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After my Bella ate that disgusting human food - honestly, how can people eat that stuff? - we went off to our house. It was Emmett's turn and then we would be done … well, not exactly because someone gets to go again at the end of the game. That's how we play, after everyone has gone once, we spin a bottle to see who will be able to pick someone again.

We went back to the living room where we all sat and looked at Emmett and Rose. She smiled and turned towards Em. "All right, babe," she said, "truth or dare?" Like she really has to ask.

"Dare!" Emmett boomed, making Bella jump a mile and blush. We all chuckled but stifled it quickly, so we wouldn't humiliate her anymore than needed.

"Hmmm… 'kay. Let me see…" Rose was in a mockingly deep in thought to piss Emmett off.

"Oh come ON! Tell me already!"

Rose smiled and said, "You need to lose every competition, every bet, everything to anyone for a month."

Em's mouth dropped and we all snickered. We all know that Emmett is not the one who likes to throw games.

"Aw SNAP!" Jazz and Alice said together and we all burst out laughing… well with the exception of Emmett but that is Emmett for you; the party-pooper.

"Fine," Emmett huffed. Then he turned to all of us. "Okay, let's see who the lucky person is shall we?"

Alice ran out of the room and was back in a split second. She had a glass bottle of root beer in her hand. She handed it to Bella and said, "drink up."

Bella looked at the bottle with disgust in her eyes. Yes honey, we all feel the same way when we watch you eat. Just saying… "But I hate root beer," Bella said, trying to get out of drinking the disgusting beverage.

Edward, can you please convince her to drink the dang soda? Alice thought.

I leaned towards my beautiful girl and started to plant kisses on her neck. "Please, Bella. Do it for me."

She sighed and popped the lid off and started to gulp down the contents in the bottle. When she finished it, she sighed and handed the bottle back to Alice with a disgusted look on her face. Did I mention that we all had a shocked expression on our face because she guzzled the whole thing down in one breath? That reminds me of something Emmett would have done in his human life.

"What?" She asked. We all just shook our heads instead of answering her question.

"Okay, lets see who the lucky one is," Alice sighed.

"As if you don't know," Jasper teased her. Alice merely stuck her tongue out in response.

Alice put the bottle on the floor and spun it. It kept on spinning, and spinning… and spinning.

"Could you have spun it any harder Al?" Emmett asked.

Finally, FINALLY, it stopped at… Rosalie? Rosalie? Crap. She is totally going to pick me.

"Yes!" Rose yelled whereas everyone else groaned. "'Kay, Bella, truth or dare?"

Bella stared at her wide eyed, mouth hanging open. "Me?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Yes you. Unless there is another Bella in the room. Now truth or dare?"

"Uh, dare." Oh no, there goes my Volvo. Seriously, if they hurt one more of my cars, they will be going to Canada… in pieces.

"I dare you to marry Edward," Rose said with a smile on her face.

Everyone stared at her with a range of emotions playing on their faces; shock, disbelief, humor, joy, and - in my case - hope.

"What?" Bella shrieked. My hopes vanished immediately.

"I dare you to marry my brother."


"Because you both love each other and we all know that you really want to. Plus then you would legally be our sister."

"Since when have you guys ever done anything legally?" Bella said with a slight grin on her face. Everyone chuckled… with the exception of me… of course.

Then Bella looked at me with love filled eyes and smiled even wider at me. "Yes. I will marry you if you still want me."


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