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Episode 8: Elections

July 26 9:30am, EST

Spiraling Detective Agency

Right now the man in charge being Naruto was going over his thoughts at the moment. Thinking about multiple things from the Mary Batson case to Supergirl of all things. Naruto was thinking about what the team should do moving forward.

First things first, we need to update Billy, Batgirl, and Supergirl on Mary's condition. After that we can go from there. Naruto said to himself before going downstairs to see how their new tenant was doing. Walking into the operations room he saw that Mary was resting in the sick bay section of the room. He also noted that Raven, Blackfire, and Shinku were asleep as well….in the king sized bed that was there for Shinku, together.

I'm so glad Grant isn't here. Naruto commented to himself while taking a few snapshots of the scene before putting the camera away. Oh how he was going to use this particular piece of Blackmail in the future.

"Shinku, it's time to wake up." Naruto called out while shaking her figure a bit.

"Five more minutes Naruto-Kun." Shinku moaned out as Naruto had a confused look on his face since Shinku never referred to him with that honorific. "I just want to sleep a few minutes more." As Shinku rolled onto her "pillow" and gave a sigh of relief.

"My secret, well I eat a lot of southern foods." A sleeping Blackfire muttered, it seems as though she still talked in her sleep. "Then I work out by doing squats to keep it toned." Naruto had to make a conclusion she was talking about her butt if anything else. "Well people who like big butts cannot lie so there Donna." That made Naruto sigh, even in her dreams she and Donna were still rivals. Naruto also noted she seemed to have snuggled with her "pillow" as well. Raven eyes were starting to open which was a relief in Naruto eyes. At least one of these ladies would wake up.

Did my breast get bigger? Raven said to herself while coming to a stir as she felt a heavier weight on her chest. Looking down she saw what looked like to be Blackfire and Shinku snuggling with her but that couldn't be the case. She was in her house right? It wasn't until she started to shake her head when her vision became clearer. That what she thought was a dream was a reality and the worse…maybe best part was that Naruto was there.

"Good morning Raven." The only male in the room greeted as black energy started to come off her form as the blanket covering the three women exploded onto Naruto's form knocking him down.

Not how I wanted to start my morning. Both Naruto and Raven said to themselves as the two other women snuggling up to Raven came to a stir.

"Well that was only two minutes but alright." Shinku said as she and Blackfire finally realized what their pillows were exactly.

"I am so sorry Raven." Blackfire apologized for sleeping on her friend's chest but she had to admit that it was worth it.

"Same here." Shinku said apologizing as well but man Shinku also had to admit that it was nice. I mean they were so soft, and now she understood why men liked them. "Next time you two can sleep on mines if you want." As Naruto who was up had fainted at that remark. Blackfire who had a bit of a perverted side could only imagine it. I mean Ravens chest was big but Shinku was bigger and she had to get a grip. Business now, thinking perverted thoughts later.

"Let's get to work here." Raven stated as she got out of bed and stretched a bit.

"Raven's right." Blackfire said as she too got out of the bed. "After we change out of our nightwear, shower, and eat."

"To the showers then!" Shinku shouted before grabbing Raven and Blackfire and pulling them towards her personal bathroom located in her living quarters.

I'm pretty sure if Jiraiya and Grant were here. They would be on cloud nine and then some. Naruto commented as part of him wanted to go check out the shower scene going down but he couldn't. There was a kid…well teenager in the room who was starting to stir.

"What happened?" Mary questioned herself trying to remember how she got her. Let alone how she was older. Yesterday she was eleven and now she was eighteen.

"My friends will be here soon to inform you of what's going on." Naruto answered startling her a bit. Seeing her reaction Naruto decided to calm her nerves a bit. "Don't worry, I'm a good guy."

"I know that much, I mean my brother won't shut up about you." Mary replied as she noticed her voice seemed to have matured as well.

"I try my best to impress, since you apparently know who I am. How about you introduce yourself? You know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams?" Naruto stated getting Mary to think for a few seconds before answering.

"My name is Mary Batson. My likes are my friends, my family, and Tawny. My dislikes well there's school, bullies, and homework. My hobbies are reading, playing with Tawny, and saving people. My dreams well one of them is to be a member of the Justice League but for right now I just want to be the best hero I can be." Mary answered getting a smile from Naruto.

"Nice, now what's a Tawny?" Naruto asked as Mary shook her head no.

"Now it's your turn." Mary said getting a confused look from Naruto. "Introduce yourself like I did. It's only right."

