What if?

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Stiles helped the quite larger man named Derek through the doors of the vet and got him to sit. "Oh my god, where the hell is Scott with that damn bullet!" Stiles felt like ripping the hair straight out of his scalp this very instant, maybe taking so much adderall wasn't such a good idea. Scott hadn't returned with the bullet yet and Derek was looking worse for wear by the minute. His skin was a sickly shade of white that Stiles had never seen before. His eyes were dark, and he looked as if he'd aged 3 years in just a couple of hours. So why the hell did Stiles think of him he was still attractive! No! Now was not the time to be worrying about his hormonal issues or the fact that he hade just thought of Derek Hale as hot. "Oh my god your gonna die and I'm gonna have to hide your body. Then I'll be considered a criminal and my dad will have to disown me, I'll end up hobo…" As Stiles continued his idiotic rant and constant pacing around the room, Derek began to work on removing his shirt. He threw the black t to the ground and continued to be fascinated by Stiles antics. The teen could be quite cute at times. The grin Derek once wore hade now been replaced by a frown… Now was not the time to be cute.

"Stiles" No response. "Stiles!" Still nothing. "IDIOT SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE!" Stiles constant pacing came to a halt and he quickly glued his mouth shut. Derek inhaled deeply while whipping the sweat off his face. He hade decided that if the bullet didn't kill him, Stiles would be the one finish the job. "I'm not gonna die"


"There's another way" Derek got up from his seat and slowly made his way to the shelves on the side of the room where he found exactly what he was looking for. Derek flipped the switch and watched the hand held saw roar to life. The look on Stiles face would have been hilarious if Derek weren't completely and utterly serious about this. Derek took the saw off and placed it on the operating table separating himself from the teen, then resumed what he'd hade been trying to say. "You'll cut my arm off." Stiles looked horrified by the idea, but Derek couldn't care right now. Derek then began rapping a string just a little bellow his shoulder to aid in stopping the blood flow.

Stiles stared at the werewolf flabberghasted. If he had heard right, Derek wanted him to saw off his arm! No, No way in hell! There was no way he could do it!

"Oh my god! What if you bleed to death?" Derek replied with an animalistic glare.

"It will heal if it works." Stiles was just about ready to throw up the burrito he hade for dinner.

"Look, I don't know if I can do this…" Stiles really didn't want to be the one to cut of Derek Hale's arm. I mean all those sexy biceps and Triceps would go to waste! No he was not thinking about Derek Hale's arms!

"Why not!" Derek's voice sounded more agrivated then usual. Stiles could think of many reasons but right now wasn't the time to piss Derek off even more than he already hade. So he just pointed out 3 obvious answers.

"Well because of the cutting through the flesh and the sawing of the bone AND ESPECIALLY THE BLOOD!" Derek could hear the teens heart rate spike at the mention of blood. So he decided to tease the teen a little.

"What, you faint at the sight of blood?"

"No! But I might at the sight of a chopped off arm!"

"Okay. How bout' this. It's either you cut off my arm or I'm gonna cut off your head!" Derek showed Stiles his teeth at the mention of cutting off his head.

"You know I'm soo not buying your empty threats anymore-" That was it! Derek couldn't take it anymore, he reached out for Stiles shirt and dragged the upper half of his body over the table with his good arm to look him straight into his eyes. Derek realized Stiles heart beat suddenly jump at the closeness of the two. He would have laughed if his life weren't in jeopredy! The teen just meer inches away from Derek's face began sputtering out random things about how'd he do it. Derek would have laughed if not for the strong urge to spit out what had been slowly climbing up his throat all this time. It took all of his strength to lean over the edge of the operating table and let it ALL out.

"Holly, god what the hell was that?" At this point Stiles was tempted to throw up right on top of whatever it was that Derek hade just let out. It couldn't have been blood, no it was to black for that.

"Now! You gotta do it now!" Derek said in between pants. Stiles looked at Derek than at the saw. If this was the only way to keep Derek alive he'd suck it up and do it! Even if the older man continuously threatned him, he really wanted him to live! Stiles reached at and took the saw in his hands then placed a little bellow the string that was clinging to Derek's arm.

"Oh god here we go-"

"Stiles!" Stiles jumped at the sound of Scott's voice.

"What the hell are you doing?" Stiles looked down at his hands and removed the saw from Derek's arm. He took a deep breath in, forcing the bile in his throat back down. He wanted to cry so badly right now…

"Man, you just saved me from loads of nightmares!"

