"call him, call him in front of me… call him like a helpless lamb" his breath was warm yet it stuck her like needles do. To afraid to move she walked backwards, only to stumble and end on the floor.

was this how her life was going to end? She tried to be brave and ended up being the helpless lamb. "I won't call him. You won't kill him" she tried to sound brave yet her captor sensed her fear and merely smirked at this remark.

"I am going to protect him from you" he walked forward and looked her straight in the eyes.

"who is going to protect you from me?" and then it struck her… she was a mere human while her captor and lover weren't. Was It the right thing to come here? She took a deep breath and smiled at him.

"I will be alright, I cheated death remember? I won't die easily" her confidence annoyed him, she could see that. His eyes flashed dangerously as his smirk came back.

"we will see about that" he threw her across the room and before she knew he was besides her and sank his teeth in her neck making her scream and embrace the burning feeling that entered her body.

Was it the end of her? Was this how she was going to die?

At least he was not here. She was able to protect him… finally, she could protect him…

The lion and the lamb

Chapter 1

I always wondered how my life would be if I wasn't the average Mikan Sakura. Would I still have brown hair and eyes or would they be blond and blue? Would I be petite like I was or would I be like a supermodel? To be true I never wanted to be unique and yet I was but on a freaky way. In Miami all the girls had supermodel bodies, a tan, blonde hair and blue eyes. I was so different there with my petite body, skin close to white, still a little color, brown hair and brown eyes.

Maybe I should be happy that I am moving away there to life with my father? Somehow I wasn't really thrilled to move from Miami to a small town in Hokkaido called Assabu with a population of 4862, small right? Well to be honest I was really going to miss Miami. I loved the sun even though my color was white and the idea of living in a town were sun was rarely seen…I just hated that idea.

*sigh* I had to adjust myself. I did come on my own here, why you wonder? Well my mom remarried this guy named Shiki. He is a small football player (pff… he is more the player) and has to move around a lot. I didn't wanted to burden my mom and Shiki so I decided to move to Assabu (and mostly I didn't wanted to hear the 'strange' noises coming from their room every single night and the fact that my stepdad was undressing me with his eyes was pretty creepy).

My mom wanted me to stay and Shiki didn't really care. Me being the most mature one explained everything (okay, almost everything and with a few things changed) to my mom, my mom is mature too but she had the right to live her life the fullest. She was just 16 when she got pregnant and married my dad Jinno.

Unfortunately their marriage didn't last long and they divorced 8 years ago. Before that I always visited my dad. Now would be the first time after 8 years.

I could understand why my mother divorced my dad, my mom was always the outgoing type and staying in cold Assabu wasn't on her list. Heck, marriage wasn't even on it. Fed of it all she left with me to warm Miami.

Back to the story…so here I was. I paid the taxi and walked up to the door. I could have been standing there for like a half hour admiring our old house. It had this old look yet it looked pretty classy when you looked at other houses, our house in Miami was a lot bigger than this, but hey I am only child. So it didn't really matter. I quickly knocked a few times and then took a step backwards. I didn't want to stand almost in his face. The door opened and it revealed someone else then my father.

"who the hell are you?" well that didn't come out as nice it was in my head, but hey here I am standing in front of my father's door expecting to see him after 8 years.. but no, here in front of me is standing a guy with the most sexy body I have seen. How do I know this? Maybe because he wasn't wearing anything on his upper body.

"it's rude to gawk at people" the guy uttered as he smirked, knowing I was admiring his body, well who wouldn't if he was standing so close forcing me to look at his body.

"you know, for a place where sun rarely shines you're dressed very summerish… and you didn't answer my question!" I finally forced myself to look at his face, and tried glaring a little. My mom used to say that when glare look like a little pitbull. Are pitbulls scary? So yes, then it's a compliment.

Anyways… He wasn't bad looking, hell he was very handsome. His silvery hair was a little messy. His eyes had this brown/greenish tint and his smirk was still evident.

"enjoying what you see?" I rolled my eyes and pushed him aside and walked in. the guy rolled his eyes and closed the door. Well, he may be hot but he is too arrogant!

"DADDY-O!" I yelled as hard as I could, and without doubt my dad came rushing to me and before I knew it I was in the air hugged almost to death by my lovely dad.

"d-dad, n-need o-oxygen" I choked as I swear I heard the arrogant guy chuckling. Stupid arrogant guy. my dad let me down as I tried to catch my breath. The guy burst out in laughing as I took off my shoes and threw them behind me, one hitting him in the face as the other hit him on his solid chest. Damn him and his sexy abs.

The guy glared at me for hitting his face as I smiled innocently. "oops, my bad". I turned back to my father as I studied him. He looked old if you compare him to my mom, he had this mature look and yet he looked so lonely, who could blame him. He lived here all alone without his wife or daughter and all of the sudden I felt guilty… guilty for letting my father live here all alone for 8 years and guilty for never visiting him before.

"so dad, you're gonna show me my room or what?" I asked with a big smile of my face, partly fake but hey he smiled back so it was worth the fake smile, my dad is known as a fearsome strict dad. Most of my friends… well all of my friends fear him, but deep and I mean very very very deep he is a big teddy bear.

Well anyways he nodded and walked up the stairs with me, while I wondered where the guy went as I looked behind me. My father noticed me looking, who wouldn't if you turn around 360 degrees. "you don't remember Younchi anymore?" me, being the dense me looked back staring at his face like he was talking Chinese. "who?". My dad shook his head with a smile.