"Fine, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes my friends, the people I considered family, and Chinese food. My dislikes I have a few of them. One of them being S.T.A.R Labs, Cobra, villains who want to take over the world, and the Justice League." Naruto answered before seeing the confused look on Mary's face. "Not the entire league of course. Just when it comes to their practices. I'll explain that later, anyway my hobbies are watching clouds, reading detective novels, and training when I get the chance too. My dreams, I have a few but one of them is to have a girlfriend. Continuing to expand X-Force efforts. Finally is to not only make my mentor proud but also find a way home."

"Sounds like you have a lot on your plate." Mary said hoping she used that phrase right. Getting a chuckle from Naruto.

"The plate only gets bigger when you grow up. Enjoy your childhood Mary." Naruto said giving some advice to the girl who nodded.

"I feel so much better." Shinku informed the people in the room as she came out wearing a pair of white shorts and a red tank top.

"Same." Raven answered as her attire was her summer casual attire consisting of a grey shirt and a pair of black baggy sweat pants. What can she say, she loved hiding her figure and sweat pants were very comfortable.

"Okay kid." Blackfire said wearing her summer attire which was a pair of blue cargo shorts and a white shirt. "Let's see what's wrong with you." While the computer screen showed Mary's body along with a few graphs and lines of text.

"Scientifically speaking, it seems as though your body has aged. At least by seven years." Blackfire informed the group who nodded before she continued. "Looking at the events that happened last night it seems as though Donna and Captain Marvel were able to change you back to your human form. Now mystically I have no clue what's wrong with you."

"I'll take over from here." Raven called out getting all eyes on her. "Black Adam pumped you with his dark magic. When you and him said "Shazam" at the same time apparently both your energies mixed causing your once white suit to become black. If I had to make a conclusion you now have a "dark" side."

Taking in the information Mary was shocked to her just that. I mean she was only eleven and she had a dark side. Let alone her powers were now tampered with. Oh how she wish she could just beat Black Adam to a pulp.

"To finish up my analysis, I recommend you start training in your new form. You along with everyone else need to know its limitations." Raven finished getting a nod from Mary.

"Well who can train me then?" Mary asked as she never really trained in her Marvel form. Once she became Mary Marvel her body and mind were at their pinnacle.

"I should be able to assist you." Shinku answered as she had a knack for training those who needed it.

"I'm sure we all can train you one way or another." Naruto added on with Raven and Blackfire nodding.

"Will I be able to go home anytime soon? I know Billy must be worried to death about me." Mary said as the current X-Force members shared a look with one another for a few seconds.

"I'm-." Naruto started off as he heard the door to his office open. Quickly going upstairs he saw who had just walked in. The person was a woman who had long black hair that was combed in a professional manner. She had on a pair of silver earrings, a purple blouse, a white skirt, along with a pair of black heels. The person was carrying a purse and had a notepad with them. Entering the detective agency was none other than Lois Lane.

"I was wondering where you were Tokyo." Lois stated while taking a seat in front of the desk. "I was starting to think you skipped town or something."

"Please Metropolis is my town. I'm upset that I don't have the key to the city yet." Naruto remarked getting a laugh from Lois.

"Have fun wrestling Superman for it then." Lois replied getting a glare from the blonde detective.

"Funny…very funny." Naruto said with sarcasm laced in his voice. "So why exactly are you here Lois? You rarely come to visit me at the HQ."

"I have some important information I want to pass to you. I'm sure you and Cassandra could use it." As Lois voice took a serious cadence.

"Fire away then." As Lois flipped through a few pages of her notepad before bringing up a particular page.

"Apparently something is going to happen at Mayor Johnson's reelection rally today. I don't know what it is but it seems like it's big. I figured having two Kamen Riders on the scene wouldn't hurt." Lois said informing Naruto of the events that may happen in a few hours.

"Well Cassandra's out of town. So I'm sure we can make up for that." A male voice called from behind Lois as she turned around and saw Kaldur and Donna coming into the office.

"Well look at you two all grown up and what not." Lois said getting up and hugging the two of them. "Donna you have to take me to your trainer girl. You're as fit as they come."

"Thanks Ms. Lane." Donna said blushing at the comment about her physique.

"And you Kaldur, I'm shocked you don't have a girlfriend by now. Maybe you do but you're hiding it from us." Lois said not noticing Donna's glare at that comment. Kaldur didn't have a girlfriend that was going to be her position eventually.

"I'm still looking for the right one . I'm sure she's out there somewhere." Kaldur replied back while mentally thinking Donna and how he wouldn't mind her being his girlfriend. I mean things with Tula didn't end so well in terms of them breaking up. As a matter of fact it was an a bad way to end the relationship but that's not the point. Point being he had told himself that he was going to ask Donna to go out with him but learning that the uncle figure in his life died took priority.

