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Chyna had invited Olive over for a slumber party. The two ants had ate popcorn, watched movies, and were now getting ready for bed. They headed upstairs to Chyna's room. 'I'm sorry,' Olive said.

'It's ok. I enjoyed Snow White,' Chyna reassured her.

'Yea, but I know you wanted to see Blade.'

'Well, Wesley Snipes is shirtless for a good portion of the movie,' Chyna said with a smile. 'But it has vampires in it and I didn't want to scare you.'

Olive's heart fluttered. Chyna had remembered that she was terrified of vampires. Sure it was nothing big but she was experiencing feelings she had never felt before and the last few weeks she was looking at her best friend as a possible girlfriend. Someone she could talk to, hold hands with, do homework together and maybe even kiss. She was sure Chyna had caught her staring at her a few times. But she never said anything and Olive never brought it up. She just remembered seeing Chyna's face staring back at her with what looked like a smirk. Almost as if to say I see you watching me.

Chyna got undressed and Olive just froze as she took off her own clothes to stare at her. She was perfect. I should just walk up, spin her around and kiss her Olive thought. Chyna calling her name snapped her back to reality. 'Are you ok Olive? Did you forget to pack your pjs?'

'No, I got them.' She gathered her thoughts and finished changing. The both brushed their teeth then laid down. Olive had brought over a sleeping bag so Chyna made a makeshift one out of some blankets and lay beside her.

'Tonight was great. I'm glad you slept over.'

Olive's breath caught. Now was as good of time as any to breach the subject. 'You know, I read in an article that most girls experience their first kiss at slumber parties.'

'How? I mean ther's nothing but girls there. Unless . . .,' Chyna's words died as she realized what she was saying. 'Oh! Well, luckily we're still years away from worrying about that kind of thing.'

'Well . . .'

'Olive,' Chyna exclaimed half shocked half curious. She sat up and looked at Olive who was looking at the ceiling.

'Cosmo girl says that 22% of all women have a lesbian experience before they're 13. Besides, it's just us. Two best friends hanging out.' She turned her head slightly to look at her best friend.

'You really want to?'

'Only if you want to. I mean it's just a kiss,' Olive said as she sat up and turned to face Chyna.

This is it. Once we kiss she confess she feels the same way I do and we can kiss and hang out all the time, Olive thought. The two girls nervously smiled at one another. They both closed their eyes as their faces and lips inched closer and closer . . . . .

Olives' eyes snapped open. She was breathing heavily. All she saw was darkness. A puke green glow told her it was 3:27a. She felt around and realized she was on the floor. Chyna was next to her. Had it all been a dream or did the kiss make her pass out. She tried to recall the last few hours but her mind was fuzzy. She sat up and shook Chyna who awoke screaming 'Earthquake! Earthquake!'

'No, no. It's me Olive.'

'Olive?' Chyna scanned her room in the darkness. 'It's 3:30a in the morning. Are you alright? Did you have a bad dream?'

'I can't remember. Did we do anything last night?'

'Just watched movies and ate popcorn and pizza until our stomachs hurt,' Chyna replied.

'Anything else,' Olive asked.


'Oh? I mean good.' Mind at ease that it was just a dream and she hadn't told Chyna how she felt Olive laid back down. She was happy but somewhat disappointed that she didn't tell her and would have to resort to stealing glances whenever she could. 'Good night Chyna.'

Chyna wrapped her arms around her. 'Sweet dreams.'


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