Epilogue: The End of the Beginning

Blaine Anderson's first year of ruling Cicero was a good one. All benefited; school grades got higher with better equipment and technology, unemployment rates had dropped to their lowest in over twenty years, the economy had in comparison raised, Cicero's relationship with other countries had gotten better, their kings, queens and political leaders charmed by Blaine and Kurt's dapperness and chemistry, and Cicero was overall a more musical place to live.

Everything wasn't perfect. A small country found next to Serbia, named Perodi, a country Kurt had never heard of until Blaine introduced him to its president five months into their reign. It hadn't gone well, the president and the country were homophobic to say the least and Blaine had been trying ever since they met the man to better their relationship with Perodi. It hadn't worked. This had depressed Blaine, hating that other countries were still so blind, but Kurt just reminded him of when they were younger.

' Nobody can touch us or what we have'

Sides were being taken with other countries, especially after the 2014 United Nations summit, which Blaine was practically forced to go to by his father, Kurt lingering behind the scenes and watching on a monitor. Perodi had been there also, and as soon as Blaine spoke up, answering a question from President Obama, the president of Perodi quickly started throwing out condescending comments and insults at both Cicero and Blaine himself. Kurt had had to be restrained by Jack and Michael when the president started yelling, threatening Blaine and eventually having to be forcibly removed from the room.

' As long as you're safe, I don't care what slurs and threats are thrown at me' Blaine had insisted as he left the room with Puck, hugging Kurt to him, who had almost been in tears.

Many countries' leaders had been in constant contact with the royal couple ever since.

As for Kurt and Blaine's relationship, it was…perfect, so perfect they had even been named European couple of the year. Kurt had started his new job with Dujour Designs as Head Designer in the June after Blaine's coronation, just in time to help on the new summer line. With Blaine's time taken up by making his intense changes to the country, Kurt threw himself into designing his work, but that didn't mean they didn't make time for each other. Every Tuesday and Thursday, they would make time for each other for a long lunch, and Blaine insisted that he take the weekend off to spend it with Kurt, and whoever had decided to visit the palace that week.

Not a lot had changed with their friendships with the Warblers and the New Directions. They saw them all whenever they had a chance to get away, and Kurt was constantly skyping with the girls as they tried to plan Tina's wedding. Wes, David, Thad, Jeff and Nick had proved successful as Advisors for Blaine, and the rest of the Warblers were always on the other end of the phone for a chat.

As for the rest of them. Lots had happened. Finn and Rachel were now engaged, as were Ella and Puck. Rachel had almost finished her stint as Elphaba on Broadway, a show that Kurt had seen seven times, while Finn was about to finish his training for the Ohio State Buckeyes, though scouts for the New York Giants were taking a lot of interest in him recently. Mike and Brittany had both been chosen to be backup dancers for the next three Pixie Lott music videos, which happened to feature two songs that Tina had written for the artist, she had already written a song for Nicki Minaj as well. Artie had been promoted to a junior publicist, for a company that had a branch in Cicero so he could be trained to publicise for Blaine and Kurt, Rachel too. Sam was doing a writing course at NYU, living with Mercedes too, who was doing a business course. Apparently she had a career plan in mind, but refused to share it with any of her friends.

Everyone was doing well, and all of them had returned to McKinley to attend the Teacher of the Year presentation, which Mr. Schuester had won again. They had stood on stage and sung "Thank you for the music" with his new class of New Directions, and smiled teary eyed as their former teacher gave his speech.

'…These kids changed me, from my first class to my current. I knew my first class were going to become stars and they are, and I know that my current kids, every child I teach will become a star in their own way, not because of me. I just give them a nudge in the right direction. They're all stars…'

Burt had visited Kurt five times for a few weeks throughout the last year, sometimes with Carole and Lily, sometimes just Lily, sometimes just by himself. His garage was doing well, so well that he had even opened a new shop in Westerville so some of his "posher" clients didn't have to come so far. Apparently they tipped very well, which allowed Burt to send Lily to the same slightly more expensive preschool that he and Elizabeth sent Kurt to. Kurt now had at least a dozen photos of Lily in her new pink school dress with matching book bag (designed by him of course) all over the palace and on his Ipad wallpaper.