"I'm sure she's right under your nose kid. The same goes for you too Donna." Lois advised getting a nod from the duo.

You have no idea. The duo thought before getting back to the task at hand.

"Usually when something big happens it usually means a bomb or an assassination attempt. I don't really see villains coming after Mayor Johnson unless he has wronged them." Naruto concluded.

"In other words we may have an assassin appear." Kaldur said getting a nod from Naruto.

"Well you guys take care of that and stay safe. I have to meet up with Smallville, both of us are doing coverage of the events today." Lois replied as she started to walk out the door when Conner came into the office with four bags of groceries.

"Morning." Conner called out as Lois looked at Conner like he was some sort of illusion. Noticing the look the clone decided to speak upon it. "What you never seen a man carry groceries before?"

"No it's not that." Lois started while shaking the current thoughts in her head. "You just reminded me of someone; that's all; later"

"So what's on the to-do list today?" Conner asked while putting the groceries down.

"Well we have a case today. That is protecting Mayor Johnson from some sort of attack. We've pegged it down to an assassination." Naruto answered as Conner took out an apple from a bag and started eating it.

"Who's going on this case?" Kaldur asked as Naruto went into a thinking pose.

"I was thinking just us four. Raven, Shinku, and Blackfire will be our backup since they have plans for today." Naruto informed the trio.

What about Grant, Ryu, and Kasumi? I know Ryu wouldn't want to miss out on such a case." Kaldur reminded Naruto who shrugged at the question.

"Ryu left a message saying he was going to investigate something in China. Saying that he had a lead on who is distributing the Gaia Memories." Naruto answered.

"That case." Donna started off remembering what caused this case to be open in the first place. The person with the wolf memory when they went to Infinity Island fifteen days ago. "Are we sure it's just not S.T.A.R labs using Control Freak again?"

"No Control Freak started a new life in Tokyo. Apparently he works for a gaming company making an honest living." Naruto informed getting a smile from Donna and Kaldur. It was nice to hear a villain reform.

"We're wasting time; let's get a move on already." Conner stated getting the crew to go to the second floor, find a vehicle to get into, and move out.

Downtown Beijing


Ryu, Kasumi, and Grant were currently dressed in what you would called "Fancy attires". Grant was wearing a black suit, a white dress shirt, black dress shoes, and a black tie. He had to admit that he looked pretty good. Ryu was wearing something similar only with a red dress shirt. Kasumi on the other hand was wearing a light blue dress that complimented her figure. Right now they were at a dock waiting for a friend of Ryu's to arrive.

"You know, once Daniel Craig retires from being James Bond. I can take his spot no problem." Grant started off before attempting a British accent. "They call me Bond…James Bond."

With that remark he was able to get a giggle out of Kasumi and an eye roll out of Ryu.

"Well every bond has a girl right?" Kasumi asked before walking towards Grant with a bit of sway in her step. "Do you think I can fulfill that role?" As Ryu was a bit speechless with how Kasumi was acting. I guess the girl he had to watch was gone and the woman she had become was here to stay. I mean seeing her standing in front of Grant acting all "seductive". It was going to take some getting used to.

"Of course you can." Grant answered as he would like nothing more than to have Kasumi by his side.

"I feel so hurt right now." A female voice whispered in Grant's ear as he recognized the voice of one Jade Nguyen. "I thought you said I could be your bond girl." As Jade's position was right behind him. Pressing her chest against his back. Oh how Grant missed these missions.

"The more the merrier." Grant said hoping that the answer didn't get him sent back to Metropolis by these two women.

"Well let's go make that movie." Both women said seductively, as they decided to go a step further and press themselves against Grant. This action caused the man in between what he would call a "Kunoichi Sandwich" to faint.

"Sorry about that Ryu but Jade told me about this prank and I wanted to do it. I do hope you're not mad." Kasumi apologized for her actions earlier.

"Of course he was mad." A male voice interjected getting everyone's attention. "Even I could see that." As approaching the group was two people. The male of the duo had blonde hair which was combed down. They were wearing a dark green suit with a black shirt as well. Their partner was a female who had red tribal markings on her face. Three on each side of her cheeks to be exact. Along with a red circle on her forehead which was covered by her short silver hair. Her attire was a form fitting red dress.

"Grifter as annoying as ever." Ryu remarked getting a grin from the blonde. "Nice to see you again Zealot." Earning a blush from the silver haired woman.

"The pleasure is all mines Ryu." Zealot replied as Grant was now back on his feet.

