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I still can't believe that my little sister Annie is CIA. All those trips she's been on those bruises that she came home with. All this time I thought she worked at the Smithsonian, but even that was wrong. She worked at Langley at the CIA. Who would have thought that her little sister would be a CIA Agent?

She thought back at the time that Annie's bedroom was a mess because someone was looking for something. Then what about the time that just happened where she told her to not go home because of radiation. After that she had told her that she wanted her out. She didn't want her around her children if this would go on. She was a mother and had to protect her family. She had even started to pack her things.

She felt bad about asking her sister to leave, but she had to do what was right. She even had to come back and talked to her some more. She had to know if she was doing the right thing. She was worried that she wasn't doing the right thing and throwing her sister out.

That night Annie had came back with a hurt head and put a bag of peas on her wound hoping to bring the swelling down. She always felt that she needed to protect her baby sister, but she really didn't need the protection anymore. She was an adult and adult that was a CIA Agent. It was hard for her to tell her that she still needed her to leave.

I knew that Annie understood, but it was still hard for her to say the words. She was afraid that if she allowed her to stay that something might happen to her family if she didn't do what she had done. She now knew that she did the right thing.

The End