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Short Summary

The summer after James is killed, a month before Bella's 18th birthday, Victoria makes her move. She had been stalking Bella for about a week to learn her routine and decided to strike when Edward would leave Bella alone for the short time before she goes to bed. It was a last minute decision to attack, so Alice did not see it until it was too late. Luckily Edward was close by and managed to get there on time to save Bella, but unfortunately does not make it to save Charlie. Victoria was destroyed but Bella had lost too much blood to remain human, but with not enough venom to complete the short three day time. Jasper is the first to arrive, long before the rest of the family. Edward did not want to risk being the one to complete the change with Bella being his singer and the situation being quite delicate, so Jasper does it instead considering his experience in changing humans.

The rest of the family arrives minutes after and Carlisle and the rest of the family take Bella back to the house, except for Jasper and Emmett who stay behind on clean-up duty. Thinking that Bella would enjoy some momentoes from her human life, they grab clothes, pictures, her lap top, IPOD, and Jewelry Box. They then light the house on fire, leaving the rest of the town to piece together the mystery. The Cullen's make a story for the town, explaining how they are too upset with Bella's death to stay town, so the all pack up and head for their home in Montanna. Now, Bella is going through the change and is getting ready to wake up.


I finally felt the burning come to an abrupt stop. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the ceiling. But it was so different. I was so different. I could smell so many different smells in the air and I could see every little detail. Every speck of dust, ever tiny crack in the ceiling. There were colors that I wasn't even aware exsisted. It was all so overwelming!

I heard someone let out a breath from accross the room. I immediately took up a defensive position in the corner of the room, growling at the source of the noise.

I could see all the Cullen's lined up against the wall on the far side of the bedroom. I seemed to be in a guest bedroom of sorts. All I knew was that I definately wasn't in Forks anymore.

Jasper was at the very front of the group near the bathroom, and Carlisle and Emmett were flanking him. Alice, Rosaile and Esme were behind the guys and Edward was against the wall closest to the bed that I was laying on.

I was feeling defensive, frustraited, amused, love, curious, and lust filled. But these weren't my emotions. I could tell! What's even more odd was that I could tell exactly who was feeling what.

Carlisle was curious, Emmett was amused, Rosaile was defensive, Esme, always the mother figure was feeling love, Alice was curious, Edward was curious and frustraited, and Jasper was feeling...lust? Well I suposed I was a vampire now.

I decided that there was no reason for me to act all defensive. They were my family! They weren't going to hurt me. I slowly stood up from my crouch. Everyone was still silent and it was starting to scare me. Was something wrong with me?

"No, nothin's wrong with ya darlin." Jasper injected, probibally feeling my emotions. "We just don't know what to make of you. Your so controled. You should be all over the place growling and snarling at us."

"Is that wrong?" I asked and then slapped my hand over my mouth. My voice sounded so different! All most bell like and musical.

"No...not wrong." Carlisle added. "Just unusual and very impressive." I nodded my head in acceptance.

Well I was always an exception to the rule in my human life. I could only expect to be different in my vampire life as well.

I started feeling disappointment coming from Edward. I started to panic at this. Was he disappointed that I was a vampire now? Was he disappointed with the way that I looked?

"W-Why are you feeling disappointed Edward? Do you not like the way I look or that I am no longer warm with a heartbeat?" I asked him sadly, searching his face for answers I wasn't sure that I wanted.

"You can feel what he is feeling?" Carlisle interjected to my annoyance. Always looking for something to study. It seemed that I was his latest subject. Never the less, I nodded my head 'yes'.

"I can feel what all of you have been feeling." I told them, looking away from Edward. I felt suprise and amusement coming from everybody, but embarassment coming from Jasper, but let it slide. I turned my head to look back at Edward. He took my hands in his and looked at me in my eyes.

"I am only disappointent because I still can't read your mind. That's all love. You make a stunning vampire." He assured me and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. I started feeling jealousy from somewhere in the room but didn't turn my head to find out who it came from. And all too soon, he pulled away.

Excitement started bubbling from Alice as she danced over to were Edward and I were standing with a floor length mirror.

"Look Bella! Look how beautiful you are!" She exclaimed.

Edward gave her a look of annoyance, but Carlisle cut in before he could say anything.

"Alice, don't you think it would be more considerate if we let Bella hunt first? I'm sure her throat is burning."