"Dude! Grifter man, what're you doing here?" Grant questioned before he and Grifter performed their "Secret Handshake" in front of the group.

"Grant, man it's good to see you. Too bad you got stuck with mister personality over there." Grifter answered while making his comment about Ryu who shook his head.

"We're here because HQ wants us to follow up on a lead about someone selling Gaia Memories Grant." Zealot explained as their motivations were the same.

Yeah we thought you guys took care of it before your team broke up." Grifter added getting a smack on the head from Zealot. "Anyway, who's the beauty in green?"

"Names Jade blondie but you you may know me as Cheshire. The world's greatest female assassin." Jade stated with pride in her voice getting a chuckle out of Zealot.

"You, please that title belongs to me." Zealot replied back as they both glared at one another. Sizing on another up just to prove there point.

"As much as I would love to see you two go at it. We have business that needs to be done." Grant reminded the duo who nodded.

"So I take it Grifter and Zealot were these friends you spoke of." Kasumi inquired getting a nod from Ryu.

"Indeed, were using their boat to travel to the destination." Ryu informing the team of their game plan.

"Not that I don't mind Jade being here but what are you doing here?" Grant asked as Jade reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a note.

"Ra al Ghul believes that he didn't get his money's worth out of the wolf pack. Turns out what caused them to mutate were the Gaia Memories they were using." Jade answered getting a nod from those near her.

"Well we have a party to go to and I hate being late." Grifter said as he started to walk towards their boat. "Let's get this party on the road, well this case sea."

Metropolis 10:30am, EST

Mayor Johnson's Campaign Headquarters

Naruto, on his motorcycle with the rest of the team in the truck pulled up to the Campaign Headquarters. It was a bit nostalgic for Naruto, Donna, and Kaldur since doing community work for Mayor Johnson was one of the team's earlier missions. I guess you can say in this world "D-Rank" missions weren't too bad in Naruto's mind. Getting off or out of there motorized vehicles the team went into the Campaign Headquarters and noticed that nothing really changed. Well for Conner it was a new experience. He never heard of a Campaign Headquarters.

"Welcome to Johnson HQ, how may we help you today?" A helper asked the group of four who had just walked in.

"I'm looking for the Hispanic in charge; you may know him as Jose." Naruto answered as he had to smirk at the reaction he got off the female helper.

"Now look here, Johnson is a good man and-." The female helper ranted before a Hispanic voice interrupted the conversation.

"And I'm looking for the ramen addict in well-dressed clothing." As a Hispanic male came into the area. He was wearing a pair of blue slacks, black dress shoes, and a white dress shirt that had blue vertical lines going down it. Their hair was neatly trimmed. This was Mayor Jose Johnson who was running for re-election.

"He told us he stopped eating ramen." Donna said getting Jose's attention.

"Well look who it is, my Donna you have grown into a beautiful flower senorita." Jose stated while giving the young woman a hug before he turned his attention to Kaldur. "And Kaldur, mi amigo, you've grown and then some."

"It's great to see you to Mr. Johnson." Kaldur replied in a respectful tone getting a laugh from Jose.

"I told you, you can call me Jose. We're friends after all." Jose said getting a nod from Kaldur.

"Anyway, we need to talk to you Jose." Naruto's tone going into a more serious one. "In private would be best my friend."

"Very well, Linda hold my calls for me please." Jose ordered getting a nod from the female helper who a few minutes ago was going to yell at Naruto. "You all can follow me."

Private Room

"Alright my friends, what's going on?" Jose questioned the group of four.

"Well rumor has it that you may have an assassin coming for you during your event today." Naruto answered getting a nod from Jose.

"I've known about it and so has my family. I beefed up the security at the event just in case." Jose informed them.

"I guess being a mayor gives you some benefits huh." Conner remarked getting a laugh for Jose.

"Who's the wise guy. I like him a lot." Jose said earning a grin for Conner.

"His name is Conner, no last name, he just started working for us a while ago." Kaldur informed Jose who nodded at the information.

"Very well then, we have an event to go to. So let's meet the press my top flight security." Jose stated before leaving the room.

"Top flight security?" The four X-Force members said in unison before getting out the room and heading to their vehicles.

Mayor Johnson's Campaign Rally

11:25am, EST

Currently the press along with multiple spectators, people of the community, and supporters of Mayor Johnson were at the Campaign Rally. Right now Naruto had a few shadow clones disguised as a few civilians roaming around the area. As the X-Force team were grouped together in the back.

"I have a few clones scattered in the area. I have one on stage with Jose. If they do plan on attacking him, I'll substitute with the clone and take the hit. I mean this bullet proof vest is about to get it's money's worth." Naruto informed his teammates getting a confused look for Conner.