Kurt was happy, as was Blaine.

No regrets.

14th June

The Sunshine Club

' To Tina and Mike! May they last forever!'

Everyone smiled at Brittany's toast, lifting their drinks and copying her, giggling as they all drank. It was Tina's bachlorette party, and all the girls and Kurt, plus Jack, who had been dragged along after threatening to join in with the dancing at the strip club all the other guys had gone to. Kurt, Blaine and the rest of them who lived in Cicero, had flown to Lima for the wedding, a week early for the separate bachelorette/bachelor parties in New York, which led to them all sat around a table, dressed for clubbing.

' I still can't believe we sent the guys to a strip club' Rachel laughed. ' We deserve awards for being the best girlfriends ever!'

' And boyfriends' Jack added, toasting his glass.

' And husbands' Kurt piped up, giggling as he raised his own glass.

They all laughed again, toasting and bopping their heads to the music. Santana soon got up and dragged Brittany and Ella off to dance, Jack skipping off to the bar to do something Kurt suspected as cheeky but he knew trying to stop him was futile so he turned to Tina instead.

' I cannot wait to see you in your dress!' he squealed.

' Ah yes! The mysterious dress that none of us have been allowed to see yet!' Mercedes exclaimed, pulling a face at Kurt when he stuck out his tongue. Tina smiled.

' I have been sworn to absolute secrecy'

' So you've seen it?' Rachel asked.

Tina nodded excitedly. ' It's gorgeous, Kurt's best work! My mum's actually kinda worried that it isn't going to be traditional enough. She thinks New York and European styles will effect your decisions'

' Nonsense, my styles are never effected' Kurt gasped, winking at the future Mrs. Chang. ' It compliments both traditional styles and your style sweetie, with an added bit of flare thrown in…you're going to look amazing Tina!' he sighed, pulling her into a hug and pressing a kiss to her temple.

' Did you decide where to go for your honeymoon in the end?' Rachel asked.

Tina practically bounced up and down in her seat. ' We're going to stay in Blaine's parents' villa in Paris for a week then flying on the jet to China for another week, finishing in Harujuku, Japan for ultimate shopping for another three days, then home! It's going to be so much fun! Mike says he wants us to share a kiss on the Great Wall and at the top of the Eiffel Tower!'

They all "awwed", giggling when she blushed pink.

' That is so romantic!'


The four of them jumped, looking round as Jack came over, hands full with two shot holders holding a vast selection of colourful shots. Brittany, Ella and Santana danced over too, all pressing a kiss to the blonde's cheek as he set the drinks down on the table.

' You read my mind Pinkie' Santana grinned.

Jack chuckled, dispersing the shots. ' If I'm Pinkie, does that make Piers the Brain?'

' Since both of you only graduated because Blaine and I tutored you for three days straight, no…I am the Brain' Kurt retorted, winking at his brother in law and taking his two shots. ' So what are toasting to? Tina and Mike? Happy futures?'

' A sex filled honeymoon!' the prince announced, making Tina blush even more. ' Mike is gorgeous and Tina is stunning, so I strongly advise the future Mrs. Asian Fusion to get all up on that and christen my family's holiday homes!'

Kurt rolled his eyes. ' In short?'

' Tina and Mike and honeymoon fun!' Mercedes exclaimed.

They all toasted the same, downing the shots and kissing Tina on the cheeks before dragging her onto the dance floor just as Starships by Nicki Minaj came on. Kurt draped an arm around Rachel and Tina's shoulders as they danced, smiling at Mercedes.

