A/N: Just a cute little Kitten-Charlie-friendship-oneshot. Set after the movie.

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"Charlie-darling! What are you doing?" Patricia asked the shorter woman. She'd just gotten home from her job at the peep-show.

"What does it look like? I'm makin' a cake!" Charlie answered enthusiastically.

"Why?" Patricia asked curiously.

Charlie shrugged. "I don't know. I just thought Irwin Jr. would like it."

Kitten didn't say anything. She knew the real reason. Charlie missed taking care of someone. She'd always taken care of herself, while Irwin had had Charlie. And she'd had Irwin.

Charlie went silent to, continuing to take out ingredients, before she turned her back to her, and Kitten heard a quiet sob.

"Oh, Charlie don't cry!" She said, quickly walking around the island and hugging her best friend.

"I just miss him, Paddy." She mumbled into Kitten's shoulder.

"I know, Charlie. I miss him too." They stood like that for a while, and then Charlie pulled back. Her mood switched and she got an idea… Slowly, she dipped her hand in the bag of flour… and then she threw the whole hand-full in Kitten's face.

Kitten stared at her in disbelief, her face covered in the white powder, before she grinned and threw some back.

Giggling, Charlie grabbed an egg and threw it. Kitten gasped at the goo on her dress for a moment, before she retaliated by grabbing the package of milk and pouring it over Charlie's head.

Charlie screamed and turned on the faucet, grabbed a glass and filled it, before she flung the contents at Kitten.

After a while, they were both covered in cake-ingredients, giggling like five-year-olds. Just as Kitten was contemplating whether or not it was safe to throw an egg in Charlie's forehead, Charlie reached out and hugged her tight.

"Thanks for cheering me up, Paddy."

"You're welcome darling. But you're cleaning!" She jumped away from Charlie and rushed to the bedroom, laughing loudly in her "Patrick-voice".


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