Why use a bullet proof vest?" Conner questioned not seeing the logic in it. "I've seen your healing factor at work. You can take a pounding."

"I know that Conner, it's called hiding your abilities. Something I need to start teaching you sooner or later." Naruto started off as he saw Lois and a male walking beside her. The male was wearing a pair of glasses and had black hair that was styled in a way that the front half seemed to be defining gravity. They wore a dark blue suit, a white dress shirt, a red tie, and a pair of black dress shoes. Approaching the group was none other than Clark Kent. A man who X-Force knew in more ways than one.

"Naruto, Donna, and Kaldur. It feels like it's been ages since I've seen you." Clark greeted getting a smile from the trio.

"It hasn't been too long now Clark." Naruto replied as he recalled a few months ago where he, Cassandra, and Superman had teamed up against a robot that Lex Corp had produced. The person in charge of the company stated that "it had a malfunction."

"Indeed, who's the new guy? I haven't seen him around before." Clark said turning his attention to Conner as Clark let out a mental gasp.

"My names Conner and it's an honor to meet you S…super cool guy who writes articles for The Daily Planet." Conner said as he was about to call him Superman in public.

"Same here." Clark said in an unsure tone. "Can I speak with you Naruto, Donna, and Kaldur please?"

"Will be back Conner and Lois." Donna said as the trio followed Clark to a less populated area.

"So when were you going to tell me?" Clark questioned being upfront about the situation at hand.

"About Conner or the team?" Naruto answered wanting the hero with the S on his chest to be a bit more specific.

"Conner, I already knew about you the team getting back together thanks to Bruce." Clark replied back getting a look of shock from the trio.

"He's always keeping tabs on us isn't he?" Donna commented remembering some of the times they had a run in with the Dark Knight along with Diana's personal stories about him.

"It's his way of caring, he only does it for those he truly cares about and that list is pretty short." Clark said defending one of his closest friends.

"Back to Conner, I wanted him to live a bit. He's been in a test tube for most of his life. Well his short life since he was "born" a few weeks ago." Naruto informed the Kryptonian who nodded at the information.

"We understand that you're a bit unnerved by Conner but he looks up to you. Well both your identities, you spending time with him would be his highest honor and privilege." Kaldur explained as Clark had a confused look as to what he should do. I mean part of him was creeped out by having a clone of himself walking around but at the same time he felt obligated to be in this boy's life.

"I'll give it a shot." Clark said making up his mind on what to do. "Anything else you three wish to tell me?"

"Well Supergirl wants to join the team but you know that's about it." Naruto answered in a fast tone as he words came out uncomprehend able.

"She wants to do what now!" Clark shouted as Naruto's eyes widen at the fact that Clark had heard him.

"Yes Lois, I will be right there." Naruto said before running away from the man of steel.

"She didn't call you." Clark said as he along with the other two X-Force members watched Naruto run away. "I have super hearing." Clark muttered to the other two around him.

"We should get going. It was nice talking to you Clark." Kaldur said before taking off into the crowd.

"Tell Diana that I've moved back to Metropolis. I haven't talked to her in three years or so. I would like to catch up with her if time permits. Have a great day Clark." Donna said before going back into the crowded area as well.

I have a strange feeling something is about to happen. Clark said to himself before looking around the area with his X-Ray vision making sure no one was hiding before turning his attention to where Conner was. I wonder if Kara would like to get to know him. Thinking of what the opinion of his cousin would be about Conner. Right before he could get back to doing his job Clark heard a familiar whistle traveling through the air. It was none other than a bullet that was sailing through, looking up towards a rooftop he saw the person who was responsible. Looking around Clark quickly sprang into action as he went to apprehend the assassin.

With Naruto

After running away from one Clark Kent he switched with the clone that was on stage. Currently Jose was giving a speech as to the positives he has done while being the mayor of Metropolis. Naruto had to admit that Jose had his vote all things considered since his opponent was Lex Luthor. Naruto had to conclude that wouldn't stand a chance but then again they were some people that did like the criminal. Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he saw Clark dash off. Realization hit Naruto as fast as a speeding bullet. He quickly moved Jose out of the way just in time as a bullet found its way to the floor where Jose had once been standing.

"That was a close one." Naruto muttered thanking whoever up there allowed him to have such great reflexes.

"Thank you for the save Naruto, I honestly appreciate it." Jose said as the press started to take pictures of the scene at hand.

"No problem." Naruto replied coolly while noticing that the rest of the X-Force members were gone. Wondering where they were he heard a loud boom which meant something good or something bad had happened. He was hoping for the former rather than the later.