"Actually Carlisle, I appreciate the gesture, but my throat isn't too bad." I told him with a small smile. Shock radiated through out the room before Emmett spoke up for the first time suprisingly.

"Whoa! Bad ass Bells! Your an empath like Jasper and have super control like Carlisle plus Edward can't read your mind! I wonder what else you can do!"

Rosaile whacked him on the back of his head and he turned to look at her.

"Ow babe! What was that for?"

"She isn't a dog that you can train or a project that you can do experiments on! Treat her with more respect than that!" She scowled before crossing her arms. I was shocked that Rosaile of all people stuck up for me. I was used to her always staring daggers at me and now she was looking somewhat apologetic?

"Sorry Bells." Emmett said looking at me sheepishly.

"No, it's ok big brother. I can understand your excitement and to be honest, I haven't even thought about it that way before." I told him sincerely.

"Well after you've hunted, we will have to experiment with that theory. That is, if it is okay with you Bella" Carlisle said scratching his chin and looking at me expectantly. I nodded my head in agreement. Personally, I would love to discover more about my new self.

"Yes, yes, thats all well and good, but what do you think?" Alice exclaimed pointing at the mirror.

I looked at myself for the first time at was amazed at what I saw. I was beautiful! I grew from 5'1 to about 5'4. My legs were long and well toned in my shorts. My body had curves in all the right places which made a perfect hour glass shape. I grew in my cup sizes from a B to almost a D. I was probibally a high C cup. My hair grew a few inches and came a few inches above my waiste. There were obvious red highlights throughout my hair that made it look beautiful and shiney. My lips were full, pink and pouty. My cheak bones were more defined, and my eyes were still big and doe eyed. Though instead of the chocolate brown I grew to know all my life, I now had bright red crimson eyes. They shocked me a bit as I continued to examine them.

"They will fade after a few months. Don't worry love." Edward said rubbing my back. I nodded my head in understanding as Edward took my hand in his.

"But what do you think?" Alice asked again, bouncing impatiently.

"I think that the red eyes will take some getting used to but at least I'm pretty now!" I smiled a wide smile.

"You were never merely pretty Bella." Edward scoffed and all the males and Esme nodded their agreement.

I didn't believe them, but I just let it ride.

I could feel Jasper getting antsy and it was rubbing off on me as well.

"Alright, alright!" Edward exclaimed in annoyance. The random outburst scared me half to death, and I jumped in suprise.

"Same old Belly Bean." Emmett mocked laughing and ruffeled my hair.

"What was that about?" I asked looking at Edward still suprised.

"Jasper is incredibally uncomfortable. He think's that you are way too controled and it is making him nervas. Once you hunt, he'll probibally calm down." He explained.

"Well...ok. I wouldn't want anyone to be uncomfortable in their own home." I said looking down and the hardwood floor.

"This is your home too now." Esme said walking towards me with a smile and then enveloped me in a hug.

"Thank you Esme." I replied, releasing her from the hug.

I looked around at everyone for a moment before questioning the obvious. "So...who has the dirty job of taking the newborn on her first hunt?"

Everyone laughed quietly before Jasper stepped forward. "It seems that I've been nominated to take you on all your hunts until you can go by yourself since I have the most experience with training newborns." He said holding his hand out for me to take.

"Training them for what?" I asked as I took his hand as he lead me forward towards the window.

"That is a story for later." He replied.

"Promise?" I asked him. He squeezed my hand in return and nodded his head.

"You don't mind taking me do you? I mean I could always ask Emmett if this arrangement is a problem?" I asked him hesitantly.

"No!" Jasper exclaimed to my suprise. "I mean, no. It's no problem at all. It will give us a chance to get to know eachother since we couldn't risk it before." He finished smiling softly at me. His smile made me smile back at him in return.

I've never noticed how handsome he was before. Especially when he smiles.

"You should smile more." I told him.

"Excuse me?" He replied confused, raising one eyebrow in question.

"It's just that you are really beautiful when you smile. It's almost infectious. You should do it more often." I explained.

His smile widened and he nodded his head and winked.

"Thank's Bella. I'll keep that in mind." He answered as we continued to stare at eachother smiling.

Someone clearing their throat brought us out of our little moment as our heads turned to see Edward glaring at us.

"Bella needs to go hunting and if you can't take her properly, then I will take her myself!" Edward scowled moving forward.

"No, its fine." Jasper replied narrowing his eyes in Edwards direction while everyone else stared on confused. "Come on Bella. Let's get you fed."

