swear I need to get my memory fixed or something, maybe I should do yoga or something, it would be nice to relax for a bit, but right now, time to call my mother for help,

But that idea goes out the fucking window when I see that I have no fucking reception, you have got to be fucking kidding me,

I am so not happy right now, I mean fucking seriously what's the point in a cell phone when you cant get any fucking reception, well I am in the middle of no where, but still that's beside the point, I need fucking reception so I could call my mother and get some help sent here,

But as if on cue, a car drives by and pulls up along the side of the road, not to far from where I am, I hope its not a robber or something, otherwise I will be so fucking mad that they need to call the animal control,

A person comes out of the car and has a rain coat, so I couldn't see there face, the person jogs up to my side of the window, and knocks on it indicating for me to lower it, I hesitate at first, not knowing what he'll do, but he was at least nice enough to pull over, but when you've lived in New York, you pick up on a few things, mainly if your in the wrong town of New York, but anyway,

I roll my window down, "Hey is everything ok" the mysterious person said with a deep husky voice, well I can tell you this, he wasn't a girl,

"Really does it look like everything is ok" I say in a snappy tone,

"Geez sorry, just asking if you were ok, but I'm guessing you are, so don't worry about it" he retreats from the window and starts to walk back to his car,

Well he is the only person I've seen lately, so I'm guessing he is my only hope,

"HEY! Wait" I say as I hop out of the car and ran after him, he turns around and we meet about half way, and by now I'm socking wet, I get a little angry, but if I want this guys help, well I'll have to suck it up now wont I,

"I'm sorry its just that my car ran out of gas and my battery is going to be dying soon, so I'm sorry, I'm just a little pissed is all" I said, while looking up at him, through the water cascading down on to my face, this man was tall, lucky bastard has a fricken rain coat, I want one, and I want one now,

"I'm sorry" I say with a little of innocence's, but that was long gone, but still like I say it's good to act sometimes,

"It's ok, I understand" he said with reassurance, "I'm Jacob, Jacob Black" he said and stuck his hand out, I don't know why we are exchanging names now, all I want to do is get out of these clothes and get into something warm,

But I just suck it up, "Seth, Seth Clearwater" I say as I connect my hand with his,

"Well why don't we get your bag or bags, and put them in my car, and I'll take you to a my house"

"Why your house" I said with curiosity, "I mean I'm a complete stranger, and you don't know me all that well"

He just shrugs his shoulders, "I don't think you will steal anything from me" he said and started walking back to my car, soon I follow after him, and walk to the back of my car, a Honda Crv 2010 model, yes it broke down on me and yes I'm not happy at it right this moment, but I just loved it to death, it was shiny black, with leather interior, which was black, and it had just the features I wanted, like an iPod player, A/C, power windows, nearly all the works, and it was manual, so that was fun, and I loved everything about it, but at this moment, I am not happy with it,

Once we have grabbed my bag of clothes and necessities, I grab my phone, wallet and iPod, the headphones were in the bag, I close the door and lock it, hey it may be quiet around here, but I don't want to take any risks, so sue me, I ain't taking it,

Then me and Jacob head back to his car, chuck my bag in the back, then get in then buckle in, right now I am socking wet, all my clothes are wet, even my briefs are starting to get a bit wet, and I ain't happy, and I feel bad for damaging Jacobs seat, with my fricken wet ass,

Jacob turns the engine on and puts the heater on full blast, then pulls off the side of the road, and continues to drive off, I know it is going to sound weird, but I look back at my car, it looks so lonely, I have never really been anywhere without it, I'm going to miss it

I must of taken to long, cause Jacob starts to chuckle a bit,

"What" I say as I lift an eyebrow, he was trying to hold back his laugh, but was failing miserably,

"Nothing…its just that….you just had the most saddest look on your face, when you turned….back around to look back at it" he said still trying to hold his laugh,

"Well for your information, that is my baby back there, and I love it to bits, and I have never really been away from it ever since I got it, so go ahead and laugh, at least I care about my car" I said and crossing my arms and looked out the window,

It after that was said we drive in silence, there was still not much to see, just some more trees and rocks, but they were further in, and more trees and more trees, oh I think I saw a shrub, oh and a deer, I think, but other then that all I saw was trees,

"So what are you doing down here" Jacob said finally breaking the silence, I was still angry with him, but my mother always said to be nice and reply when spoken to, and by the looks of it, I'm the only one around,

"I'm doing a concert for the opening of a Hotel or Motel thingy that's was built somewhere here, all I know is that I have to do a concert for this place, maybe stay a few days so people will rent out a place, for the business, then leave" I said, a little bored about the plan really, I mean why couldn't I stay for a little longer, oh yeah that's right my manager will miss me to much, and he doesn't want other people trying to hit on me,

"Oh" he said and looked over at me, I'm guessing he finally saw who I was, cause his eye widen a bit, when he looked at me, the car swerved a bit, cause Jacob was to busy looking at me, but now his eyes were on the road, but still wide, I giggle at this, its funny seeing people in shock when they see me, we fell back into silence after that, but I'm a little better but still pissed with my manager, but other then that I feel a little better,

So after half an hour of driving in silence we were pulling up to, from what I'm guessing was Jacobs house, the house was a faint red colour, and was a two story, and there was a ramp at the front of the house, at first I thought it was a doctors house because of the ramp, but then Jacob got out and got my bags,

I was going to get them, but he was faster, so I just made sure I had everything, then followed him up to the front door,