With Superboy

Currently the boy of steel as he liked to call himself in front of his mirror was pursuing the current enemy. Right now he was teaming up with his idol, the man who he received his genes from and it felt awkward. Himself and Superman had two different ways about doing things. Superman seemed to be able to do everything so flawlessly. Then again Superman has had years to perfect his abilities while he only had a few weeks.

Man, he really is Superman. Conner commented to himself while seeing him capturing the would be assassin. This in Conner's mind seemed to be a bit too easy. Looking at the assassin, they seemed like a normal person, black pants, black shoes, a black shirt and vest. They also had short black hair as well. Nothing really out the ordinary to be honest.

"Now, would you mind telling me who you work for?" Superman asked in a monotone before getting a laugh out of the assassin.

"You can't even recognize me can you blue boy." The person retorted back as the two people with super in their name heard something slide open. Conner saw that the man's chest was glowing green and Superman dropped the assassin.

"Metallo." Was all Superman was able to mutter out as the assassin ripped off the skin that was on his face to reveal the metallic skeleton underneath it.

"Too easy." One of Superman's many enemies commented as they pulled out what appeared to be a USB stick. That got Superboy's attention from his hidden position on the rooftops. "You just sit tight, I have a job to finish but don't worry, I'll be sure to finish you off next."

"Like I'm going to allow you to do that." Conner stated making himself known getting a laugh from the metallic man.

"And who are you supposed to be?" Metallo questioned never seeing or knowing that Superman had a sidekick. In all the years of fighting him you would think he would know if his nemesis had an assistant. "His sidekick or something?" As he started to advance towards Conner who kept his grounds. Metallo was a bit shocked by this revelation that the Kryptonite wasn't working. Was this guy his sidekick and not have superpowers because if so then this tactic was useless.

"I'll show you sidekick." Conner roared out before punching Metallo forward sending him flying into the nearby building causing a loud boom to happen.

"Thank You." Was all Superman could say as he felt his energy starting to return to him.

"Nice job Conner." A female voice stated as Donna in her costumed attire was now hovering above him. "Me and Kaldur can take of this one. You and Clark get back to the press conference."

"Metallo's mine." Superman said getting up on his feet.

"I know but just this once let me have a turn at him." Donna replied back as Superman was reminded of a time where Wonder Woman had said something similar to him about Toyman. Remembering the outcome of that fight he almost felt sorry for Metallo.

"Very well, come on Conner let's head back." Superman said as he heard the sound of gears coming towards the rooftop.

"Prepare to die Superlad!" Metallo shouted while sending his right fist down towards his target only to be hit by a woman wielding a hammer which almost sent him flying if it weren't for some sort of water whips grabbing him midflight and sending him down towards the street area.

"I believe you should be the one surrendering." Kaldur stated while using the water he made into a whip to remove the Kryptonite from him.

"Foolish you forget that I have more abilities than using that piece of rock." Metallo said only for him to be hit by a powerful bolt of lightning thus knocking him out for the current period of time.

"That was most disappointing." Donna commented not having her fill of the battle.

"You do know we're supposed to do these sorts of things as quick as possible right? You know not being discovered." Kaldur replied reminding her of one of the many rules this team had.

"I know, I know." Donna whined back shocking Kaldur a bit that she actually whined. "It's just that I expected more from him."

"We can train later, you know just you and me." Kaldur replied back before realizing what he had just said.

"Sounds like a date then. Let's us head back to our friends." Donna said as she too realized what she had just said.

Unknown Island


"If something doesn't happen in the next five minutes. I swear I'm going to rage quit on this mission." Grant complained as they were able to arrive at the party which was really some undercover thing for crime lords to meet and talk about how great they were to one another. If Grant had to hear one more time about how they were about to pull the greatest (insert pointless thing) ever and a superhero got in there way. He knew for a fact he was going to lose it.

"Keep calm and drink some water." Grifter replied as that was his method of coping with boredom. As a middle aged Chinese man came into the room being flanked by four people. The group of heroes had to guess they were his security detail. Taking in the appearance of the man, he wore a grey jumpsuit along with red goggles that covered his eyes.

"Good evening everyone." The middle aged Chinese man stated gaining everyone's attention. "My name is Professor Chang and in my hand, I hold the future." As the man raised what appeared to be a USB Stick. That gained the group of heroes attention especially Red-X who was remembering the time he stopped said villain with Robin but that was a while ago. In his "rookie" years as he liked to call them.

"Oh come on Chang, you said the same thing about Xenothium and look how that turned out." A crime lord commented gaining a laugh from his peers.

