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(Jasper's POV)

After a few minutes, I rose and pulled her up with me and led her back over to the river. We entered the water and embraced. We stood chest deep in the center, holding each other in a tender embrace for several minutes, enjoying the silence and peace while it lasted.

She kissed me deeply and then said, "We need to get back. I can hear Rosalie and Emmett coming this way."

I sighed and nodded before placing one final kiss against her lips and helped her out of the water. I grabbed my jeans and threw them on, along with my button down t-shit. I then helped Bella dress with the rest of her clothing just on time as my senses picked up Emmett and Rosalie coming from the east.

"Thank you," Bella smiled up at me sweetly.

"You are most certainly welcome, my darlin'." I grinned down at her and leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her lips. Her tongue brushed against my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I immediately granted as I enjoyed the feel of her in my arms.

It was then that I heard it. A growl ripped through the trees coming from the west, causing Bella and I to rip apart and look to see what it was as a figure come charging through the trees.

Chapter 10
(General POV)

"You Son of a Bitch!" Edward's voice echoed throughout the forest as he charged towards them, aiming straight for Jasper.

Bella didn't have time to react as Jasper dug his feet into the ground, bracing himself for the impact that was no doubt coming as Edward broke through the tree line. He slammed into Jasper, pushing him backwards. Jasper used Edward's oncoming force to push himself up off the ground and out of Edward's grasp, spinning lithely through the air and landing in a crouch about fifteen feet behind Edward in front of his mate, just as he turned around and provided them with equal footing.

Jasper knew that Edward's mind reading gave him an advantage, causing their fights to go on and on, because he was better when it came to skill and fighting, but Edward could anticipate his every move. But since Edward could no longer read Jasper's mind, Jasper would have a high advantage, which was very similar to when he let the Major within him out, though more so like his demon, with them both fighting using their instincts rather than calculated fighting maneuvers like Jasper. However, the Major did use both.

Speaking of the Major, Jasper could feel him as he began to push through to the forefront of his mind, taking over their body as his golden eyes changed to onyx.

"You really want to do this, boy?" The Major snarled out, growling from his crouch on the ground as he challenged the Mind Reader with his eyes and his words.

"She's mine! How dare you touch her and try to take her away from me!" Edward snapped from his position in front of a large spruce tree. He was furious! Not to mention, this would no doubt cause a lot of problems.

Bella huffed loudly from behind the Major, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm not yours! I'm no one's possession. I'm my own person, though, if I was, I would be this vampire's right here." She insisted as she gestured to the crouched vampire in front of her causing the Major to smirk smugly. "You knew that Jasper and I were mates; you and the entire family! How could you?!" She made sure not to single out Rosalie and Emmett's ignorance, not wanting to tip off Edward to the fact that neither she nor Jasper knew about the other four's sneaky behavior.

Edward's eyes softened as he looked beyond the Major at Bella pleadingly. "Please love, don't say that. I love you! And we didn't lie to you."

She snorted as she narrowed her eyes at the copper haired vampire. "Well, you certainly didn't tell me the truth! Is that why you were so insistent that I not be changed? You were worried that when I became a vampire, I would realize that my mating ties weren't to you, but to Jasper! Why would you do this to us? I thought you cared about me! The same goes for Jasper! You're all supposed to be a family!"

Edward stood from his crouch and sighed, knowing that he couldn't tell her the whole truth - At least, not yet. Not until they could be sure where Jasper and Bella's allegiance's lie. He began to pace, pinching the bridge of his nose and the occasional hand through his hair.

The Major slowly rose from his crouch, making sure to still keep Bella behind him as they both observed Edward. He wanted to make sure that the mind rapist wouldn't suddenly change direction and go after either of them, so he continued to observe his emotions meticulously as they persisted to fluctuate in a unremitting loop.

"Hey," Emmett said as he and rose broke through the tree line to the right of Bella and the Major across from the body of water. "What's going on here?" He asked looked between the newly mated couple, who had detected them several moments before, and his disheveled brother.

Edward had stopped his pacing when he spotted Rosalie and Emmett, even though he had heard their thoughts as they were approaching, however, he was too occupied within his own deliberations to pay them any mind.

'It looks like Edward just found out about Bellsie and the Jazz-Man.' Emmett thought to himself causing Edward to snap his head in their direction.

