"We saw a unicorn!" Jasdero was pulling Devit into the Noah's mansion screaming. "It was real and it was glittering!" Tyki and Sheryl were sitting on a couch reading trashy romance novels while Road was playing with her dolls by the fire. All of them looked up at the twins like they had just lost their minds.

"Were you guys smoking pot up in your rooms again?" Tyki demanded. "You know what the Earl thinks about that."

"No! We were outside in the park looking for the stupid chicken-"

"He's not stupid." Jasdero cut his brother off.

"We came across this hill and on top of it was this horse! Except it wasn't just any ordinary horse, it had a horn and it glittered in the sunlight!"

"I was a glittering unicorn hee!" Jasdero yelled when his brother was finished.

"Yup, they're on something." Sheryl went back to his book.

"Why don't you believe us?" They yelled in unison.

"We'll believe it when we see it." Road announced as she got up and headed toward the twins. "So show us."

"I'm not going; I'm getting to a good part. Melissa is ripping Gregory's clothes off in the middle of the carnival. It's very intense." Sheryl said referring to his book.

"I'm a child! What type of father are you telling me this?" Road grabbed the book he was reading and threw it into the fire. In return, he screamed and ran over to the flames trying to rescue it.

"You don't need to be reading that crap anyway." Road looked over to Tyki and he quickly placed his book down before she could take his.

After dragging a weeping Sheryl out of the house they arrived at the park. "So where is it?" Sheryl snapped at the boys.

"There!" They screamed and pointed to the hill.

"Holy-" Tyki was cut off by the happy screaming twins.

"We told you so! We told you so!" They began dancing around in circles.

"Wait, something seems off about his horn." Road shielded her eyes from the sun and squinted in its direction.

"Yeah, it looks a little short...and fake." Tyki agreed. An irritated Sheryl went up the hill and faced the unicorn. He grabbed the horn and snapped it against its head.

"It's a party hat?" Road began to snicker. Sheryl took something off the horse and brought it back down. When he held out his hand, to the now quite boys, there were pieces of shiny glitter.

"YOU IDIOTS!" He said as he threw the tinfoil at the twins. "I got my book burned because of a party horse covered in glitter!" Tyki grabbed him by the shoulders and slowly pulled him away from the boys before he did anything thing he might regret. He also grabbed a hysterically laughing Road and pulled them both back towards home.

"When I get home I'm confiscating every drug you two have in your room." Tyki calmly stated. He added under his breath, "I'm running low anyway."

Jasdero looked at his brother with tears welling up in his eyes. "I know we saw a unicorn."

"Don't cry Jas," Devit pleaded. He looked over his brother's shoulder. "Look!" He pointed.

Jasdero turned around and saw a true unicorn, the one they saw earlier. It winked at them as it walked back into a nearby forest.

"Bitch," Jasdero said as he stomped back home.