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Kurt was starting at Blaine without realising it; His amazing hair which he wore gelled today to tame his curls, his brown-butter eyes framed with thick lush lashes, his pink full lips. Kurt was so in love with Blaine and spending so much time with him with nothing happening between them was almost unbearable. They were sitting in the Warbler practise room as Kurt had visited him after his school had ended, Blaine was looking through a list of song selections so he didn't realise that a pair of grey-blue-green eyes glued to him. Kurt bit his lip, he wasn't going to be able to take this much longer, and was it really normal for people to spend this much time together? Maybe he shouldn't spend so much time with Blaine anymore, he had been ignoring his best friend at McKinley Mercedes so he got his phone out of his pocket and text her.

Hey Mercy,

Wanna hang out later?

Love Kurt xxx

Kurt slipped his phone back in his pocket and saw that Blaine, amazing beautiful Blaine was looking at him smiling slightly, "You're quiet today, are you okay?" he noted throwing the paper he had in his hand down on the table.

"Yeah, you were concentrating and I didn't want disturb you," Kurt shrugged.

"Kurt, you need to think about you're self a bit more. You're always trying to please other people, what about you?" Blaine asked bringing his feet up onto the sofa and sitting sideways so he was facing Kurt.

"It makes me happy when other people are so when you think about it, I'm actually pretty selfish," Kurt said raising an eyebrow at the boy.

"Kurt," Blaine said rolling his eyes, "You are the most unselfish person I have ever met."

"Are we really going to have this conversation again?" Kurt sighed wrapping his arms around his knees on the sofa.

"No, I guess not," Blaine shrugged, "Wanna watch a movie?"

"I don't know…I might be meeting Mercedes," Kurt said checking his phone but she hadn't replied.

"Oh," Blaine said looking a bit disappointed, "Can I come?"

"I don't know. I've sort have been ignoring her lately. I think it's better if it's just me and her this time." Kurt said feeling terrible at the expression on Blaine's face.

"That's okay. But can we watch a Disney movie next time you come over?" Blaine asked face bighting at the idea.

"Just to please the little kid inside of you," Kurt grinned rolling his eyes.

"You know you love it really cheeky," Blaine said tickling Kurt's side making him laugh and squeal.

"B…Blaine! Ahh, Stop!" Kurt laughed batting Blaine's hand away.

"What was that? More? Okay," Blaine said grinning mischievously and tickling Kurt's stomach.

"BLAINE!" Kurt screamed between laughing and gasping for breath, "You're…killing…me…stop!"

Blaine didn't listen, pouncing on Kurt so he would have better access of his stomach and laughing hard he said, "No, chance."

"Ahh!" Kurt screamed suddenly becoming aware that Blaine's face was just inches away from his. Blaine seemed oblivious, continuing to tickle Kurt. Once Blaine had decided that Kurt had, had enough punishment he stopped tickling him but didn't get off of him, he was breathing hard and so was Kurt. Kurt could feel Blaine's hot breath on his face because he was so close and Kurt was pretty sure that Blaine could feel his breath too. Kurt saw Blaine gulp and take a deep breath and lean slightly towards him and Kurt for one split second thought that Blaine was going to kiss him.

"Oh, my eyes!" Wes said swiftly turning around and walking back out of the room that neither boy had notice him enter.

Blaine groaned quietly before pulling back and sitting as far away from Kurt as possible on the sofa blushing a tomato red. Kurt could feel his cheeks go warm as well but luckily his phone when off in his pocket saving ether boy any more embarrassment. Kurt couldn't help but chuckle at the message.

I'm sorry Mercedes as just died of shock from the fact that Kurt Hummel as just contacted her…

Hey White boy,

Yes I would defiantly like to catch up after not seeing you for a few years, where and when?

Lot's of love



Kurt then realised how much he had missed his best girl friend. Blaine looked over Kurt's shoulder and snorted at the message. Kurt turned to Blaine and said, "Blaine, it's rude to read over people's shoulders, this could have been a private message!"

Blaine laughed, "From who? Mercedes, you're Dad, Finn or me?"

Kurt let out a sharp breath not quite believing that Blaine would say something like that and ignored the comment concentrating on texting Mercedes back,

Sorry, then I guess at the funeral parlour at 3?

"Kurt, I was joking!" Blaine panicked, "Please don't be angry with me."

Kurt sighed; he found it hard to be angry at Blaine for any length of time, "I'm not angry Blaine."

"Good," Blaine said pulling Kurt into a hug, "I'm sorry."

Nah, how about my house at 3?

Mercedes text back, Kurt smiled,

Sure if you think you're parents can handling seeing there daughters dead corpse floating around.

"We've got an hour before I have to leave," He told Blaine turning to face him and slipping his phone back into his pocket.

"Hmmm…What could we do in an hour?" Blaine asked raising an eyebrow and biting his lip in a way that made Kurt think he was having dirty thoughts and when he blushed it only made Kurt believe more.


"Kurt," Mercedes squealed standing up and inclosing him in a bone crushing hug.

"Mercy I can't breathe!" Kurt said trying to break away from her grasp.

Mercedes dropped Kurt instantly and the two went upstairs and sat on Mercedes bed, "So you still head over heels with Blaine?"

"Like you would not believe," Kurt sighed falling backwards so he was lying on the bed.

"Just kiss him already!" Mercedes groaned, "Whenever I'm around you too the sexual tension is so heavy I feel like locking you in a cupboard until something happens."

"I think he tried to kiss me today," Kurt sighed thinking back to when Wes interrupted them.

"Really? Oh My God, Kurt please just kiss him! Please, please, please!" Mercedes begged, "Or I'm going to tell him that you like him!"

"No, Mercy please," Kurt gasped eyes wide, "What if he doesn't feel the same way."

"He does Kurt!" Mercedes sighed, "Look, I'll ask him but I won't say anything about how you feel."

"No, Please don't medal in this!" Kurt begged, "I really like him."

"Then do something about it. Stop waiting for him to make the first move because he is doing the same thing!" Mercedes exclaimed throwing her arms in the air, "You guys are so annoying!"

Kurt sighed, she was right.

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