' I don't think I've said this before but…I'm so glad Mr. Schue set up glee club, because if none of us had auditioned then there would a fifty percent chance of us not being here rather than a hundred percent! If it wasn't for I Kissed a Girl, Mr. Cellophane, R-E-S-P-E-C-T and On My Own, I don't know if we would be friends, and if it wasn't for Say A Little Prayer and Blaine, we wouldn't have great friends like them…' Kurt nodded towards Brittany and Santana dancing with the twins. ' And I know they're not here, but the guys too. I love you girls'

' We do have a lot to thank music for…to thank glee for' Mercedes smiled, taking Tina and Rachel's hands.

' It was fate' Rachel said confidently. ' We were meant to be stood here because we were meant to be together…forever. I love you three too'

' Aw, I love you all too!'

' Me too!'

' So much love!' Brittany screamed, jumping on Kurt's back and making him stumble forward, giggling. They all laughed, dancing in a circle, with the blonde still on the Imperial Prince's back. Old friends and new friends.

All thanks to music.

14th June 2014

The Pussy Cat House

The guys all wolf whistled and whooped as the stripper formerly dressed as Little Bo Peep sauntered off the stage, hands and g-string laden with green notes. Even Piers, Blaine, Nick and Jeff cheered, laughing at the otherwise unknown experience. When Puck and Sam had announced that they were taking Mike to a New York strip club and that they all had to come too, the four of them had been sceptical, but Kurt had practically forced them into the limos he had arranged for the bachelor party, insisting that it was a life experience for them all.

' How can you be gay when there are tits like that out there?' Wes exclaimed, clapping Blaine on the back and making the other guys laugh around them. Blaine shrugged, sipping his beer.

' I'm more of an ass kind of guy'

' Kurt does have a nice ass' Piers said, smirking at his soon-to-be future brother in law when he glared at him.

' Dude, that's my brother!' Finn protested.

' I apologise but it's true' the French boy grinned as the music started again. ' So, nervous Mike?'

Mike shrugged, clapping and cheering along with the rest of them as another girl in scantily positioned clothing strutted out, spinning herself around the pole.

' Nervous about the wedding or nervous about my dad finding out I've been to one of these places?'

' Oh, so I probably shouldn't have taken this photo then huh?' Artie grinned, holding up the photo of Mike with the stripper in the background on his phone. Mike gaped at him.

' Dude! You suck! Don't send that to my dad!'

' Okay, okay! I won't!' Artie laughed. Sam waited for Mike to turn back to the stage before leaning closer to Artie.

' You're sending it to Tina though right?'

' Totally'

' So Mikey! Your mum still badgering you about grandkids?' Blaine asked, typing out a quick text to Kurt. His husband had teased him while they were getting ready that night, that Blaine would be straight by the end of the night with all the naked women.

Still gay babe, I'll keep you posted – Blaine

Mike groaned. ' Yeah, it sucks! She's insisting that I can't take any contraceptive stuff with us on the honeymoon coz she wants grandkids as soon as possible' he chuckled. ' Though she does keep saying that girls are most fertile right after losing their virginity, bless her heart'

' You two have been sleeping together since high school senior year!' Puck laughed, jumping up to slip a dollar bill into the stripper's g-string.

' You two have almost as much sex as Blaine and Kurt!' Nick cackled, jumping at the sharp nudge in the ribs from Blaine. ' What? You two should be rabbits!'

Wes appeared with a tray full of beers, setting them down on the run around table on the stage where they all sat in the front row, dropping into the seat beside the newly crowned king and leaning closer to him.

' Mate, I need to talk to you later, it's important' he whispered. ' So what are we talking about?' he exclaimed louder, patting Blaine's arm when he nodded.

' Mike's mum wants them to have kids soon' Thad explained.