"Fools, allow me to show you the power this has." Chang said before pressing a button on the USB Stick.

"Cyborg" the USB stick said before Chang's form started to change. He now appeared to be in some sort of red and black armor. On some parts of him you could see some of the wiring which was hidden by the red glow that hid them.

"Now watch this." Chang stated before his right arm shifted to some sort of cannon as he pointed to the roof before sending a red blast of energy that caused a hole in it.

"Well I'll be Chang finally created something useful." One of the Crime Lords said to her buddies who nodded in agreement.

"Of course I did, who else possesses the mind to craft such a device?" Chang boasted before another middle aged Asian male came into the room. Their attire was a pair of dark green pants, a pair of black boots, a black shirt and vest. As on their hands were a pair of gloves. They had spikey brown hair and brown eyes as well.

"Chang." The person shouted gaining the rooms attention. "You have something my boss wants back. So hand over the Cyborg memory and no one gets hurt."

"You're boss, what foolishness do you speak of Taka?" Chang answered back getting a smirk from the man known as Taka.

"You know, the one you brought that memory from. We make the profits off our own sales, you don't just resell those without our permission." Taka explained as Chang scoffed at that idea.

"Do not believe this naysayer. I'll show you that this is my creation." Chang stated before handing his security guards a few USB Sticks. "Use them my man and we shall show him what happens to those that oppose the Chang Empire." As the four security guards used the USB Sticks, each of them being "Cyborg" which caused their attires to be similar to Chang except they were white and blue.

"You leave me no choice then." Taka said as he snapped his fingers as a group of forty people came into the room scaring most of the Crime Lords away. "My blade." Taka called out as one of the men walked towards him with a katana and sheath in hand.

"Please what is that wimpy thing going to do against me?" Chang taunted not fearing the puny blade.

"For all the Crime Lords that is still present. Let me show you what my boss has created." Taka stated before pressing a button on the hilt of the blade.

"Shogun." The blade called out gaining the heroes attention. That wasn't a USB Stick at all.

"Change." Taka ordered as he sheathed the blade as a guest of wind surrounded him as his attire changed. He was now wearing armor similar to a Shogun. The golden and black painted armor was very sleek and the mask he wore held no expression like most would usually do.

"I think this would be a good time to put on some more appropriate attires." Jade commented getting a nod from her fellow associates as the group left the room quickly. The two rival groups were focused on one another they didn't care about more people leaving.

"Attack my men." Chang ordered as the four guards went into action as Taka ordered his men to use their memories as well to combat the current threat. As the word "Ninja" was heard multiple times throughout the room.

"Ninjas, no one said anything about there being ninjas." Red-X said earning a growl from Chang as he remembered the humiliating defeat at the thief's hand.

"Focus Red-X." Ryu reminded as he pulled out his Dragon Blade and decided to fight Taka who seemed to have no qualms with it.

"You will not ruin my plans again." Chang shouted before sending multiple orbs of red energy towards Red-X who dodged them.

"Man what did you do to this guy?" Grifter asked before he threw a few shock grenades at some of the ninjas who were shocked to death.

"When you're defeated by yours truly." Red-X boasted while throwing multiple explosive x's at Changs armor. "You can't live it down." As the explosive went off causing parts of Changs armor to peel off before it reformed.

"I can only imagine." Jade said as she was slicing a few of the cannon fodder down.

"Well imagine you being defeated by me. Like right now, that's six." Zealot replied as she too was taking down the competition with her single blade that had red tap wrapped around the hilt of it.

"Oh yeah." Jade replied back before throwing her sais at an enemy and going hand to hand with a person who was approaching her from her right. As Jade quickly hit the man in the throat with enough force to shatter their wind pipe before running towards the enemy with the sais impaled in them. "That makes eight."

"Honestly I wish you two would grow up." Kasumi said before running through multiple hand signs and stopping on the horse seal in particular. As the five people running towards her stopped and started attacking one another. The power of Genjutsu was all Kasumi could think to herself.

"Right after I get this one." Both Zealot and Jade said in unison as the poor male found himself sliced and diced by two female assassins.

"That makes eleven." Both Zealot and Jade said to one another as their competition was at an end. They were no more cannon fodder to fight.

"Look I'm really happy for you two but a little assistance would be great." Red-X stated as he and Grifter was dealing with a Cyborg whose armor kept repairing itself.

"Tie breaker." The two woman in competition called out before they took to attacking Chang.

"Hey X." Grifter called out gaining his attention. "You have some ice on you?" As that got a smirk out of Grant.

"That shouldn't be a question." Red-X replied before pulling out a few blue orb from his utility belt.

