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Chapter Five

Santiagos' chaos

``there you go Ace``

Said Kaz giving him a piece of paper

``what's this? ``

Asked Ace

``it's your reservation ticket for the restaurant``

Said Kaz

``*Santiago's'*? A Mexican restaurant?

Asked Ace confused

``not just a Mexican restaurant, the best Mexican restaurant in town, they have the best enchiladas you can try``

Said Kaz

``fine, I guess I can try some Mexican food``

Said Ace

``well, there's one more thing for you to do, ask Lexi out``

Said Kaz

Ace finally took the courage to ask Lexi to another date, he almost collapsed when she said yes

``p…perfect, I… I'll pass for… for you at five? ``

Said Ace trying not to faint

``I'll be waiting``

Said Lexi trying not to laugh at Ace's look

Saturday morning, but not any Saturday morning, it was the date day, after the morning training, Lexi went to get ready for her date, and Ace went to Kaz's room to talk, killing time till 5

``listen, you don't wanna ruin this chance, you have to…``

Ace interrupted Kaz

``I know what I have to do, I did date a few girls before``

Said Ace

``I'm sorry, but you look like you haven't date a girl in your life``

Said Kaz

``I know, its just that, when I'm with Lexi I fell something I never felt with the other girls, something that makes me act like an idiot``

Said Ace

``like I've told you before, that true love right there, or, you're and idiot, and you don't know it``

Said Kaz trying to ease the moment

``Kaz, can I ask you something personal? ``

Asked Ace

``is it for the stolen cookies? Cause I can make look like Duck did it``

Said Kaz kinda nervous

``no, I… did you stole the cookies? ``

Asked Ace incredulous

``never mind, forget it, what was that you wanna asked``

Said Kaz

``we'll talk bout those cookies later; what I wanna know is, what happened between you and that lost love of yours``

Said Ace,

Ace noticed that Kaz went serious after he asked that

``I... I'm sorry, I didn't want to…``

Said Ace trying to apologize for what he just said

``no, no, its ok, I guess you need to know what happened; I had been in Acmetropolis for a few months, trying to find answers bout how I got my powers, I was on a café I had it a dead end on my search, when this beautiful girl enter the place, she ordered a late and went directly to my table, she asked me if she could seat as the rest of the tables were full, we talked for hours, she studied at the luniversity, we started going out for a few weeks after that, but then things started to change, it was like if she was another person, one day, she came and told me that we shouldn't date no more, because she was a feline, and I was a wolf, pure bullshit, I haven't seen her since then, I think she still on college but I'm not sure, after that I looked at you on action ant the rest is history, that's why I accepted to help you, cause I see how you look at he, the same way I looked at Rachell, and that's why I wont let happen to you what happened to me, and that's a promise``

Said Kaz remembering those good times he had with Rachell, and how suddenly star acting different

``I'm sorry, I didn't know that``

Said Ace

``no need to apologize``

Said Kaz

``well, I guess I'll go and get ready for tonight``

Said Ace

``good luck, you'll need it``

Said Kaz

``thanks, I guess I'll do``

Said Ace leaving Kaz's room

It was almost five, and besides a few minor crimes, the Loonatics hadn't had some big excitements, Lexi and Ace were ready for the big moment, Ace went to Lexi's room, when she opened the slide door Ace's jaw dropped all the way to the floor, as Lexi was wearing a black and silver night dress, with the necklace he gave her on her birthday that combined with the dress; Ace was wearing a light gray shirt, with a pair of blue jeans and a dressing jacket

``hi Lex, you look fantastic``

Said Ace

``thanks Ace, you look great too``

Said Lexi kinda nervous

The bunnies went to the garage to get on the mustang that the agency owner had given to them in thanks for saving the place from the fire a few months ago, and in no time they were on the road to ``Santiago's `` Mexican restaurant, when they arrived to the restaurant, a waitress lead them to their table ``this place is pretty fancy`` Ace thought as they walked to their table

Time was flying between the delicious food, and the good time Ace and Lexi were having, Ace was about to tell her all his feelings when the restaurant band started playing ``adoro`` (adore) by bronco (an infamous Mexican music band)

``adoro, la tarde en que nos vimos, la noche, en que nos conocimos…``

(I adore, the afternoon where we saw, the night when we mat…)

