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Chapter 1: Bad News

In a house, tucked away inside of a cave that few know about, we find a 16 year old boy in a strange, white bear hat and an undead, teenage girl dressed in dark attire. They are sitting on a not so comfortable couch watching a movie from a world that existed before the one they know so well. The human boy, known as Finn, had decided to hang out at Marceline's house while his brother, Jake the dog, was off with Lady Rainicorn. If he couldn't be out adventuring with his best friend, then why not just chill with the coolest cold blooded person he knows?

Marceline was pleasantly surprised by Finn's visit. Over the years that she'd known the young adventurer, she'd grown rather attached to him. It wasn't just the fact that she enjoys the time they share together that she was happy to see her mortal friend, but she had to tell him some rather important news that she'd discovered a few days earlier and was planning on seeing him today anyway.

Finn's eye's were fixated on the TV screen, watching some old kung fu movie that he'd found in a pile of junk when Marceline turned to him and prepared to speak. "Hey Finn, there's something I should probably tell you..." She said bluntly while she picked up the remote and paused the movie.

"A'ight Marcie, what's on your mind?" he asked while still trying to unglue his eyes for the tellavision screen and give her his full attention. She kind of liked the nick-name he'd given her. It felt more endearing than that aweful one Ash used to use: 'Mar Mar.' She cringed a little inside, remembering that horid name.

"Well, I think one of my exes is gonn'a be coming to Ooo pretty soon. Like in two days."

"Is that like... Important or something?"

"He's kind of bad news, Finn. Not the kind of guy who people around here would like."

"What, is he like some kind of psycho stalker? Is he like Ash? 'Cause I'll mess him up good! My righteous fist will crush his creepy face like a mallet smashes a watermellon!" Finn laughed at the thought of smashing watermellons and made a mental note to go find some when he has some spare time so he and Jake could bust 'em up.

"No, no. Nothing like that. It's just he's sort of..." she hesitated. Should she really just come right out and tell him? Why not? "The Elder God of Chaos or whatever, you know." She tried to say it as nonchalantly as possible.

"Oh... Well that does sound like bad news." said Finn, rather unshooken by this seemingly ominous piece of information. "So he was, like, one of your boyfriends, or some junk?" he questioned, now interested in the conversation.

"Yeah. We dated for a while. He was the only boyfriend I had that my dad liked. He was like the son my dad never had. Even after we broke up, he was still pretty tight with my dad. I don'no, prol'ly 'cause they're deathless deities and all that bizz. I guess they had a lot in common."

"So why'd you break up with him? Was he a total douche bag? I'll bet he was a friggin' tool."

"No, not really. We were a lot a like, we had too much in common. It got really boring. It was a mutual thing... For the most part."

"Oh. So why's he coming to Ooo?"

"To ravage the land and spread destruction and decay or whatever." She said it like it meant absolutely nothing to her, but deep down she was disturbed by the thought of her homeland being demolished. It stung even more that the destruction would be by the hand of someone she used to know intimately.

"WHAT?" screached Finn, "I thought he was just coming to visit you! You could have mentioned that he's a totally evil wad! I mean, stalking is one thing, but mass murder, what the stuff?"

"Well duh, Finn. What did you think 'The Elder God of Chaos' would do here, chill at my house and drink tea while we chat about the old days?"

"No... I thought he'd drink soda." Finn averted his eyes trying to hide his embarassment over being too dull to pick up on the serious subject matter earlier.

"Pff. He doesn't really like soda, too sweet. He's more of a 'blood of the innocent' drinker anyways."

"Marceline, you have to help me stop him! You know all about this guy and-"

"Finn, you can't stop a god," she interupted. "He's part of the natural cycle of life and death and stuff like that. Do you know what I mean? It's just that sometimes, there's too many people for the land to support, nothing more can grow. So he comes in and gets rid of some people, so new stuff can start growing. It's just how things work. Chaos is just another part of the universe's order." she concludes trying to sound serious and logical, but she wasn't sure if Finn understood anything she said.

"Well then, why the flip did you tell me about him if I can't stop him?" He threw his hands in the air for emphasis.

"So you don't try to get in his way. I needed to warn you. I mean, I don't want you to- die..." The last word came out quietly and was left to linger in the air for a moment. Marceline blushed a little realizing she'd just shown any sort of emotion for Finn. She'd known she cared about him, but it wasn't untill just now that she realized just how much Finn really meant to her.

"I still have to try... I can't let anything, even something I can't beat, destroy Ooo. It just ain't who I am."

"No, Finn! You can't do that!" She was obviously upset now. It felt like no matter what she said he'd just ignore it and do what he wanted, without even taking into consideration how she felt. "What about the people that care about you? I mean- think of Jake. And Bonnibelle!"

"And what about you?" he asked in a knowing tone. He could see Marceline was getting worried. As much as she tried to hide it from him, her eyes told him the truth.

"Well, I- " she stuttered, "I- just don't want you to die." She blushed again, this time turning her head to try and hide it from Finn's view.

"Why not, Marceline? Isn't that part of your 'natural cycle' or some crudd?" It struck a deep blow on her, him using her own words against her.

"Finn..." Marceline was at a loss for words. She couldn't think of anything that would make him change his mind. Why couldn't he just listen to reason? She knew there was nothing she could say that would prevent the young hero from doing his duty, just as there was nothing she could do to stop the innevitable coming of Chaos. She felt utterly defeated. Despite her efforts, she couldn't change the path Finn had chosen.

Without another word Finn stood up and left her house.

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