"Let's go for it before Chang becomes minced meat." Grifter said as the two female assassins were keeping the pressure up on Chang.

"Watch it ladies, I'm about to make it snow." Red-X informed them before disappearing from their sight. Seeing a plan in action the two backed off as Chang felt something attaching to his armor.

"What is with this inferior technology?" He questioned as he was trying to run an analysis as to why his readings were saying parts of his armor were freeze.

"Merry Christmas." Was all Grifter said before shooting the blue orbs as the effects were instant. The bullets were able to piece through the armor which caused the ice pellets to freeze multiple points of the armor. This was there solution to stop the armor from regenerating.

With Ryu

He had to admit that he was going easy on his opponent. Just using swordsmanship without pulling any ninja tricks on him. Right now he was questioning his opponent on who he worked for.

"Who do you work for?" Ryu questioned once again getting a laugh from his opponent.

"I have no reason to tell you. Whoever you maybe, I will not allow you to stop me." Taka answered back before jumping back and then launching himself at Ryu at a fast speed. Ryu was able to dodge the attack easily.

"If you plan on using tricks, then let me use some of my own then." Ryu said before settling in a particular stance before dashing towards Taka who held his guard. Under his mask Ryu had to smirk because his opponent was about to feel so pain. From Taka's point of view Ryu had vanished and reappeared behind him. Before he could move he felt saw that his armor had a single cut. Ryu had then once again disappeared from his view as he now had multiple cuts across his armor as his opponent reappeared before him.

Violent Gale Ryu said while remembering how long it took him to master that technique.

"Looks like Chang is on ice. Oh well my job is done thanks to those people over there. My boss needs me so I'll be seeing you some other time ninja." Taka said as before Ryu could strike once again Taka was teleported from the area.

"Well that sucks, he got away." Red-X commented getting a glare from the three females that were battling with him.

"At the very least we know he's not the one pulling the strings." Kasumi said seeing the brighter side of things.

"Indeed, this is a lot to think about." Zealot added on thinking of how she was going to make this report when giving her briefing.

"Let's get off this island first. From the message my boss just sent me. It seems as though we will have company soon." Jade stated as the crew left the island and headed back to the mainland.

China Docks


"Well this is where we depart ways my friends." Grifter said as he was going to miss his new comrades in the form of Kasumi and Jade.

"Indeed and thanks again Grifter." Ryu replied getting a chuckle from the man.

"Anytime and remember that the Wild C.A.T.S will always have The Outsiders…well whatever you guys are calling yourselves back. You're not the only secret hero group in this world after all." Grifter said getting a nod from Ryu.

"You know this isn't over." Jade said to her now rival Zealot who nodded.

"Oh it's just beginning, get stronger Cheshire…no Jade. I look forward to having our first fight the next time we meet." Zealot replied getting a smile from Jade.

"Same here." Jade said as Grifter and Zealot left the group of four and boarded their boat and went back to their base in China.

"Let's head home guys, I've have to apologize to my bed tonight or is it morning." Grant stated as he was unsure of what time it was.

Spiraling Detective Agency

2:00pm. EST

Naruto was currently sitting at his desk going over a few notes. Mostly the information Ryu had sent him a few minutes ago in regards as to someone who was dumb enough to start the Gaia Memory Trade once again. Also taking in the information that Metallo was using a memory was well. It just wasn't adding up, villains never used Gaia Memories so why now?

At least Superboy was able to recover it. Naruto said while holding up the Sniper memory that he was going to hand to Blackfire and Shinku to study. He was about to get up from his desk and go check on the group of women only for the electricity to shut off and come back on. This process started to occur for the next three minutes before Naruto decided to see what was going on. Deciding to check the circuit breaker first which was located in the "basement" he opened the door and saw an interesting scene. Raven shaking her head in a horizontal direction while Blackfire was laughing up a storm. Looking for Shinku he saw that she had one of the books he had written. The series of books he wrote were perverted to say the least and then Mary's face which had a look of utter shock.

"What the heck's going on down here? And why does the power keep going off and on?" Naruto questioned getting a sigh from Raven.

"Someone thought it was appropriate to give Mary "The Talk." Was all Raven could said as Naruto was able to put together scene together except for the electricity going off and on.

"Let's just say Mary found it to be shocking." Blackfire said before she continued laughing only to get a zap by Mary.

"Let's call this training session an end. Come on Mary, let's go get something to eat. It's been a long day and it isn't even three o clock." Naruto said getting a nod from Mary who was happy to leave the building. Mary was unsure as to how she would get used to living with this team but she was intent on surviving the experience.

End Chapter


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