Chapter One: Inheritance

Kurt had always known that Blaine Anderson was special. He had known it that moment on the stairs in Dalton, during Teenage Dream, during every moment of their relationship before and after the kiss in the Warbler's Hall. He wasn't like over boys Kurt knew, and in all the time he known the dapper and brilliant Blaine nobody had compared. What he didn't know was comparing Blaine Anderson was impossible.

Kurt Hummel walked down the corridor of McKinley High School, humming to himself cheerfully. It was the end of the day and as everybody else moved quickly towards the front doors and any other exit they could find to enjoy the rest of their Wednesday afternoon, Kurt was heading to the choir room. It was nearing the end of the term, the summer holidays in sight, and Principal Higgins had asked New Directions to prepare an end of year performance for the last assembly, so Mr. Schue had ordered a weeklong rehearsal schedule. It was exhausting.

Wandering into the choir room, the first thing he saw was Rachel talking non-stop into Mr. Schue's ear about what songs would be good for her voice, Mr. Schue was barely listening, looking over sheets of music on the piano. Quickly bypassing the two before one of them roped him in, Kurt hurried to take a seat beside Mercedes who was pouring over a magazine with Tina, Brittany and Santana, talking animatedly about a page.

' What are you looking at? He asked curiously, leaning over his best friend.

' There's this huge scandal in Cicero!' Tina gasped, barely looking up from the magazine.

' What's happened?'

' You remember how a few years the king named his son as his heir but the prince turned it down because he wanted to go into the army instead. Well now the king's second son has gone and married a "commoner" in Vegas! So the next heir is his third son, who is still in high school!' Mercedes exclaimed, enjoying the scandal. Kurt gaped, remembering the hype when the first prince announced that he wanted to join the army instead of becoming king of Cicero, the small kingdom located just between France and Italy. He and Mercedes had watched every news bulletin and read every article. You didn't get to see the royal family children a lot, despite the fact that there were six of them, only when they turned eighteen did they get thrown into the public eye and all the magazine. So far the two oldest princes, Prince Christian and Prince Sebastian, were, Kurt and Mercedes had agreed, gorgeous, and they waited, along with every other girl reading the magazines and watching T.V. to see if the other two Princes were as gorgeous.

' Have they not tracked him down yet? Surely the king would have shown him off by now?' Sam asked, sitting down behind Mercedes and peering over her shoulder.

' That's the huge thing!' Santana exclaimed. ' They're saying that this new heir is here in America!'

' What? Why?' Kurt asked.

' He's attending school here apparently' Mercedes shrugged.

They all looked over at a scoffing sound, Quinn was sat there, examining her nails. Santana frowned at her.

' What are you scoffing about Fabray?'

Quinn turned to them all, looking smug. ' I just think it's pathetic that you're so obsessed with this but it's not even in the same continent as us. It's like useless world information that's not going to change anything for any of us, it's only fuelling gossip because we have none of our own!'

Santana jerked, about to jump out of her seat when Brittany held her down. ' Listen Fabray…'

Whatever Santana was about to say was cut off by a loud and abrupt knock on the door. Whoever it was barely waited before throwing open the door, hurrying inside.

' Blaine?'

Blaine smiled at them all sheepishly, muttering an apology to Mr. Schue who had finally shut Rachel up and sent her to her seat, as he dashed passed, stopping just in front of Kurt, his hazel eyes widening at the sight of the magazine on Mercedes' lap.

' Blaine, what are you doing here? I thought you were meeting me at my house, I need to change before…'

' Kurt, I really need to talk to you' Blaine interrupted, grabbing Kurt's hand, holding it delicately, and giving it a small tug. ' It's important'

' I have glee…'

' I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, but you need to come now, there won't be another time to do this' Blaine insisted, tugging harder on his boyfriend's hand, pulling him from his seat, backing up towards the door. ' It'll make more sense once I've told you'

' Blaine, no, what's wrong? Are you okay?' Kurt asked, pulling his hand away and taking a step back towards his seat. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Finn was on his feet, along with most of the other boys, already on the defence. He had an urge to roll his eyes. Blaine would never hurt him.

