"Yep, I'm gay. One hundred percent gay," Blaine nodded, "Thank you so much for clearing that up for me Rachel, Can you hold my place in the line I need to use the rest room." He walked away in the direction of the coffee shops toilets.

Kurt tried to hold in a smile. Blaine was gay after all. He felt a sorry for Rachel, I mean after you kiss a guy you don't really want to hear them say that there gay.

After Blaine and Rachel's date Kurt went over to Rachel's to ask how the date was, she said that it was amazing but that they hadn't kissed. Kurt said that they only had a good time because they were friends and that they would never have chemistry. Rachel decided that to prove Kurt wrong that she would kiss Blaine at the coffee shop.

Kurt walked over to Rachel with a sympathetic smile on his face, "Sorry Rachel."

She turned around with a huge shocked but happy smile on her face, "Are you kidding? I just had a relationship with a guy that turned out to be gay! This is song writing gold!" She exclaimed pushing past Kurt and rushing out of the shop to compose her next piece. Kurt raised an eyebrow and laughed, typical Rachel.

Kurt shook his head still laughing and stood in the queue and ordered Blaine's favourite coffee, he had just sat down back at the table when Blaine came back out and got in the queue, "Blaine, I've got you're coffee," Kurt called, Blaine looked up and nodded walking over taking the coffee from Kurt.

"Thanks," he muttered walking past Kurt and out of the door. Kurt frowned. What the hell? Kurt got to his feet abandoning his half drunken coffee and running out after Blaine. Blaine was already pulling out of car park. Why couldn't that just put all this behind them now and be friends? Was Blaine really that immature? Kurt got into his car and took of after Blaine following him all the way to Dalton and inside up to Blaine's room who he shared with him room mate Ben, but was on holiday with him family so there was no-one to interrupt.

"Blaine?" Kurt asked bursting into his room slightly surprised at his own anger.

Blaine looked up from his bed were he was reading 'Harry Potter and the deathly hallows' for about the thirtieth time, "What do you want?" he sighed folding over the page of the battered book and closing it.

"Why did you just walk out?" Kurt asked noticing the coffee on Blaine's bed side table.

"I don't really want to talk with you Kurt, can't you just leave?" Blaine said getting of the bed to his feet and shoving Kurt's shoulders hard enough for him to stagger backwards.

"Blaine, for god sake it was just a stupid fight! Why are you being so childish?" Kurt growled shoving Blaine back.

"Childish? Kurt you were crying you're fricking eyes out because of that fight!" Blaine hissed shoving Kurt back harder.

"That is NOT why I was crying!" Kurt shouted pushing Blaine hard enough for him to fall backwards onto his ass.

Blaine got to his feet practically diving at Kurt so he fell backwards with Blaine on top of him. "Why you crying then?" he yelled into Kurt's ear, Kurt winced at the loudness. The two boy's wrestled on the floor, Kurt managed to grab Blaine's arm and pull it behind his head but Blaine wriggled from the grasp and grabbed hold of both Kurt's arms and pinned him to the floor, "Why were you crying?" he repeated in a hiss.

Kurt started to cry, he had, had enough, "Because I'm in love with you and you basically told me that you weren't gay and liked someone else!" he yelled. Blaine froze in shock eyes wide. Kurt flushed in embarrassment and used Blaine's surprise to his advantage. He pushed Blaine of him and got to his feet he rushed to the door and was just about to open it when he felt Blaine's hand grab his arm.

"Kurt wait," He huffed still angry and out of breath.

"Let me go Blaine," Kurt hissed trying to struggle out of his grasp but unable to.

"Kurt you can't just walk away!" Blaine said his voice slightly calmer.

"Why not? You did!" Kurt almost screamed which made Blaine's anger come rushing back, he knew that Kurt wasn't going to answer so he pushed Kurt until he was pressed up against the wall.

Kurt was actually scared when Blaine pushed him up against the wall he thought he was going to hit him so he was extremely surprised when Blaine pressed his lips up against Kurt's, all the anger that the two boy's felt turned to passion as there lips meant. They had wanted each other of so long and that all turned to need. Kurt tangled his hands in Blaine's hair pulling him closer when Blaine's wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist never breaking there kiss. Blaine gently traced Kurt's bottom lip with his tongue and Kurt opened his mouth early groaning as Blaine explored his mouth with his tongue. This isn't how Blaine and Kurt imagined there first kiss, both of them imagined it sweet and small. But this was just hot, angry passion. Blaine all of a sudden pulled Kurt away from the wall and walked backward with him until both boys fall onto his bed with Kurt beneath him. Blaine sighed pulling away from Kurt's lips and chuckling when Kurt whined in protest, Blaine pressed his forehead to Kurt's, "I'm sorry," he whispered still breathily heavily, "I've been such an idiot."

"I'm sorry too," Kurt gasped his breath with heavy as well.

Blaine smiled down at he boy beneath him; his eyes were a bright bluey-green with a hint of grey that Blaine had never noticed before, "I love you too by the way." He grinned. He watched as Kurt smiled and closed his eyes, sighing in relief as the words rushed around him.

While Kurt's eyes were still closed Blaine kissed him again but made sure that it was gentle, Kurt reacted in the same way and when they pulled apart said, "That should have been are first kiss." Blaine deepened the kiss and ran his hands through Kurt's perfect hair and down his neck where he cupped his face lovingly. Kurt whined trying to get himself closer to Blaine so Blaine pressed his body on top of Kurt's so that every part of there bodies were a line.

"Oh my God guy," Wes groaned, "Why are you always doing that when I walk into a room?"

"Because you never knock and always walk in at the wrong time," Kurt said lifting his head away from Blaine's. Blaine sighed rolling of the top of Kurt so he was lying beside him.

"Well at least you guy's finally got together, now I'd better go tell Mercedes not to kidnap you guys and lock you in a room." Wes laughed.

"Oh, I don't know that sounds pretty good. Then maybe you won't walk in," Blaine sighed rolling his eyes and grabbing Kurt's hand.

"Okay, I can take a hit!" Wes said walking out of the room rolling his eyes.

"Remind me why were friends with him again?" Blaine asked lying on his side so he could face Kurt who did the same.

"He's awesome Blaine, even if he doesn't know to knock first," Kurt sighed.

"Still….Now where were we?" Blaine asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

Kurt laughed leaning in too kiss his boyfriend.

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