"You two knew about this?!" He asked appalled.

Rose and Emmett exchanged a brief glance before looking back toward Edward. "We just found out when we found them after we split up from you, Esme, Carlisle and Alice. This is the first we've seen of you since and they said that they would be talking to the family when we returned." Rosalie expressed.

"Yeah, man…" Emmett agreed. "We just split up to go on a quick hunt before heading back to the house."

Edward sighed, feeling kind of stupid for accusing them of something like that. He knew that this was something that Rose would no doubt love to rub in his face and Emmett couldn't keep a secret even if his life depended on it. He was a big kid in that aspect.

Edward turned his attention back towards Bella, holding both of his hands in front of him as he spoke. "Please, love, it wasn't like that, so don't be like this -"

"Don't be like what, Edward?" Bella interrupted him, not in the mood for his bull shit and excuses. "Don't be upset that both Jasper and I were lied to and manipulated? Don't be upset that the man that I loved at the time, along with his family, fed me and my mate lines of bull shit the entire time I knew him? And Jasper… he's been with Alice for over fifty years! How do you think he feels?" She quipped as she gestured to the Major, who was not speaking, but keeping his eyes on the hostile male vampire in front of them.

"But it wasn't all lies and I didn't mean to manipulate you. None of us did. I really fell in love with you, Bella, and I couldn't bear to lose you!" He attempted to soothe her.

"But what about me and Jasper? Was it really fair to separate us like that when we belonged together? Was it fair to deprive Jasper of his true mate? What was going to happen when yours and Alice's real mates came along? Were we to be tossed aside like yesterday's garbage?" She sneered, practically vibrating from anger. The more she thought about everything, the more she didn't like what had been done to her and Jasper.

The Major was just as angry, but this was Bella's fight. Jasper's and his would come soon enough when it was time to confront the little pixiepire, who thinks that she can control the world around her with her visions, along with everyone in it. It wasn't fair that such power and responsibility was given to someone who wasn't mature and conscientious enough to use it correctly.

Rosalie couldn't help but to grin at the display that was being presented in front of her. She believed that Edward was getting exactly what he deserved, though, if it was up to her, he would have been dismembered long ago while being taught the lesson that he clearly hadn't learned. She doubted that this would be the end of his manipulating ways, because that was something that he and Alice were quite good at when they put their minds to it, especially when they had both of their gifts to aid them.

Emmett couldn't help but feel slightly bad for everyone involved. It wasn't fair, what was done to both Bella and Jasper, but he could sympathize with Alice and Edward. It must have been hard to fall in love with someone who was destined to be with another. Sure, they handled it rather poorly, but he could still understand. However, what he couldn't grasp was why Carlisle and Esme would partake in this cruelty. Sure, they loved all of their children and even had a slight favoritism when it came to the dynamic duo, but they wouldn't do that at the consequence of hurting the others. But then again, they probably just wanted everyone to be happy. He guessed that they would all find out soon enough when they got back to the house.

Edward's mind was racing to catch up with everything going on around him, which included all of the thoughts that were going through Emmett and Rosalie's heads, as well, since he still wasn't able to hear anything from Bella and Jasper. He needed the others with him during this conversation, because it was something that he couldn't face alone, especially if they were all just going to confront the rest of the family later. Alice wouldn't be able to see this because of Bella, so they wouldn't know what he had already told them. Yes, he needed the rest of the coven with him through all this. Now was not the time for screw ups.

Edward sighed dramatically before he spoke, his shoulders slouched in defeat. "I do love and care about you, Bella. More than you even know. We all do. The same goes for Jasper." He paused for a moment before continuing on. "Why don't we all go back to the house and we can talk about this as a family. Maybe then, you'll see that there was no malicious intent being directed at the two of you. This way, things can go back to normal. I mean, you don't have to be with Jasper just because the fates say that he is your true mate. We can still be together." He supplied causing the Major to growl in a threatening manner.

"Watch yourself, boy!" He hissed, taking a step towards him only to be stopped by his mate. He looked back at her out of the corner of his eye as she shook her head.

She looked back towards Edward and nodded once. "We'll follow you back to the house. But don't get your hopes up. I love Jasper and I think that I would love him even if he wasn't my true mate." She vowed.

Edward couldn't help but to smirk internally at that as they all turned to head back toward the house. 'We'll just see about that!'

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