Jasper pulled me by my hand until we were infront of the door to a beautiful balcony with an amazing view.

"Oh, Bella! Before I forget! Is this room suitable for me to decorate into your bedroom?" Esme asked sweetly.

"Of course! It's so beautiful!" I exclaimed before Jasper opened the glass door and let me onto the balcony.

He shut the door behind him and I noticed that there was another door that led to this balcony as well.

Jasper must have caught me noticing it because he went on to explain. "That door actually leads to my room. Or my study I should say."

"Oh." Was my brilliant reply.

"Ready?" He asked looking at my face.

"As I'll ever be." I shrugged and took a deep unneeded breath.

"Ok, just watch me and do what I do." He explained and then let go of my hand. He went on to jump over the railing and then land two stories down, gracefully onto his feet, then looked up at me expectantly.

"Don't be scared Bella. I'm right here and won't let anything happen to ya." Jasper assured me.

"You'll catch me if I fall?" I asked him nervasly.

"Always." Jasper answered and it made me smile. I can tell his answer shocked him, but he seemed to let it go.

"Ok." I said as I repeated what he did and jumped from the balcony. I landed gracefully on the balls of my feet with a 'ha!' as I landed.

"Very good Bella! That was quite graceful even by vampire standards!" Jasper said sounded very pleased with me. I shrugged in return and waited for what was next. I've never been called graceful before. It was very new to me. Yet, so was jumpiing off a second story balcony!

"Now, we are going to run. We'll start out in a jog and then go to a full sprint just to get ya used to running okay?" He asked. Wow. He was actually giving me a choice! This was beyond new for me and I found that I really liked it. Edward never gave me a choice like that and it pleased me to no ends.

I smiled widely and him and nodded my head in acceptance.

"Great! Then let's go darlin!" He said and I noticed his southern drawl for the first time and found I really liked it on him. I wonder why he would always hide it?

We started off at a slow jog, which was about as fast as an olymic runner running their fastest. Then we started to pick up the speed until we were running at full speed. I found that I loved running! It was so exillerating! I found myself laughing and giggling as I lifted my arms to make it like I was flying. Jasper seemed to find it amusing as he looked on at me with a smile gracing his face.

After about ten minutes of running, Jasper came to a halt behind me but I didn't notice at first kept running. I heard him calling my name, which made me realize he was no longer running behind me, so I circled around and made it back to stand infront of him, looking at him expectantly.

"Did you plan on running to Canada this afternoon?" Jasper asked filled with mirth.

I giggled in return and told him that this place was fine. He wasted no time and he immediately turned into his teaching mode.

"Close your eyes Bella." He told me. I gave him a questioning look. "Just do it. I promise you will understand why in a moment." I complied and shut my eyes. Suddenly I felt him come up behind me and place his hands on each of my upper arms. "Now, take a deep breath and use your senses. What do you hear? What do you smell?" He whispered softly in my ear. I shivered at the sensation and then mentally slapped myself. This was Jasper! Sure I've never looked on him as a brother, but I was with Edward and he was with Alice! I loved Edward! Right?

I decided to ignore those thoughts and concentrate on the hunt. I took a deep breath in through my nose and let it out my mouth.

"I hear three heart beats 90 yards North West from here and two different scents? One smells so much better than the other. What is that?" I questioned him as my mouth started watering with venom. I swallowed it down convulsively.

"That would be a cougar hunting two deer. The reason why the cougar is the one that smells better is because he is a predator. They taste much better than the herbivores." He explained.

"What do I do now?" I asked him expectantly.

"What do you want to do?" He asked me. I raised an eyebrow in question, so he went further in his explaination."Do wat your instincts tell you to do. Every vampire can hunt. It's in our nature. All you have to do is do what your body tells you to do and you'll be fine." He finished with a small smile.

I closed my eyes again and took another deep breath to pinpoint their location once again. This time when I opened my eyes, I took off like a bat out of hell towards my prey. I could feel Jasper following behind me, but I didn't feel that he was a threat, so I just kept going. I couldn't explain it, I just felt safe with him which is odd. I've always heard that vampires are very territorial over things like their prey and mates. I decided to store that thought away for later and focus on my hunt.