' I totally know how you feel! My mum's like find a nice girl and settle down, David and Thad have found theirs and their mothers' are so proud! Blah blah blah…don't look so happy David!' Wes exclaimed, throwing a chip at his best friend, who just shrugged, popping it in his mouth. The former head Warbler sighed, slumping in his seat. ' At least you guys have found the people you want to be with' he pouted.

Jeff rolled his eyes, reaching into the pocket of his coat on the back of his chair and pulling out something wrapped in a handkerchief. ' I thought this might happen, here…' he said, handing the package to Wes, who unravelled it and promptly squealed.

' Is that…is that his old gavel?' Blaine gasped.

' Oh yes, I stole it during that alumni dinner last year, Dalton won't mind' the blonde Warbler shrugged. Nick smiled, hugging him from the side.

' My clever little kleptomaniac'

' What is up with you guys and that gavel?' Mike asked.

' It reminds us of simpler times' Thad laughed. ' You didn't have disciplinary methods at McKinley?'

The former New Directions boys shrugged.

' We mostly had diva-offs between Rachel and…everyone else' Finn shrugged, gulping down a mouthful of beer at the mention of his now fiancé in high school. ' Mostly, Kurt…and Mercedes…'

' And Santana' Puck added.

' And Quinn' Artie piped up.

' And occasionally Finn' Sam pointed out.

' Oh and even herself sometimes!' Mike finished.

' How do you have an argument with yourself?' Nick asked, quirking an eyebrow. The McKinley alumni sighed, lost for an answer. After much pondering and searching for an answer, Finn just shrugged, taking a long gulp of his beer and eyeing the strippers on stage, gyrating round the pole.

' I've been with Rach for years, and engaged to her for months, trust me, she can have an argument with herself'

Sam clapped him on the back sympathetically. ' I dread to see how your kids turn out dude'

Puck scoffed. ' Nah, it's pregnant Rachel we need to watch out for!'

They all laughed, turning their attention back to the dancers on stage and quickly falling into a discussion of how much it would cost to get Mike a lap dance, egging Jeff on when he offered to go ask. Blaine, looking away from his blonde friend bouncing away towards the bar, fishing out his phone as it buzzed in his pocket, smiling as Kurt's name flashed up.

Give it time, Puck and the guys have a way of turning anyone ;P But if you're still an ass man later, maybe I could give you a private dance? ;) x x – Kurt

Blaine groaned, glad that the music was so loud that other guys didn't hear him, focusing his eyes on the half naked woman to ease his hardening cock as he typed out a reply.

You'll be the death of me babe x – Blaine

Oh but what a way to go ;) x – Kurt

Blaine and the rest of the guys stumbled from the club at three am, stumbling and rolling down the street towards Times Square where they were to meet the stretch limo that would return them to their hotel. The girls were staying in the same hotel and would meet them in the Square to meet their own pink stretch limo. Blaine was getting hard again just thinking of seeing Kurt again, let alone doing all the things he had promised that evening, so he was hurrying, chuckling at Nick and Jeff, the former giving his boyfriend a piggy back as the blonde clung to him like a monkey.

' If you two fall, you can't use my chair!'

' I don't need a chair! Imma plane!'

Nick cackled as Jeff spread out his arms and made plane noises, racing down the street, towards the bright lights of Times Square. Blaine was about to run off after them when someone grabbed his arm, and he looked up to see Wes, as drunk as the rest of them and looking a bit nervous, spinning the gavel round and round his fingers.

' Hey B, can I talk to you now?'

Blaine raised an eyebrow. ' What about? Is it quick? Coz I have something I need to do?'

' Please? Real quick?'

Blaine sighed, glancing down at his phone at Kurt's most recent text, before nodding, stopping in the middle of the street and letting their friends wander drunkenly off, guffawing and boasting about what they would be doing with their significant others when they got back – apparently David was planning on skype sex with Lucy, something Blaine really didn't want to know.

' What's up mate?'