``oh, nice, a live band``

Said Lexi exited

``yeah isn't that nice? Why now, why? (Whispering to himself)

Lexi didn't notice Ace's sarcasm

``hey Lex, listen, I have to go to the little bunnies room, I'll be back in a minute``

Said Ace as he was getting up

``y me muero por tenerte junto a mi…``

(And I'm dying for having you next to me)

Ace was washing his face and looking to the mirror thinking, when someone enter the bathroom

``are you having fun? ``

Kaz asked

``what are you doing here? ``

Ace wondered

``making sure you don't screw it up, and I couldn't resist to the enchiladas, by the way, did you like the song? ``

Kaz said

``so, you were the one who interrupted me, I was about to confess my feelings, and you were the one who interrupted me with that song? ``

Ace started yelling

``it doesn't sound that good when you say it like that, besides, it's a love song, you should listen to the lyrics``

Said Kaz

``fine, I guess I just need to relax``

Said Ace

``there you go, now, go with her, and, well, do your thing``

Kaz suggested

``yo te adoro vida mia``

(I adore you my life)

``hey, ready for dessert? ``

Asked Ace sitting


Said Lexi

Ace ordered order two chocolate cakes

``all right, I got two chocolate cakes for you two``

Said the waitress

``awesome, thank you``

Said Ace

``Santiago reminds you that you can always have fun in our karaoke, with hundreds of great songs of all genders``

Announced the waitress

``nice, a karaoke, lets go try it``

Suggested Lexi

``uh, ok, but I warn you, I'm not a very good singer``

Said Ace

A few seconds after, Ace and Lexi were on the karaoke room, listening to the worst version of sweet home Alabama, singed by a fat old man, Lexi went to the songs panel to chose a song, then she chose one of her favorite songs, and waited for the fat man to finish, when he finished, nobody clapped, and immediately Lexi got on stage, she waited for the lyrics to appear, even though she knew that song from heart

``sing it out, boy you've got to see what tomorrow brings…``

Lexi singed, sing, by my chemical romance, while Ace looked at her impressed of her voice

``sing it out, girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs, for every time that they want to count you out, and use your voice, every time you open up your mouth…``

Lexi took over the stage, and the crowd was amazed for her voice, everyone but the fat man, she looked like a superstar

``sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls, every time that you lose it sing it for the world, sing it from the heart, sing it till you're nuts…``

She was singing it from the heart, like the song said, a few verses later

``sing it for the world, sing it for the world``

When Lexi finished singing everybody started cheering her, she threw a few kisses and went to their table, up next: Ace, Lexi wondered what song he would sing

Ace had checked the songs list a thousands times, he had planned to confess his feelings bout her with the perfect song for it, finally, he chose the song that would make it, I can't wait forever by simple plan

``hey, what's up, uh, this song, I would like to dedicate to my beautiful friend Lexi, hope you like it``

Said Ace before the song started, leaving Lexi nervous

``you look so beautiful today, when you're sitting there is hard for me, to look away, so I try to find the words that I could say, I know that distance doesn't matter, but you feel so far away, and I can't lie, every time I leave my heart turns gray, and I, wanna come back home to see your face tonight, cause I just cant take it, another day without you with me, its like a blade that cuts right through me, I can't wait, I can't wait forever, when you come, my heart stop beating, but when you're gone, it wont stop bleeding, I cant wait, I can wait forever…``

Ace didn't stop looking at Lexi while he was singing; you could see Lexi's eyes shine in happiness, as the song flew by, Lexi started to cry of pure happiness, Ace keep singing, and like that moment back at the concert, the rest of the world disappeared, leaving the two bunnies; by the time the song was about to end, Lexi started walking towards Ace

``I can't wait forever``

Ace finished singing, he couldn't say anything else for that Lexi kissed him, and Ace kissed her back, they kissed for a few moments, till the world went back, the two love bunnies heard applauses of the people who were at the restaurant, everybody was clapping except for two persons, one was the fat guy, who was devouring buffalo wings, and the other was Kaz, who was at the entrance of the karaoke room, smiling, and the he said ``my work here is done, this deserves another round of enchiladas``

``I love you Lexi, I've always had``

Whispered Ace

``I love you too Ace``

Said Lexi and then kissed him again

Hurray, Ace and Lexi are finally together, after all the trouble Ace had to tell her his feelings

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