I started to slow down as the scent got stronger. Once my prey came into view, I noticed he was behind a bush a couple of yards infront of me. I crouched down as low as I could and just when he was about to make his move, I sprang into the air and landed on the cougars back. With a quick flick of my wrists, I snapped his neck and latched onto his jugular with my mouth. I continued to drink his delicious nectar until there was nothing left, then ran after the two deer and jumped on to the first one and broke it's neck, before doing the same to the other one. I then picked her up and latched onto her neck to feed and did the same with the other. When I was finished, I dropped the deer down at my feet, and slowly stood up.

I saw Jasper jump down from a near by tree. His eyes were black as night and he wore a very serious expression on his face. He was so beautiful as he walked towards me, full of purpose and determination. I could feel my eyes turning black as my eyes raked over his body as he strut towards me with purpose. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I just felt drawn to him in everyway. I couldn't even think of anything else except him in his moment and how much I just wanted him in every way. That thought in itself scared me and I could feel my chest heaving with every unneeded breath I took.

The with every step he took, I took a step back until my back was against a tree. He continued forward until he was directly infront of me, and then he caged me in and put an arm on each side of me and looked down at me with an intense gaze. I continued to look into his eyes with wide eyes of my own.

Lust, possessiveness, desire and love were pouring out of him in waves. I couldn't deny that my emotions matched his to the 'T' and it was making me panic.

"Shhhh Isabella. Just go with it." He whispered into my ear as he inhailed my scent.
I could feel my eyes roll back into my head as my body shivered in desire. I tilted my neck to the side to him to give him better access and he immediately attacked my neck with his lips. I couldn't stop the moan that made its way out of my throat.

He pulled back to look at me in my eyes. His gaze was hypnotic. I could see a crescent shapped scar like mine, just above his eyebrow. I brought my finger's up slowly and found myself tracing it. I noticed Jasper closed his eyes and leaned into my palm. Next thing I knew, he started making a sound that came from deep in his chest. It wasn't a growl though. It was more like he was...purring?

I didn't care. I loved the sound. It brought me comfort, peace and serenity. Jasper slowly opened his eyes and his gaze at me became soft.

"I've never made that sound before." He whispered keeping his eyes on mine.

"I like that sound." I told him. "It makes me feel good. Happy, safe, peaceful..."

A genuine smile lit up his face as he leaned into me and slowly pressed his lips to mine. I didn't fight it. That scared me. But I couldn't not kiss him. I couldn't stop. It was a beautiful chaste kiss, but it held so much meaning. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced.

I felt his tongue run over my bottom lip begging for entrance. I complied greedily and let him in. Our tongues battled for dominance but I let him eventually win. I felt him explore my mouth while I reveled in his amazing taste. He tasted of Apples, cinnomin and something sweet. I couldn't get enough and apparently neither could he. The kiss started getting heated.

Suddenly, we were brought out of our bubble at the sound of Jasper's phone buzzing. Shit. It was probibally Alice. She saw what we were doing.

I felt myself start to panic.

"Shhh...calm down darlin." Jasper said as he nuzzled the side of my neck and started purring again. "Let me answer this. I'll take care of everything. I promise." I nodded my head in agreement, but still wouldn't let him go. I kept my arms around his waste and my face burried in his neck, just breathing in his scent of sunshine, apple pie and cinnomin. It was helping keeping me calm. He kept one arm wrapped around my shoulders as he dug his phone out of his pocket and pressed 'talk.'

"Alice." Jasper greeted.

"Jazzy! Are you ok? What happened? Is Bella ok?" She rushed out.

Jasper and I looked at eachother confused, then Jasper went back to his convertsation.

"What are you talking about Alice? Everything is fine! Why?" He asked.

"I can't see you! I haven't been able to see anything that involves you or Bella since she woke up!" She ranted into the phone panicked.

Jasper and I shared a look of suprise and relief, but at the same time confused as to what this meant.

"Well I don't know what to tell ya Alice. Everything is fine on our end. Let me get off the phone and Bella and I will make our way back and see if we can make sense out of all this." Jasper explained calmly, pulling me closer into his chest.

"Okay. I will try to reach Edward and tell him to come back. When he heard that I couldn't see you guys, he panicked and went out to search for you." Alice explained.

"Alright. I'll see you when I get back." Jasper said and hung up before she could reply.

"What do you think this means?" I asked looking up at him expectantly.

"I'm not sure, but I think it might have something to do with your shield. It could be like the same thing that keeps Edward out and when you changed into a vampire, it manifested and grew into something more powerful." He said looking thoughtful. I nodded my agreement and we decided to head back.

