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The lion and the lamb

Chapter 12

"you're so selfish" luna stated as I gaped at her. How come I am selfish? My mom replaces tsubasa by another baby and shelly likes someone else suddenly!

Damn, I tell this girl that I have a brother… I tell her like EVERYTHING and she calls me SELFISH!

"can't you see your mom still cares for your brother? In case you haven't noticed this house is filled with photographs off your brother, the maid actually told me you have a brother" damn those maids.

"and for shelly, I mean mikan seriously? Are you gonna let her suffer for the rest of her life?" okay, if you say it like that it does sound a little bit selfish.

But she doesn't know that my brother is actually alive. Why is it so complicated?

"fine, your right but the thing is… shelly is in love with MY first love" that's when luna was gaping at me.

"holy shit! You serious girl?" I nodded and she clutched the pillow and threw it at my face. "OH MY GOD! COULDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER!" wtf! I can't throw this subject randomly on table.

Like hey, you know shelly. Yeah, my dead brothers ex-girlfriend… she is love with MY first love. Funny right? Anyways, did you do something today?

Yeah right.

"I don't know if I still love him, I still want to see him though" luna nodded understandingly and laid down on mikan's bed. "I have that too with mochu even though I am dating Shiki" you all must be 'who the hell is shiki'. This happened exactly the day after luna was dumped she came to work all depressed and stuff.

Our boss shiki was really worried and they started talking and unsurprisingly the talking turned into flirting. They decided to take things slow because luna really loves mochu and still does but she doesn't want to stay in the past.

"yeah your right, I am going to visit him the day after tomorrow or something" luna nodded. She turned to mikan. "why didn't you tell me that you had a brother?" I am guessing she didn't like to hear it from the maid.

"it isn't something I say suddenly. It still hurts you know. I really missed him" luna looked weirdly at me. I'm guessing she noticed.

"missed him? You don't miss him anymore?" I shook my head and a smile made it to my face. "I have this feeling that he will be with me every day from now on".

So here we are both lying in my bed. Luna was snoring away while I couldn't sleep at all. I kept thinking about things I found out. I mean people, I met my dead brother who doesn't look dead at all… okay besides no heartbeat.

My mom lied to me for 8 years pretending tsubasa was really dead… when in fact he wasn't. I meet vampires and whatever younchi and his friends are, damn I still have to find that out though.

And shelly… my sweet once sister-in-law loves my first love.

If you think your life is complicated, welcome to mine.

I stood up and walked out my bed and pulled my tank top down. The floor felt ice cold but somehow it was relaxing.

I tried to walk down the stairs without making any noise but the creaking noise made by the stairs didn't help much. I walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk.

I usually don't like milk but today I'm making an exception. Besides my mom would force it down my throat.

"I see you didn't sleep" I almost let the glass fall out of my hand as I quickly turned around. If it was a burglar I could kick him in the shin.

"oh it's you" I tried not to sound disappointed. But I really wanted to kick someone in the shin! Awwh man!

"you disappeared at the hospital. You left your mom saddened behind you know" yeah like it wasn't her fault.

"she will survive" I put away my glass and gave him a last glance before walking out the kitchen quickly, hey I was walking around in shorts with my pervert step dad x-raying me, the same time the doorbell rang. I walked to the door to open it not expecting to see sabaru standing there.

"shell- mikan?" he looked just as shocked as me. Okay, I looked more embarrassed standing there in my night suit.

"why don't you come in?" don't get the wrong idea, it was a little dark outside plus he looked kind of tired. "can I get you…anything?" my voice was a little off. what would he expect? sabaru looked startled at me as I managed to give him a fake smile.

"no thanks" I nodded an decided to change subject. "you were looking for shelly right? Shall I call her?" I was about to stand up when he pulled me down besides her. "no! I m-mean not now. I just want to be with you for a second" I nodded uncomfortably as we sat there.

"mikan, about that thing, di-" NO! what the hell! "sabaru! You're talking way to loud! We will not discuss that here" my voice was stern yet soft. I didn't want anyone to hear me.

Sabaru looked hurt yet he managed to cover it up. "so, how is assabu?" he so can't change subject unnoticeably.

"it's…good" what was I going to say? my life SUCKS people. It S-U-C-K-S! the same time I heard someone coming downstairs.

"ah! Sabaru! I knew I saw your car outside!" shelly came to us as I stood up and gave sabaru a smile. I walked a little and looked back. I saw shelly kissing sabaru on the cheek as he looked at me. I turned my head away and walked upstairs.

Why did it still effect me? I mean I found my interest in natsume (note the interest and not LOVE people! I simply deny loving him!). okay back to the topic. Why did I still feel a little attraction towards sabaru?


Anyways, I walked back to my room and snuggled up next to my dear friend and tried to fall back in sleep.

"so do you have the test results?" mikan walked in sabaru's room as he sat behind his desk. He didn't look happy at all.

"what's wrong?" my voice became so little. I knew I shouldn't expect something good.

"I'm sorry mikan… I'm so sorry"

I woke up breathing heavily like always. I looked beside me and didn't see luna's snoring figure. I woke up slowly and walked to the bathroom to get ready.

As I walked out of the bathroom it hit me, I didn't call my dad! Oh shit! I quickly grabbed my phone not caring what time it was there and dialed his number. The phone rang a few times, someone picked the phone.

"hello?" oh shit, he actually picked up.

"…hey dad" my voice became soft like in my dream. The line was quiet for a while.

"mikan? Wha-" I cut his speech off and babbled quickly.

"I'M SO SORRY! I forgot to call you! But I got this call from shelly about mom and I came here and I was so stressed out!" my dad listened to me and I felt like he wouldn't answer.

"…what's wrong with your mother?" how was I going to explain him? He would break down and I wasn't even there to comfort him.

"oh, nothing is wrong. She...she just got a little dizzy and it turned out she wasn't eating well" my lie came out smoother than I thought. I can actually lie well I noticed.

"oh okay, well don't worry. Just tell it to me next time you go off on a flight to Miami" hm, that sound reasonable.

"sure thing dad… love you, bye" I hung up and a smile lit my face. My dad was such a mushy mushroom. He couldn't say no to me. it's weird right? he's letting his teenager daughter have this much freedom? it's just that I never did something to hurt them, however it feels like those days are around the corner.

Well, it's time to get dressed! I put on my favorite white skinny jeans and a flower tanktop. My hair was naturally curling, maybe because it loved me for calling my dad.

I love you too hair…

Okay, well I walked downstairs and heard noises coming from my living room. Wasn't it a little noisy?

I walked in and found myself gaping at the intruders. Why does god hate me?

"mikan, you didn't tell you have such nice friends" my stupid step dad said while smiling at the 2 guys sitting in my living room.

"what the fuck are you two doing here" I saw luna looking just as displeased as I was. Because in front of me were sitting mochu and kaname and neither of them showed a kind smile.

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