This was just something that didn't make it to the first draft of Change For Good because originally there was going to be LOADS of Dumbledore bashing and Harry was going to break all the rules etc – BUT – I decided to leave that to another story…


I've posted the first chapter of Twist Of Fate which is the SEQUEL to Change For Good Here's the synopsis for it…

Hogwarts is more dangerous than ever, even with Lana's black book to guide them. Harry finds that things don't always go to plan; he's hearing voices in the walls and the castle is crawling with Auror's, how's he meant to sneak about now? 2ND YEAR. AU.

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The End of Year Feast – Year 1

"It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even greater to stand up to your friends. I award Neville Longbottom ten points."

The roar that overtook the Great Hall seemed to make even the enchanted ceiling waver. Gryffindors were hugging each other, screaming yelling and jumping for joy as they beat Slytherin for the house cup. Even Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were clapping and grinning excitedly. Apart from the Slytherins, Professor Snape, and a few others at the staff table, there was one other who was not partaking in the celebrations. Harry Potter.

The boy in question was scowling fiercely at the head table, not that the headmaster could see him through the jumping bodies of his housemates. He felt incredibly angry that the cup had been snatched from Slytherin. Even though some of them were gits, they didn't deserve it. The fact that they had worked so hard to get those points through the bias of the teachers was all for nothing.

Harry stood, taking out his wand and slashed it through the air, his anger overpowering his spell, silencing his housemates immediately. It didn't take them long to notice that they were no longer shouting and screaming with joy, Harry got up and stood on the table, staring directly at the headmaster with barely veiled anger.

"Yes Mr Potter?" Dumbledore asked, eyes twinkling brightly. All eyes in the hall turned to him.

"I would like you to remove the points you have awarded me." Harry said stiffly, his mouth pressed in a tight line, eyebrows pulling together in a look of extreme disapproval.

The Gryffindors' eyes were wide, still unable to speak started shaking their heads, scowling and pulling at his robes as they tried to make him see reason.

"And why would that be Mr Potter?" Dumbledore's eyes had lost some of their twinkle but he was still amused at Harry's demand.

"Because it is unfair headmaster." He spoke loudly. The Gryffindor's were still shaking their heads, trying to speak to the first year, mouths opening and closing like fish. "Slytherin would have won the house cup if you had not awarded the points at the last minute; it was unfair."

"Then I apologise for not adding the points sooner and getting Slytherin's hopes up." The headmaster clearly couldn't see where this was leading. For all his wisdom the headmaster was not a seer. If he was, he would have removed the points immediately.

At the Hufflepuff table Lana was struggling to control herself from letting her pride show on her face. Her chest felt tight as she looked at Harry, thinking how much he looked like his mother when defending someone.

"You didn't get their hopes up," Harry said, his disappointment becoming a frown, a few of his housemates tried to lift him from the table but he hit them with stinging hexes. They recoiled but did not give up, and tugged insistently on his robe. "You crushed them."

And there is Marie's fairness coming through! Lana cheered in her mind, unable to contain herself she grinned openly at Harry, her Hufflepuff housemates looking at her oddly.

"I wouldn't go that far Potter," Malfoy called across the hall though it was without his usual malice. There were several expressions of mild curiosity from the Slytherins as they observed Harry Potter.

Harry raised an eyebrow at the Slytherin boy, "Don't delude yourself Malfoy. Your face said it all." He called back, turning to face the headmaster again.

The teachers were whispering to each other, Snape was looking at him wondering whether to smirk or glare, Sprout was torn between disapproving and approving, Flitwick was openly curious and McGonagall was slowly reddening.

"Sit down Mr Potter and get off the table!" she ordered but he shook his head. She glared.

Everyone was silent.

Harry's face remained smooth and patient. "No, I won't." Harry said, pausing before he added. "That was a direct refusal to follow instructions wasn't it professor? I should have lost points for that, go on, take them." Snape decided to smirk as McGonagall stayed quiet, her lips forming a tight line. Quite Slytherin…

"Remove my points headmaster, it is unfair."

"I don't think—"

"Remove the points!"

"They were fairly earned Mr Potter"

"But too late! Remove my points!"

"I stand by my decision."

Harry took a deep breath, "then you leave me no choice—"

"Mr Potter?"

"VOLDEMORTS NIPPLE!" he screamed, no one recoiled at the name but at Harry's sudden shout. They shared startled looks, their brains trying to work out why he would shout such a thing. Harry continued, and showed no signs of stopping. "TROLL SHIT! GODRIC'S HAIRY LEFT BALL SACK! SON OF A BANSHEE! FLOPPY WANDED DEMENTOR BUGGERER!" Harry amplified his voice with the sonorous charm as everyone watched open mouthed at his growing list of swears. Dumbledore's jaw seemed to slacken a little, Snape was enjoying deducting points left and right for Harry's language, his smirk hinting at more amusement than malice as it usually was, and Lana was laughing with tears in her eyes. Most of the Slytherins' sported smirks and were jeering at the expressions on the other Gryffindors faces.

Harry showed no signs of stopping, the swears becoming ruder as he progressed. Lana would have to have words with Orion when they got home about his language because he certainly didn't learn them from her!

Once the shock wore off, unstoppable laughter broke out over the tables and within a matter of minutes the Gryffindor hour glass was empty, that particular house too shocked to say or do anything.

Harry removed the spell, bowed to the other three houses and sat back down.

He had lost the most points for any house in the quickest time, ever.

Orion would be pleased.