We took our time walking and taking in all of nature. I also used this time to this about everything that just happened between Jasper and I. It was just so amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. I've never been kissed like that before! Edward has always pulled away and repremanded me everytime I tried to do anything further then a chaste kiss. Even then, I never felt the kind of emotions I felt with Jasper for Edward. This was all just so confusing!

"Your throwin off some pretty intense emotions there darlin." Jasper said bringing me out of my thoughts.
Well, now is just as good as a time as any, I figured.

"What's happening between us?" I asked him, as I stopped and turned to face him.

"I don't know." He replied, cutting my cheek, dragging his fingers down my neck to rest his hand on my shoulder. "But I have an idea, I just need to test this theory before I jump to any conclusions. We'll figure it out though. I promise."

I smiled at him and nodded my head in thanks.

Just as we turned to start walking again, I smelled another vampire. I started to panic as I hid behind Jasper.

"What is it?" He asked me confused in his crouch. I knew I had a better sense of smell since I was a newborn.

"Vampire." I whispered, feeling my panic increase.

Suddenly, Jasper and I were both encased in a shimmering bubble. It was completely clear and see through. The only way you could even tell it was there was because it shimmered and sparkled. It was actually quite beautiful.

"Are you doing this?" Jasper asked amazed as he reached out and touched the shimmering wall.

"I-I think so...what is it?" I asked him, still hiding behind him waiting for the mysterious vampire to make his prescence known.

"I think it's your shield. It appears that you are not only a mental shield, but a physical shield as well." He explained.

"So no one can get in here?" I asked him hopefully.

"I believe that's the case." He explained. "But I can't seem to get out either. What about you?"

I reached next to me and found that my hand went right through the shimmering wall.

"Hmm...it's probibally because it's YOUR shield. You can trap people inside, or you can cover yourself so no body can get inside to touch you." He said. "You have some very handy gifts there darlin." And we started laughing.

Just as we both calmed down, we saw Edward break through the trees and then come to a dead halt.

"Bella? What is this?" Edward asked awe struck.

"It seems she has a physical shield as well as a mental shield. They just manifested since she was turned." Jasper explained for me.

"Well can you drop it now so we can get back to the house?" Edward asked. I could feel his annoyance at the fact that I was still hiding behind Jasper as we were both encased inside my shield.

I tried to get it to come down, but I just couldn't seem to do it.

"Well? Come on Isabella! What are you waiting for? Drop it already!" Edward ground out through his clentched teeth. I started to panic as I continued to try.

"She can't! She doesn't know how and you yelling at her is just making it worse!" Jasper yelled back at him.

I had never seen Edward like this before. He was acting like he owned me and thought I was just disobeying him. I didn't like this Edward. Not one bit.

"Call Carlisle. Get him to come out here and help her then." Edward demanded impatiently.

"Why don't you do it?" Jasper asked him.

"I left my cell at the house when I rushed out here to find you two. Just call him already!" He exclaimed.

Rolling his eyes, Jasper dug his phone out of his pocket and hit the number 4 on his speed dial.

"Hello son. Is everything okay?" Carlisle asked.

"Hey Carlisle. Everything is fine, but we have a bit of a situation. It seems that Bella is also a physical shield as well as a mental one and when she smelled Edward's scent comming towards us, not knowing who it was yet, she panicked and now her and I are stuck inside her shield and she can't seem to drop it on her own. We need you to come out here and see if you can help. Edward isn't much of a help at all." Jasper growled out looking at Edward and narrowing his eyes.

"Oh! Ok son, we will be right there!" Carlisle rushed out and then hung up.

"Happy?" Jasper asked sarcastically.

"Thrilled." Edward ground out. He continued to look inbetween Jasper and I for a moment before speaking again. "Why can't I read your mind either Jasper?"

Jasper looked at me in suprise and I just shrugged my shoulder's in an 'I'm not sure' gesture. The rest of our wait we spent in pent up silence, waiting for the other's to come.

A/N: I hope everyone liked the first chapter so far! I would also like to add that Cathy (cathy29jes) was the one who gave me this idea for the story and will be looking over each chapter before I post them. If you have a plot that you would like written into a story, let me know and I would be more than happy to write it for you! Please review as I am sure she as well as I would love to see what everyone has to think so far!

I also have 3 other stories that I am working on currently. Check em out and lemme know what you think.

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