A/N: So, not my best story ever, but I just had to get it done.

Of Fifth-Year Ravenclaws

"Annie, you have to wake up!" a lilting – and teasing – voice called from far away. The young girl fluttered her eyes open, her mouth in a yawn as she stretched her arms over her head. She then sat up, her mouth set in a frown as she scowled at her best friends, Tatiana Leigh and Padma Patil.

"Tati, I told you not to call me 'Annie'," Anastasia Moore reminded Tatiana in a sickly-sweet voice. Tatiana looked at her strawberry-blonde friend suspiciously, before Anastasia threw a pillow at her, but missed and instead hit Padma. A pillow war soon ensued between the three, but was stopped just moments later when another friend of theirs entered the dormitory.

"Annie, Tati, Paddie, brekkers in thirty!" Elizabeth Wallis shouted as she came running in. Anastasia, Tatiana and Padma giggled at their other mate's obsession with food. It was a source of confusion for the whole dorm, due to the fact that Elizabeth ate as much as the Weasley boys (who were notorious for shoving food down their gullets at a rapid pace), and she never gained a pound. Eventually, they just chalked it up to an insane metabolism.

"Lizzie, give us a few minutes, will you?" Anastasia pleaded with her friend. She still had to take a shower, apply her make-up, and get dressed. A few minutes wouldn't be nearly enough, but Elizabeth didn't need to know that.

"Fine," Elizabeth sighed, pouting, "But can I do your Bonney? That fourth-year Loony Lovegood is downstairs, and she's always confusing me!"

Anastasia turned to Padma, and Padma to Anastasia (and no one to Tatiana, who was digging around in the trunk at the end of Anastasia's bed), as they tried to puzzle out what Elizabeth had just said. "Elizabeth? What the bloody hell is a 'Bonney'?" Anastasia asked.

"It's Cockney for 'hair', m'dears," Elizabeth informed them. Elizabeth had spent the summer in the East End with her seventh-year cousins Aislinn and Aden Westre. She had come back for her sixth-year with a Cockney obsession, and now tended to throw random Cockney words into her sentences.

Anastasia rolled her sea-blue eyes as she grabbed her towel and undergarments. "So, I'm just going to leave you two to your insanity. Padma, will you help Tati pick out my outfit? Lizzie, yes, you can do my hair when I get back. Today's the day I go on a date with Dean!" It was a Hogsmeade weekend, and Anastasia's first date with the fifth-year Gryffindor Dean Thomas. He'd asked her out earlier in the week, and her three friends had promised to help her get ready.

"Don't call me Tati!" "Don't call me Lizzie!" "Sure, Nastia!" were the three replies that followed. Anastasia smiled as she disrobed and stepped into the shower. Her friends were a big bundle of crazy, but she loved them all the same.