' Everything's fine, I just need to talk to you' Blaine exclaimed, reaching for him again. There was a movement behind him, and Kurt frowned at the sight of Wes and David stood in the doorway, watching expectantly.

' Look, if this is some Warbler thing, it's not funny, you're scaring me' Wes shook his head.

' Kurt, this has nothing to do with the Warblers, but you do need to come with us' his former upperclassman said sounding stressed, his usually perfect hair was mussed up, as if he had dragged his hands through it.

' Kurt, love, please, I have to tell you this, before somebody else does' Blaine pleaded, reaching out and taking Kurt's hand again, this time not tugging, just holding gently, warmly. ' You can't find out from anyone and anything else, you need to hear it from me, then there's a chance you'll forgive me for lying'

' What? Blaine, I don't understand'

' Dude, he doesn't have to come with you if he doesn't want to' Finn spoke up, walking over. Blaine shook his head.

' I know, I know, and I'm not going to force him or kidnap him, but Kurt, you do need to hear this from me, and not here' Blaine said, his eyes not leaving Kurt's, boring into them with an anxious intensity that sent uncomfortable shivers down Kurt's spine. The slightly taller boy sighed, turning to pick up his bag.

' Fine, but this better be important' he told his boyfriend, frowning slightly as he turned to Mr. Schue. ' I'm sorry, I'll do extra practice tomorrow to make up for this, just practice Rachel's solo, I'll see you tomorrow' he promised, finally allowing Blaine to tug him towards the door. ' Finn, I'll be back by curfew'

Without allowing the glee club members or his teacher another word, though he could hear them calling after him, Kurt let himself be led quickly down the corridor by his boyfriend, flanked by Wes and David. They burst through the front doors and the first thing he saw was a large SUV parked haphazardly, the familiar boy figure of Jeff in the driver's seat. If this is another stupid Warbler outing, I am going to kill all of them Kurt vowed in his head, climbing into the middle row of seats with Blaine as Wes hopped into the front and David clambered into the back row with Nick and Thad. As soon as they were on the road, Kurt turned to Blaine who was staring at their joined hands, obviously avoiding eye contact.

' Okay, are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?' he demanded. He saw Blaine bite his lip, his leg shaking in an anxious reflex. ' Blaine!'

' Better tell him mate, he looks pissed' Nick said, leaning forward onto the backs of the couple's seats. ' I don't think he's willing to wait until we get back to Dalton'

' I certainly will not wait until we get back to Dalton!'

Blaine sighed, looking up finally and cringing away from his boyfriend's glare. Tightening his hold on Kurt's hand, he took a deep breath.

' You know how I told you that when I was older there was a small chance that I would inherit my father's business?' Kurt nodded. ' And do you remember how I said that that would only happen if both my older brother's didn't want to inherit it?' Kurt nodded again, wondering where he was going with this. ' Well, the thing is I lied, and I'm sorry, because it's not so much a business, as…well a country'

Kurt stared. What? ' What?'

' Kurt, I am the third son of the king of Cicero'

' Did he break?'

' Kurt? Kurt? Are you okay?'

' Told you he'd space out'

' Shut up Jeff! Kurt?'

Kurt sat, staring at his boyfriend, in the car speeding down the highway full of his former classmates, wondering if the amount of hairspray had finally gone to his head like his father had always said it would. Was he hallucinating? Dreaming? Was this a trick? Had his boyfriend gone insane from the amount of product he used? A hand waved in front of his face and he suddenly shook his head, blinking several times.

' Are you okay?' Blaine asked worriedly. ' I know it's a big shock and I know I should have told you sooner, but I was scared that you'd hate me or that you'd take advantage, or you'd tell the press, and now I feel really guilty for feeling this way, because you're the kindest person I know. I just thought you might leave me'

Kurt held up his free hand, stemming the flow of word vomit coming from his boyfriend's mouth, pressing a finger to his lips, silencing him.

' You're serious?' Kurt asked. ' About all of this?'

Blaine nodded, Kurt's finger still pressed to his lips.

' You're the third prince of Cicero?'

Blaine nodded again.

' But doesn't that mean that you're the…' he trailed off, thinking back to the article in Mercedes' magazine. ' You're the heir?'