"Did you get it?" Derek asked quietly. He seemed so week leaning on the table for support. Stiles decided that he'd take an angry but strong and healthy Derek over a quiet sick and weak Derek any day. Scott began fumbling through his pockets then he finally revealed a gold cased bullet. Derek and Scott could probably hear the others heart skip a beat. Stiles didn't care about the emberassment he would face later, he was just happy that Derek would come out of this ordeal with his arm intact.

Derek took the bullet from Scott and brought it up to his face as if inspecting to see if Scott had brought the right bullet.

"What are you going to do with it?" Even in situations like these, Stiles could do very little to quench his curiousity.

"Im gonna…" Derek began then suddenly started to sway from left to right before the bullet slipped through his fingers and he went plummeting to the ground.

"Derek? Derek come on wake up!" Stiles began slapping the man in his face non stop, his heart jumping around like crazy. Derek was gonna die! He hadn't told him of his feelings yet, even though he wasn't so sure of them himself. "He's not waking up!" Stiles called out to Scott. "I think his dieing, I think he's dead!"

"Hold on!" Scott yelled back. Stiles knew his panicking wasn't helping Scott reach the bullet, but what else was he supposed to do? The man he thought he hated but now didn't was lieing unconscious right underneath him DIEING! Scott's screams of "I GOT IT I GOT IT!" Is what had snapped Stiles out of his daze…

"Please don't kill me for this…" Stiles brought his face right up to Derek's and did the unthinkable (or in his case the thinkable). Stiles Stalinski KISSED THE Derek Hale. It was a quick kiss just a sudden touch of their lips but it caused sparks to fly through out the room. Less then a second latter Derek's eyes opened.

"Give me." Scott clearly knowing what it was he wanted handed Derek the bullet for the second time. With Stiles and Scott's help Derek was able to stand over the table with bullet in hand. As Derek began his work on saving his own life, Stiles reminisded about the kiss. His hands unconsciously reached out to touch his lips. Derek's lips were soft and tasted like fresh peppermint. Stiles really wanted more but was sadly interrupted by Derek's pained cry's and the fact that he almost got trampled by the same man he hade been thinking about all day.

Derek found himself back on the ground as he thrashed around screaming in pure agony. Scott and Stiles was mesmerized at the site of the wound healing itself.

"That was awesome!" Stiles yelled with his signature grin plastered on his face.

"Are you okay?" A some what concerned Scott asked.

"Other than the agonizing pain…"

"I guess the ability to use sarcasm is a good sign." Stiles said. Derek gave him a glare in return. He knew what Stiles was trying to do. He was trying to use humour to cover up what he did to wake him up. Derek wasn't going to complain or anything. He would have continued kissing the boy if not for his life being in danger. Derek didn't understand why, but the entire time he was unconscious all he could think about was a goofy and cute Stiles. For the billionth time in his life Derek was completely and utterly confused.

Derek hade been pretty much ignoring Scott's annoying rant until he said he would tell the god damn Argents everything he knew.

"You think their gonna help you?" Scott was un-doubtely a complete and utter fool at times. They hade already shot him once! And if they hade the chance he knew they'd do it again.

"They sure as hell are a lot nicer than you!"

" If that's what you think, then let me show you something." Derek reached for his own shirt and jacket as he began to lead Scott through the corridor, Stiles not to far behind. He then suddenly stopped as Scott continued forward to preoccupied with his own thoughts to realize Derek's newest action. Derek moved closer to the now terrified Stiles. He wanted to laugh at how fast Stiles heart rate went up from him just being close to the teen.

Stiles froze in fear of what was going to happen next. Derek deffinately remembered the kiss and was for sure gonna kill him. Stiles could feel Derek breathing against his neck, slowly making his way up to his ears teasing the poor boy. Stiles could even smell the fresh peppermint just rolling out of his mouth. He wondered if he made out with Derek, if his breath would smell like peppermint afterwards? Stiles was yanked out of his fantasy by the sound of Derek's voice.

"We'll continue what you started latter…" Derek whispered into the teen's ears with a husky tone. Derek's "sex" voice had rendered Stiles completely immobile. He couldn't move, talk or even breath! Why was it that of all people it was DEREK HALE who was able to get such an embarrassing reaction out of him! It wasn't fair!

Derek turned his back on the stunned boy and began walking toward his car grinning at the reaction he got out of the boy. He didn't need to turn to know what was going through the teen's head. His heart rate was dancing like crazy and the sent of arousal was just rolling off of him like steam. Yes, they would continue this discussion on a latter date. Derek laughed as he got into his car ignoring Scott's questionable gazes.

It was the roaring start of the cars engine that snapped Stiles out of his euriphia. As the car drove by Stiles could easily see Derek wink at him seductively. Stiles couldn't believe what he was bout to say.

"That was so sexy…"

The End

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