Title:Subtle Shining Sorceries

Author: Stolen Childe

Warnings: Crossover, cursing, possible sexual situations, pre-slash, implied slash, eventual slash, Super!Power!Harry, Bottom!Harry, Poncy!Git!Malfoy, Auror!fic, angst, OCs (only bad guys), references to implied past child abuse

Rating: 14A (R) for language and violence

Pairing: eventual Draco/Harry, references to past Harry/Ginny and past Draco/Astoria, implied Dean/Castiel

Genre: angst, adventure, mystery, romance

Spoilers: Harry Potter – Up to and including DH and Epilogue Compliant (yikes!). Supernatural - Season 1 – 6

Timeline: HP - 14 years post Final Battle – i.e. current year (2011). SPN – the summer between episode 22 of Season 6 and episode 1, season 7

Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Summary: Harry Potter, Auror extraordinaire finds himself handpicked for an interesting mission with his occasional partner Draco Malfoy. One ocean hop later and Harry and Draco find them face to face with muggles, more familiar with the supernatural than either of them thought possible. Self proclaimed Hunters of the Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester are after the same thing they are. Will it end in bloodshed or will the boys work together?

Author's Notes: All right, this is something I never thought I would do, I stopped writing crossovers (to post/publish) years ago but I just could not shake this from my mind. This is the first thing of any length I've written in a very long time so I'm not sure about the style. The POV does jump around more than I'd like, but I just go where the characters take me. Please enjoy! Comments would be greatly appreciated. Beta wanted if anyone is interested. Oh! And no, neither Harry nor Draco is related to the Winchester boys in anyway, it's not that sort of crossover. Harry and Draco are born in the year Rowling intended – 1980 which makes them a few years older than Sam.

Edit: 2011-08-20 - A reviewer informed me of my bad math, so I changed the time it would take H and D to get to the US. Thanks to cronbachsalpha!



Gemmer Bean walked along the moonlit street. There was a light misty rain falling overhead that he looked up to admire for a moment. Walking in the rain, regardless of the hour always made one feel secluded within their own realm. Gemmer was whistling something jaunty and tuneless, swinging his cane back and forth as he walked when he heard something behind him and felt a tingle trickle over his skin. Gemmer spun around, flicking his cane once and the object seemed to shift and shimmer until it had been reduced to a wand. He held it up, a protective spell ready on his lips as he waited. He didn't have to wait long. Something shimmered into being before him, something dark and unpleasant. Gemmer gripped tighter on his wand and cursed his shaking hands. They hadn't really trained one for these situations at the Academy, it wasn't like this was England or anything. It was Massachusetts for Heaven's sake!

Before he could utter a word, a small gurgling gasp broke the stillness of the night, his back arched and he fell to his knees blood trickling from his mouth, wand abandoned at his side, the body of Gemmer Bean sprawled in death.

A young blond man, with sparkling eyes walked away, his face hidden in the shadows of the night. He whistled jauntily and tuneless as he went, giving the occasional little hop as he left the scene. Four down, five more to go.

Three Days Later

The greatest Wizard and Auror of his day, Harry Potter was currently on-route with Draco Malfoy, infamous and renowned Potion Prodigy and reformed Death Eater.

"Are you sure this in our jurisdiction? Don't the American's have their own people?" Malfoy asked, glaring around the train that was currently hurdling over the Atlantic Ocean at 500 kilometres an hour. Even at that speed it would still take them several hours to reach the Americas. Harry wondered why with all the wonder and amazement wizards could produce that they could never invent something that flew as fast as an airplane... Or was an airplane. Long distance Port Key was extremely draining and difficult to coordinate. The Ministry hadn't the time to get the authorization from the American authorities and Harry and Malfoy had to be alert and functioning when the landed. If the timeline was correct, they had about a month before whatever was happening, would happen.

"The Ameri-Magic Senate requested us specifically. Well they did have the Canadian Ministry for Magic forcing their hand a little, and you know the kind of influence the Canadian Wizarding Society holds over the American," Harry shrugged.

"But really Potter, couldn't your Ginger Weasel have tagged along instead? He is your partner after all," Malfoy huffed.

"You and I were requested specifically. Ever since we helped the Canadians out with that Black Market Umbra Wolf smuggling ring, we've been fairly well known over there."

Malfoy sighed, "That was different. The Umbra Wolf paw is a highly specialized and very dark potion ingredient. Somewhat of my realm of expertise. This is the snatch and grab sort that you and your wilful weasel are more used to, being bloody rash Gryffindors after all."

"Yes, but these are very dark wizards. Just as you said, something of your realm of expertise," Harry shrugged. Malfoy glared at Potter.

Harry held up his hands defensively, "That wasn't meant to be a slight, Malfoy. Just the truth. You have more knowledge of this sort of magic than anyone left alive. It makes sense that they would request you."

Malfoy glared out the window watching the water streak by the window sparkling almost blindingly in the sunlight. He was silent for a moment, but only a moment.

"Blast. But why does it have to be the Bloody Republic, I hate the Republic," Malfoy sneered.

Harry looked nervous and uncomfortable, "I don't think they call it that anymore Malfoy."

"No matter, a rose by any other name would still poison a pixie," Malfoy commented.

Harry snorted in dry amusement, "Wow, even wizards bastardize Shakespeare."

"Muggles know about Shakespeare?" Malfoy looked genuinely shocked.

Harry blinked, "You're having me on, right?"


Sam Winchester looked up from the papers in his lap and over at his brother Dean behind the wheel. He had a dark brooding look on his face that he had been carrying for the last several months.

"You sure this is a good idea to deal with this gig? I mean what with Cas—"

Dean shot him a quelling glare and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Fine, what with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named to deal with don't you think there're other hunters that can handle a little cult?"

Dean muttered something about angels and smart-ass little brother and Sam was pretty sure there was an f-bomb in there somewhere that he hadn't quite caught but didn't worry about too much.

"I mean it is Salem. That's always been a hot spot," Sam continued.

"Exactly, Salem. Hot Spot," was Dean's response.

"I'm just not sure if we should be jumping ship right now Dean. We have more pressing things to worry about. We have to stop hi—"

"They're eating babies, Sam," Dean bit out, interrupting Sam before he could continue on the subject-they-don't-talk-about. Sam supposed he couldn't really blame Dean. There had always been a deeper connection between the angel and his brother that Sam just never understood. He supposed it was the fact that Castiel had always been Dean's guardian angel and there for him when Sam was going through his darker phase. But still, it wasn't like Dean to let his emotions interfere this much with the job, not since they lost Dad anyway. It sort of made Sam wonder if there was something deeper going on, aside from a nasty fight between the two just before Cas went Dark Side.

"Really Dean? Babies?" Sam gave his brother a look.

Dean shifted and looked away, "Well they could be. Besides, there aren't that many hunters left at the calibre needed to handle this. It's dark stuff, Sam, real dark. These aren't your garden variety witches. Salem's been a breeding ground ever since the witch trials. We're going."

"All right, all right," Sam conceded. He figured he'd give this one to Dean. If he wasn't ready to deal with Cas than he wasn't ready. Sam just hoped that he would be soon before anyone else got hurt.