Chapter 23

The doorbell rang. That's odd she thought. No one comes up here to the cabin. She peeked out the window to see Jackson standing on the other side. She rolled her eyes. Hesitantly opening the door she asked, "What are you doing here Jack?"

"I could ask you the same thing." He said, stepping inside.

"Haha, very funny." She fake laughed.

"I heard you married Hayward again." He said.

"News really does travel fast in this town doesn't it. Jack if you're here to lecture me, just leave now." She said as she turned to walk away.

"I'm not here to lecture you. I just don't understand why? I mean Greenlee is having his child. What kind of husband does something like that?" He said pointedly.

"I knew you couldn't help yourself Jack. I suppose you're going to tell me you're right for me? That you aren't that kind of guy. You're better for me?" She questioned, although she knew the answer. He'd been telling her David was bad since day one.

"I'm not saying I'm better for you, no. I, I still love Erica. While I do like you, very much, I don't think that we should engage in any kind of relationship. It's just as a friend, I hate to see you end up hurt because of Hayward, again." He told her honestly. He didn't regret what they did a few months ago, but he knew she wasn't right for him, only Erica was.

"Jack, I know you mean well, but have you even stopped to see what David and I have been through? I know you don't think very much of David, but he has changed. He went down a dark path after Leora died and I didn't know if I would ever see the man I fell in love with again. But after he found out about the baby, it's like I got him back again. A David with no hope is a very dark David. I think, I think he might have learned his lesson, you know. He had to fall and lose it all to understand how he hurt others."

He didn't really know what to say. She had a really good reason for taking him back. Maybe Hayward had changed. After all, he couldn't imagine how he would have felt if he lost Lily or Reggie. That would change anyone. "Maybe he has. I hope he has. For everyone involved." He was serious. He really hoped this was true. This man was involved with more than just his friend. He was the father of his grandchild, and therefore in his daughters' life too. "I hope this works out for you Anna." He said heading for the door.

"Thank you Jack. I know you mean well. I hope maybe you and Erica can work things out. Maybe you and Greenlee too?" She said closing the door behind him.

It wasn't but a few minutes later that she heard David coming in the front door. "Hey babe. Was that Jack I saw heading back down the mountain." He said cheerily, his head stuck in the test results as he walked to his desk.

"Yes, he stopped by to congratulate us on the nuptials." She bemused.

"Well that was nice of him." He said, not giving a damn why Jack had been there.

"Okay, what have you done with my husband?" She asked, his attitude making her uneasy.

"Nothing." He laughed. "It's me. Same old David."

"What did you and Greenlee talk about? Something must have happened for you to be all, happy." Not sure if that was what this was. Was he happy? He didn't answer her. He was still focused on the paperwork. "David can you please tell me what's going on." She was all but annoyed now and gently grabbed the papers from his hand. "David."

"I'm sorry Anna. Yeah, yeah we got some good news." He suddenly got more serious. He knew this should be handled with a bit more care. "The results came in over the weekend. The baby doesn't have the same condition as Leora. All the results came back negative and its seemingly a very healthy pregnancy." He smiled lightly

"That's great news David. I'm so glad." She pushed out. Her heart hurt a little bit at that. They had once believed the same about Leora.

"And there is something else." His smile grew a little wider.

"What is it?" She asked, waiting intently to hear his other news.

"It's a boy, Anna. Little Leo." He took her hand and squeezed it lightly.

"That's awesome David." She was tearing up. She was so happy for him. She really was. It was just, she wished that this was their child he was so happy about.

He walked around the desk and pulled her to him. He loved sharing this with her. It felt exactly the same as with Leora and how happy they were. He too had wished that this was their child. "Greenlee thought it would be nice to name him after Leo. Someone we both loved."

"I like it. I'm so glad everything is going well." She said as she hugged him

He hugged her tight. "Yes, we deserve it."