He unlocked it and walked in, with me in tow, we walk in and I see that it is a bit small, but homey in a sense, it was nice, Jacob turns to me,

"Ok, my fathers asleep, so we'll have to be quiet, your door is down the hall first door on the right, its just a spare bedroom, when ever someone sleeps over, but for now its yours" he said in a whisper kind of voice, I nod my head, and we start down the hall, going as quiet as possible,

We reach the door, Jacob opens the door and walks in, I follow soon after and have a look around, it was small, and there was one bed, that was against the wall, which was where the window is, cool I can have a look at the raining sky,

I shiver at the thought of the rain, Jacob notices, and leave the room; he soon comes back with a towel, and hands it to me,

"Here, the bathroom is basically opposite this room, and my room is the one at the end, so if you need anything, just knock" he said with a smile and then leaves, I stand there for a bit just thinking of how I was going to get my manager fired, maybe I'll just do it like everyone else, or I could do…..ahh I don't know, right now all I know is that I'm freezing, when did it get so cold,

I go to my bag and get some warm clothes, a long sleeve shirt, some more briefs, that are blue mind you, and some sweats,

I walk out of the room, and head for the bathroom, I knock at first, feeling a bit stupid, but when theres no answer, I walk in and find that it is empty, hey you never know, I close the door behind me and lock it, then put my clothes on the bench and strip down putting my clothes in a bundle off to the side, I'll dry it out later, then I hop into the shower, putting it on warm, hmm nice and warm, it relaxes my muscles and I stand there just warming myself up,

When I'm all warmed up and clean, I hop out and dry myself off, then change in to my clothes I brought with me,

I lay the towel out and put my clothes in there, but first get rid of any excess water that isn't wanted, when I get to my jeans I hold them up with a sad look on my face, 'these were my favourite jeans' I put them with the rest and wrap it up and took it to my room, then unwrap the towel, -now I know it sounds weird, but hopefully it wont stay wet, and hopefully it will clear up soon,- and let it slowly, and I mean very slowly dry, but at least it wont get all wet and damp and mouldy,

I walk out of my room, once I found my ugghies, which are sheep skinned and from Australia, and are black, and I love them, I basically wear them were ever I go, basically, but anyway, I walk out and walk down stairs, where I see Jake, sitting down at the table with a cup of something, and he was texting on his phone, oh my god theres reception,

I must of said that last part out loud cause Jacob jumps a bit, making his cup of whatever to spill a bit and land on his hand, "Ahh…ok that is hot" he said as he got up and went to the sink to cool the hot liquid down,

"Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I was just coming down, and you were there and you were texting…oh that reminds me" I say as I start to turn around, but then I walk into a man in a wheelchair, his skin was wrinkly, and he had long black hair, that looked like Jacobs, "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there" I say as I blush a bit,

"Who are you" he said in an old husky voice,

"Ahh sorry dad, dad this is Seth, Seth this is my dad, Seth's car broke down on the side of the road, and he didn't have a place to stay, well he does but -as I said- his car broke down so I was thinking I'll just fix it up and he can go to where he is staying, so in the mean time I thought that maybe he could stay here till his car is fixed" he said as he turned the tap off, and walks back to the table with a cloth and cleans up the spill,

"Well it's nice to meet you Seth…." Jacobs's dad said has he held his hand out,

"Clearwater, Seth Clearwater" I said as I shake his hand,

"Billy's the name, and its nice to meet you" he doesn't seem to be as star struck as Jacob was, actually he doesn't look star struck at all, usually people are always star struck, ohh stupid old people, doesn't know who I am,

"Well it's nice to meet you to" I said as I walk around Billy and start to head for my room, still remembering that there was reception,

I pick up my phone once I find it, and go straight for contacts, I find my mums name, and dial it; it rings and rings, and rings, till she finally picks up, "Hell…o…"

"Mum it's me Seth"

"O…h…Se….th…ho…was….th…..trip…." she was cutting in and out, stupid rain, interfering with my reception, how come Jacob got good reception,

"Mum, mum can you hear me" the fuzziness was getting worse,

"Se…..can…yo….." I couldn't really take it any longer so I just hung up, "Argh" I groan as I sit down on the bed, which is surprisingly comfy,

Someone knocked on the door; I looked up and saw Jacob standing there with sheets, for the bed,

"Hey" he said as he walked in, and put the sheets down on the bed, then sits next to me on the other side,

"Hey are you ok" I just shrug, cause if I did speak it would be a snappy retort, and I couldn't talk snappy at him, otherwise it bye bye for me,

"Well your welcome to use our phone if you need to" I look at him then, but then remembered that I never told him where I came from,

"Jacob, I live all the way over in New York, I don't want to cough up your phone bill for just a call" I said, hoping that he will probably go with it,

"Well if you want you can still call" well it doesn't look like that was going to happen, he gets up and walks to the door, before exiting out of the room he turns and looks at me, "and we'll get your car tomorrow and take it to my workshop, and I'll fix it from there" he said with a smile,

"Thanks" I said as I nod my head,

"Oh and if you want a tea or coffee or hot chocolate, its down stairs just help yourself, I'm going to be going to bed now, good night" he said as he walks away to his room, once I hear his door close, that's when I decide that I'm just tired, so I take my boots off, but then realise that its still cold, I get up off the bed and fix the sheets up,

Once they were done, I hop into bed and fall asleep, I was to tired to really dream so I had a dreamless sleep, but I loved my dreams, it was the best world to be in, so many possibilities,


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