Percy x Apollo

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Today was the day Perseas Jackson saved the world. Everyone congratulated her and awarded her. It was now Apollo's turn.

Once he was done lighting up the world for a moment or two so as to not freak out the mortals who worried they would not be able to see the sun again. He laughed because of how dependant they were. The sun woke them up and kept them through the day. The world needed the sun, so technically they needed Apollo-even if they didn't know it.

Of course now it was dark as he watched his sister glow in the sky. He didn't want to go through the hassle of going to camp half-blood, everyone bowing before him, asking him what he was doing here, etc. Apollo was just going to show up at the back of her cabin and tell her what an amazing job she did and joke about her rejecting immortality.

Apollo beamed himself to the back of Percy Jackson's cabin. He knocked 3 times but there was no answer. So he let himself in. Apollo quietly opened the door.

"Hello, Percy are you there?" he asked into darkness, "I just came to congratulate you."

He heard a sniffle coming from the middle of the room. He adjusted his eyesight to the dark; he is a god so he could do that. What he saw astonished him.

Percy was sitting cross-legged on her pillow, biting her nail, and sniffing as tears slid down her cheeks. What's wrong? He wondered. Was she hurt? No. Physically she looked fine, beautiful as the sea itself but he could tell she was depressed. Guess the war really got to her then.

"Percy, are you alright," he asks tentatively. He never really knew how to handle a crying person. Apollo was just always…..Sunny.

She hangs her head and her body shakes in sobs that were muffled by her biting her finger. Apollo suddenly has the urge to hold her, comfort her, and kiss her?

Apollo quickly moves to her bed and sits down in front of her.

"Percy, its okay, the wars over, everything's okay." She must be hurting about the lives lost in the fight.

He hesitantly cups her left cheek with his right hand and wipes her tears away with her thumb. Her crying slows down. Her big green eyes look up at him and he is stunned by the effect it has on him. Apollo moves his head closer. He doesn't know what he is doing but he kisses her. She is hesitant at first but soon she falls in. He can't think, he can't speak, the kiss isn't like the ones he has had before. The others kissed him with lust and vice versa, but this kiss was filled with care and comfort. He wants more of it. He wants not only to be kissed like that but held, talked to and really, he just wants to be cared for.

The sun god pushes the dark haired girl in front of him down and lays her on the bed. Apollo realizes she is only wearing a pair of shorts and an orange t-shirt. But he realizes he has to be gentle with her, not rough. So he presses her body against his and kisses her, touching her and caressing her.

Percy wounds her fingers into his silky blonde hair. The break the kiss and sea-green meets bright blue. An understanding is passed without verbal communication. The blonde tugs at the hem of her shirt and before she knows it, it's lifted above her head and strewn across the floor. Apollo looks down to see a red bra, which only heightens his arousal. He quickly disposes of her shorts. Once his shirt is removed, they go back to kissing. Apollo could sense Percy shivering. This must be her first time.

He reaches around back and unclasps her bra. Percy gasps as she feels her underwear get wet, not her underwear, her. She just wants to touch him but is scared. Apollo very slowly removes her underwear. His hand grips her hair and yanks her head closer, now tongues clashed. Percy grips Apollo's bare, muscular shoulders and arches her back bringing her bare chest to his.

Apollo, feeling her hard nipples, breaks their kiss and gets on his knees to take a good look at her. Her eyes were staring at him questionably. Her onyx, wavy hair was sprawled on the sheets. Her pupils were dilated, her lips slightly agape. But her body catches his attention. She has slim shoulders. She has muscles but is incredibly soft. Her round breasts above a chest heaving up and down. A flat stomach that descended into a V at the bottom, his target.

Percy watches as Apollo's hand reaches out to her thigh. He massages upward till he was right near her core. She breathes in as she feels his finger enter her. He had hit her g-spot. "Oh, God," she whispers.

Apollo can't help but smirk. He starts pumping his fingers in and out of her, her hands gripping the sheets each and every time. The blonde adds another finger and Percy bites the pillow next to her head. Once he knows she is ready he removes his digits.

Percy gulps. Apollo gets rid of his shorts and boxers. He looks into Percy's eyes and spreads her legs out for him and places the head of his sex against hers. She whimpers.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you," he breathes. He's rock hard and needs to be inside of her, now. Apollo starts entering her slowly.

Percy bites her lips to not cry out from the pain. Once he is inside her completely, he stays there so she can get used to his size. Percy nods her head at Apollo, signaling for him to continue.

The God boxes her head so he can look into her eyes and he starts pumping into her. Slowly at first but once Percy lets out a soft 'faster' he does so. Percy moans and Apollo knows that's the spot he should hit every time.

Being a god, especially a womanizing god, he knows how to please a woman. The thing is though, he wants not only to please her but make her feel good.

He starts going in harder and the bed slams into the wall. Percy grips his arms and is on climax, so is he.

"Apollo!" she screams and she wraps her arms around his head, hugging him as she comes on his cock. Apollo keeps going, happy with himself. With one last thrust he squirts inside of her, both moan at the incredible feeling.

Percy lies back down and looks at Apollo on top of her, still inside her. He pulls himself out, brings the cover up and lays his head on her chest. Her fingers tangle their self in his soft hair.

Soon enough her heart rate goes down and her body relaxes as she falls asleep.

Apollo doses of at the sound of her half-human heart.

They'll talk to each other about this tomorrow, he thinks.

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