' I think I'm in love with Santana'

Blaine stared at him, mouth fallen open at his blurted out admission. Wes and Santana had been sleeping together for a long time now, and Blaine and the other guys had noticed the way that Wes looked at the girl. They danced together at balls and galas, and even appeared in some magazines together, and whenever Santana wasn't with Brittany or the girls, she was with him. but he hadn't expected this.

' You what?'

' I think I might be falling in love with Santana, this sucks!'

The king spluttered for words, first of all for the new admission from his old childhood and Warbler friend, and second for the last words. A strong believer that love didn't suck, Blaine frowned at the much taller boy, pocketing his phone.

' How does this suck? You're in love, surely that's a good thing?'

Wes dragged his hands through his short hair. ' It is! But…she's never seemed to want a relationship, and I don't want to put myself out there to be turned down and not get to be with her anymore. I'd rather keeping sleeping with her and seeing her and not admit to loving her, than admit that I love her and be turned down and never see her again, you know?'

' But there's a third option there mate, you could admit that you love her, she either returns your love or she accepts it and you can become a proper couple rather than just two people who have sex, however good the sex might be…'

' Oh my God, it's fantastic'

' Ew…anyway, you could just tell her, it'll kill you if you don't'

' But what if she tells me to stuff it?'

' Then you'll fight for her, but that's not going to happen because I have a small inkling that she feels the same way, so man up huh?' Blaine told him, clapping him on the arm and starting to hurry after their friends, Wes trailing after him, still looking anxious.

' But what if you scratches me with her sharp nails?'

' You'll heal'

' What if she admits that she's actually in love with Brittany, coz I've always kinda thought…'

' It is true those two love each other, but I don't think you have anything to worry about there…they're like lezbefriends!'

' Lezbefriends?'

' Yep'

' But what if…'

' Wes! Please!' Blaine suddenly exclaimed, whirling round on his friend, who skidded to a halt with wide dilated eyes. ' I care! I really do! And I've given you all the advice I can after five flaming sambucas but right now my husband is waiting to take me back to our hotel room and give me a lap dance! A lap dance Wes! Maybe even a strip tease! Do you know how long I've waited for this! A lap dance! I've wanted this since Dalton! So please Wes! Shut up!'

Wes nodded, grinning, and Blaine sighed in relief, whirling around to catch up with the others, yelping in surprise at the sight of all of the young men collected in front of him, some grinning, some looking shocked, Finn looking a little ill.

' Dude! That's my brother!'

' You're getting a lap dance! I want a lap dance!'

' You kinky bastard!'

' How'd you get him to give you one?'

' Jeff! I want one!'

' Dude! Don't touch my brother!'

' When did Kurt become a stripper?'

' What's the big deal? Britt gives me them all the time!'

' Yeah, Jack too'

' Dude! I'm telling Burt!'

Blaine slapped his palm to his face, looking past the gaggle of young men to where they could see the line of limos parked up near the red steps, where the girls, Jack and Kurt all stood, jumping up and down and waving frantically, as if they would miss the group of drunken young people. He pointed towards them, chuckling as the previous subject was quickly dropped as the other guys whooped and cheered, running over to rejoin their friends and significant others. Nick and Jeff winked at Blaine before running off too, Nick now on Jeff's back.

' B' Puck hissed, hanging back and clapping him on the shoulder. ' Deets later yeah?' he said, before running off to find Ella.

Blaine rolled his eyes, jogging after them, images of stripper Kurt filling his mind once more.

Nathaniel and Lily both squealed as they raced away from Emilie, the ten-year-old laughing as she tried to catch them. Before the wedding, there was a benefit ball that Michael was insistent that the royal couple would have to attend if they intended to hold onto those distinguished families who did approve of their actions, decrees and general status as king and Prince Imperial, and gain the support of those still on the fence. It was held just three days before the wedding, so Kurt countered Michael's insistence with his own that they had to leave the morning afterwards, prompting a quick visit to the small country by Burt, Carole and Lily, all of whom had attended the benefit as well.