"that kid you threw your shoes at, don't remember him anymore? You used to play with him when you were here" and that's when I heard this click sound in my brains and I made this 'oh my god! How could I forget the idiot who ruined my Dora Bag'. "oh Younchi! Now I remember him!" and like the snow melted away with the sun or something like that, my anger disappeared and all I could do is grin because he was so getting it for ruining my Dora Unlimited bag! Oh sweet revenge!

When my dad opened my room all I could do is stare, because my room looked exactly as it looked 8 years ago and with exactly I mean the dolls and stuffed animals included. "so how do you like it, I kept it the same because I know how much you like your own stuff" Have you ever had this situation where you have to lie for the sake of your parents, well this scene is related to that. "oh I love it! Thanks dad" me forcing a smile was normal, I don't even remember giving anyone a real smile. My dad being just as dense as me (you know now why I am all dense if my both parents are part dense).

"okay, I am going to the lake fishing with Kaito… Younchi's father. Your most welcome to join". Fishing? No way I hell, I didn't like to be near those slimy creatures. "no thanks dad, I am kind of tired" he nodded and kissed my head lightly and walked downstairs leaving me alone in my 'lovely room'. I felt like burning the room down and then say: oops, my bad. how about shopping for a new room. Nah he'd probably surprise me by buying the exact same stuff.

Suck it up Mikan, you just have to never invite anyone to you room. That could be possible… oh well, first thing first: changing my outfit, wearing something a little thicker. I was expecting a little cold not freezing north pole! I think my mom warned me when she saw me wearing a tank top and capris. Don't get me wrong, I was wearing a jacket, but you can't keep it on all day. Makes me uncomfortable. So I quickly grabbed my jeans and simple grey T-shirt and changed as fast as I could.

I wasn't your typical 'oh my Gucci!' type, I don't even have something with a brand I guess (haha!, a 'branded' joke, you get? I guess, GUESS… okay I better shut up). My mom always wanted me to wear something that screamed burberry, prada, Gucci, guess but me being the 'I think it is a total waste for my money' never bought any of that stuff. I was more into buying books, art, cd's something I could keep with me forever and later sell it because it is antique OR just buy a lot of food, yeah I am a food lover! Some people think it is weird because I am also a animal lover, but a animal lover eating a bic mac isn't really logical. Well let me explain I am a animal lover and I eat only animals that you can eat. I mean you will never see me eating horse meat (yes people eat horse meat! Or slugs…eww, okay we are drifting away…)

So anyways I think I wear weird clothes… this one time when I was overly happy I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and went to school. That was fun.

Maybe I should go exploring the town, Mikan your so smart! Hehe, get used to it.. I always give a compliment to myself. M y mom used to say when you wake up you should give yourself a compliment to make your day. I used to look at her like she was crazy, but now I am starting to think she's right, although I will never admit it!

I quickly wrote a note for my dad saying I am exploring the town a bit… how original. Anyways, I pulled my hair in a high ponytail, grabbed my jacket and headed outside. My feet were moving like they got their own will and no that doesn't happen often… okay sometimes... fine! Always! ARE YOU NOW HAPPY? Anyways, my mom used to say my feet walk me in trouble, yeah quite the joker isn't she *snort*.

Anyways, I was walking and walking and walking till I came in front of the woods.. for some strange reason I wanted to leave but my feet wouldn't let me. Okay, so if my feet wouldn't let me I could just let them do what they wanted to. It's not like I would already get in trouble right… right?

I walked step by step and looked at my surroundings, it felt so peaceful and serene out here. Maybe a little to peaceful. Okay, I maybe watched a little too much CSI. But woods aren't the safest areas.

"time to get out" I quickly turned around and wanted to walk away when someone startled me. "BOO" and that when another shoe came off and hit his head, again. "you do know it doesn't hurt me right?" I nodded, heck. It was like he was made of cement. My shoe just falls of his face. But still, I like the idea of a shoe hitting his pride.

"I know, I just picture me hitting your pride and mostly because I didn't forget what you did to my Dora bag" I grinned as Younchi rolled his eyes. He looked at me and sighed. "go home, it's getting late" I looked at him with annoyance evident on my face. "go wear a shirt" I muttered, yes he was here in front of me again… without a shirt. Man and their pride.

I walked past him but then turned around. "hey, what are YOU doing here?" he rolled his eyes. "you only remembered me ruining your bag? Seriously… I live near the woods Mikan" I huffed in annoyance. "it was my favorite bag! My bag will get justice!" he looked at me like I was crazy, yeah I got that a lot.

"you know, you didn't change at all" and that's when he gave me this smile that made my legs turn for a second in pudding but just like that I recovered and stuck out my tongue.

"so Younchi…how's life" okay…that sounded so strange. He looked at me with the same expression anyone would give if someone asked them where harry potter goes to school.

Wtf… "awkwardness" I muttered softly as he suddenly burst out in laughing. "I missed you and your randomness" I looked at him and grinned. "you will get used to it again, I ain't leavin'yet" and that's when I realized that maybe being here won't be horrible.

And I was right, because the next meeting I had was something I'd never forget.

Haha! Got you! Soooo how are we liking it? It has some things of twilight in it and I won't tell what happens next cuz non of you will guess it! HAHAxd

So stay tuned for the next chapter !