Blaine nodded once more, pressing a kiss to Kurt's finger. Kurt smiled, moving his hand to Blaine's cheek and smiling wider when the other boy leaned into the touch, smiling too, though still anxiously.

' You're going to be king?'

Blaine paused but nodded just like all of the other questions. Kurt gasped, staring at Blaine for what felt like the hundredth time today.

' I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I didn't want you to leave me' Blaine sighed, taking the hand that had dropped unconsciously from his cheek. There was a pause of silence in the car before Kurt pulled his hands away, grabbing the back of his boyfriend's neck and meeting him the middle, pressing a searing kiss to the other boy's lips. He heard the other boys laugh around them as he kissed Blaine hard, pulling away finally and resting his forehead against his, both of them breathing fast.

' I would never leave you' Kurt said quietly, pressing a gentler kiss to his lips before pulling away completely, looking at the other boys and leaving Blaine to bask in the memory of the kisses. ' So you all knew?'

' Ah, see this is where we have to apologise to you too Kurt' Wes said, turning in his seat as Jeff drove the car up the long drive towards Dalton, heading for the student parking lot. ' You may or may not believe this but we're all from Cicero too'

' You're what?'

' Yeah, our dad's are all close advisors of the king so we grew up with Blaine, but when we were sent to America to get an education, Blaine insisted on going to public school alone, saying he wanted a normal life for a few years, and we went to Dalton. Then, well you know the story, he got bullied for being gay and was driven to Dalton, and we were told to keep an eye on him' Wes explained, finishing just as Jeff pulled the car into a space, unlocking the doors, which Kurt was sure he'd locked so he couldn't jump out.

They all jumped out, walking towards the dormitories, and Kurt waited until they reached Blaine and Thad's shared room, sitting down delicately on the bed, before he asked his final question of the hour.

' Why was it so important to tell me today?'

Thad held up the same magazine that Mercedes and the girls had been looking at, the picture of the king, queen and their two oldest sons lighting up the front cover.

' King Michael is going to release the name of his third son and heir to the press early tomorrow morning, you'd see it on the news or in the paper anyway' the third council member explained. Blaine cringed, sitting down heavily beside Kurt on the bed.

' By tomorrow afternoon, my name will be plastered all over the news' he sighed, falling back, his arms spread out. ' I didn't want you to find out that way'

Kurt smiled. ' What, that I'm dating a prince? Huh, I wonder what the girls are going to say, they're going to be so jealous!' he laughed, feeling the bed shake as Blaine chuckled with him.

Kurt spent the rest of the afternoon at Dalton, following the Warblers down to breakfast and greeting the other singers cheerfully. Apparently he'd been missed and apparently all of the Warblers had been informed of Blaine's "family issues" as they put it, earning a death glare from Kurt to Blaine for not telling him sooner and a free dinner for Kurt from Blaine to make up for it.

By nine o'clock, Kurt and Blaine were lying on Blaine's bed, not quite sure how they got there and not sure if they closed the door, legs tangled together and Kurt pulling at Blaine's curly hair, lips locked, marvelling in the hour they had left alone. Kurt would never get enough of Blaine, he was addictive. He found himself craving him when they were apart for too long, craving his tuggable hair, his strong arms, his smooth voice, his perfect smile framed by those perfectly kissable lips. If they could stay like this forever, Blaine's tongue sliding across his bottom lip and into his mouth, but at some point they had to come up for air.

Blaine pulled away first, grinning when Kurt gave a small whimper, following his lips, blushing when he realised what he'd done. Blaine didn't move from on top of him, reaching up to smooth a lock of hair out of Kurt's eyes.

' Kurt, I have something to ask you'

' Blaine, we've already had sex, what else is there to ask while we're on your bed?' Kurt giggled, blushing still.

' Plenty, but let's save that for when we're not on a time limit' Blaine chuckled. ' But seriously, I need to ask you something'

' What is it?'

' During the summer holidays, I have to go back to Cicero to do…heir thing. The guys are coming with me, but I can't imagine a whole summer away from you, so, if your dad says yes, will you come with me? To the palace? I need you by my side through this' Blaine asked, the pleading tone returning to his voice.

Kurt smiled, nodding. ' I'd love to' he muttered, before pulling his boyfriend back down again, silencing him.

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