Blaine watched his husband watch the children running around, leaning against the doorframe as Kurt sat on the wall of the veranda with Ella and Burt, who were animatedly discussing something. Kurt was just sat on the wall, waiting impatiently for Blaine to get downstairs with his suitcase so they could leave for the airport, watching the children, with a small smile on his lips.

Just like a year before and almost every day since then, Blaine had been able to easily imagine Kurt, sat outside or in a room, watching their own children playing. He almost regretted the fact that he would have to father their first child, and however many other children until they had a son, desperate to see a small child with the same brown hair, white skin and bright blue eyes as his beloved Kurt, but Kurt had insisted that he loved the idea of their first child having Blaine's curly black hair and bright hazel eyes, he even loved the idea of their child running around and jumping on the furniture.

As they had promised a year before, they constantly discussed their future children.

The Wedding of Tike went just as planned. The sun was shining and just like every other glee wedding would go, they all danced and sung their way down their aisle, Mike's strict relatives even laughing when he did a flip on his way down as well in a modernised red suit with gold accents, pleasing both his modern preferences and his traditional family values, his hair styled and donning a cheeky, excited grin as he took his position at the front, waiting impatiently for Tina to arrive.

It was a unanimous decision that Kurt had truly outdone himself with Tina's dress, true to his word of it being both modern and traditional, and making her look like a princess as she glided down the aisle with her father, the dress white and made of silk and lace. The collar was high and traditional of a Chinese dress, that and the flowing sleeves made completely of chiffon and lace, leading down to a sweetheart bust, laced at the back like a corset with a huge red ribbon to suit Tina's styles before expanding out in a vast flowing skirt of three layers, the second the same red as Mike's suit, the train and long veil trailing behind her as she walked to Mike, standing stunned and just staring at her throughout the whole ceremony.

Blaine's fingers found Kurt's halfway through the ceremony, sat with the rest of the wedding party in their red and black suits and dresses, watching and listening excitedly, and Kurt smiled as the king pressed a kiss to his temple, squeezing his hand.

Kurt knew why.

Just over a year before, they were in the same position as their friends were now, not just Tina and Mike. While the happy couple married, the others were filled with other emotions and anticipation. Excitement for their own futures and plans. Needless worry for things far in the future. Or for others just content with where they currently were.

The New Directions and the Warblers were the first on their feet, cheering and laughing when Mike was finally allowed to grab Tina, dipping her as they kissed.

' I'm ready'

' Ready for what? We're not leaving! They haven't cut the cake yet…it looks delicious, screw my complexion, I'm having a big piece with a rose on it, Tina promised I could, be prepared for a chubby husband coz me and Artie have this bet on who can eat the most cake, are you going to have some? Can I have your bit if you get full? Oh please! You know you love me…!'

Blaine sighed. ' I'm ready to start discussing it for real'

' Discuss what? It's just cake'

' Yeah what's to discuss about cake?' Jeff spoke up, sipping his champagne.

' Whoa! There's loads to discuss about cake!' Wes exclaimed. ' Size, icing, whether it has those little flowers on top which every single cake should have coz those are awesome, flavour…chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Kurt you make the best strawberry cake, then there's the filling, jam, cream, both…!'

Blaine rolled his eyes as his friends and husband, catching Kurt's eye and purposely glancing towards where Brittany, Mercedes, Ella and Rachel were playing with Tina and Mike's younger cousins, Santana standing at the side and eyeing the small children, smiling when Brittany waved her over. Kurt looked over at the children too, frowning at Blaine's unusual behaviour.

Blaine waited until Kurt's eyes started to widened, recognition finally appearing in his handsome, still ever young face, before pecking him sweetly on the lips and walking off, leaving his stunned husband with his friends and advisors, animatedly discussing cake.

' Wait…what…Blaine!' Kurt gasped, running after him. ' Blaine!'

To Be Continued…...

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