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Edward, Alice, Jasper, and I were sitting in the living room watching "Titanic" to pass the time because Esme and Carlisle were out on there fiftieth honeymoon. Edward and I were cuddling on the love seat and Alice and Jasper on the couch. The movie barely held my interest as Edward's arms were around me and his cold breath was on my neck, making Goosebumps appear. The movie was at the part where they just hit an iceberg when Emmett and Rose barged in. Emmett turned off the TV and got a lot of complaints in response.

"What the Hell, Em!" I screamed at him. "We were just getting to the good part!"

He rolled his eyes at me. "You will like what I have in store better then some movie about a ship that hits an oversized ice cube and breaks in the middle of the ocean. Come on, what is up with that?"

Alice and I were finally at the point where I would ask Edward to hold Emmett down so Al and I could give him the nice makeover he deserves. Alice turned and beamed at me; clearly she saw us dressing Emmett in a skirt and tank-top with makeup on drop him off at the highway in a vision. Edward just smiled at us and nodded his head."

We were about to act when Emmett boomed in his loud voice, "We're going to play… TRUTH OR DARE!" Okay who could say no to something as tempting as that?

We entered the living room all excited. Alice and Emmett were the first ones to be excited, which made Jasper excited, which made everyone else excited as well. You just have to love Jasper's gift. These Cullen truth or dares were very extreme. I mean to the point where almost every time Carlisle has to bail someone out of jail. Well they were sure to be fun.

We all got in a circle on the floor and begun the game. Edward and Alice where on either one of my sides, Jasper next to Alice, Rose next to him, Em in between Rose and Edward. "So," Rose started, "who wants to go first?"

"I do!" Emmett yelled with his hand in the air, bouncing up and down like a kindergartener. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Emmett glared at me. "Alright… Bella, truth or dare?"

What? I didn't want to go first. I was terrified of what the dare might be, but I didn't want to sound like a chicken. "D-dare," I said. He started to open his mouth when I yelled, "No! I changed my mind, truth!"

Emmett just smiled at me and said, "Silly Belly, you can't change it once you've said what you want," I scowled for two reasons. First, I hate that nickname. Second, I was trying to hid my terror of what the dare might be.

"Okay, Bella, I dare you to…" He grinned evilly at me, "hit Edward's Vanquish until it is unrecognizable."

I stared at him, mouth hanging open, eyes bulging. It doesn't matter that I am Edward's steady girlfriend, mate if you will. He would kill me on the spot if I even scratched the paint on his precious Vanquish. You never hurt his baby.

"Noooo!" Edward roared like a hungry mountain lion. "Bella, if you love me, you WILL NOT hurt my Vanquish!"

"Sorry Edward," I said feeling quite scared. I really, REALLY didn't want to do what you have to do if you don't do the dare, "but I don't feel like walking around Seattle naked."

Edward ran and was gone in one second. I sighed and walked to the garage to find Edward hovering protectively over his Vanquish. I shook my head. Sometimes it seemed like Edward loved his car more than he loved me.

It took every single Cullen kid to grab Edward and pull him away from his beloved car. They had a hard time holding him while I grabbed a baseball bat and walked up to his car. They were begging me to hurry. Edward continued to beg me not to do it, but I think my dignity was more important then a car. A car can be replaced.

Bye, bye baby, I thought as I swung the bat and it collided with the windshield. Edward cried out for me to stop, but it felt to good to destroy the thing that he seemed to prefer over me. It was pretty pathetic that I was jealous of a car.

I kept swinging until there were dents everywhere, all the windows where broken, the tires were slashed, the side mirrors where on the floor right next to my feet, and the seats shredded. Edward's face was angry, astonished, sad, pained, and … smug? Why the heck was he smug. I just destroyed his baby?

"Edward, why are you smug?" I asked him bewildered.

"Because Jasper sensed jealousy and pleasure coming off you when you looked at my car and … destroyed it," he chocked up a bit at the end. "Why were you jealous of my car?"

"Well," I blushed deep red. "It just seemed that you loved … your car … more than you love … me," I mumbled, almost incoherent.

There was silence for a minute and then it was interrupted by Edward's laugh. "Love my car more than I love you? Bella, I would take you over my car any day. It's just, they don't make that car the way they used to anymore."

"Edward, I would never if I had a choice. I … I REALLY didn't want to run around in public … NUDE! That just …" I shuddered.

Everyone started to laugh. "Alright, let's get back to the game," Alice said, her voice going up two octaves because of the excitement.

"Bella, I still love you," Edward said as he pulled me close. I smiled up at him and started to walk away when he caught me by the wrist. "But you are going to pay for what you did to my car," he continued with a mischievous glint in his eye. I just about moaned right there. This is going to be bad, I thought. His smile just got bigger.

"Let's just get back to the game, okay?"

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